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Support Literacy #NickCFK Book Drive Donation #Cbias

If you remember last week, I told you about how I was partnering with Champions for Kids and Nickelodeon to host a big help book drive for my local elementary school. Well, it's been a week and we've been working hard looking for books to be donated to our cause. Many people we found didn't have any children any longer and didn't have any books around. Many we found had just cleared out their book supplies the week before and no longer had their books. But a few had books that they were able to donate to the cause!

Now with books in hand, we're ready to go to the school and make the donation to our local Elementary school.

Support Literacy #NickCFK Book Drive Donation

Support Literacy in a local elementary school. 

So you all remember my box right? The box I had set up to collect all the books for the big help book drive. I wanted to fill this box, and guess what? We did! We had near 65 books at my last count and then we had a last minute donation filling this box over the rim! I didn't get a chance to count the books after that, so I don't know our final count, just that we got over 65 books for our school and it is amazing! We were able to gather more Nickelodeon books, but still no luck on finding that Dora the Gymnast book I originally set out to find. I'll have to keep my eye on our Walmart to see if it ever shows up in our area. I know a lot of girls in the school love reading Dora books!

Support Literacy #NickCFK Simple Service Book Drive

The beginning of the book drive.

Support Literacy #NickCFK Book Drive Donation

The final collection. 

When I contacted the Principal of my boy's elementary school, he was thrilled by the idea of a book donation. He's been working hard trying to find ways to make reading fun for the kids and has been pushing for funds to add books to the school that aren't just about mechanics of reading, but also offer entertainment and reading enjoyment for the kids. 

He's been working hard creating a Teacher's Checkout library that is in addition to the regular school library. The teacher check out allows teachers to select different books based specifically for the children in their classroom and use them in their classroom setting. These books are designed to allow a child to focus more on comprehension, understanding the story line and enjoyment than on purely the mechanics of reading. By allowing a child to enjoy a story, it helps increase their comprehension and retention which raises their reading skills.

Support Literacy #NickCFK Book Drive Donation

The teacher's library features four very large walls with shelves and cupboards all waiting to be filled. The long term goal is to have this room full of books for the teachers resource to help their students. As you can see there is still a ways to go as this wall is the most filled wall in the room; but hopefully our books will help make a small dent in the empty spaces. 

I've wanted to help our school more as it's been such an amazing  place for my boys to go to school. They have learned a lot, been blessed with amazing teachers over the years and a great principal and I wanted to give back just a small portion of the blessings this school has given our lives. I wanted to show support to the educators who work so hard to educate our children, and aren't always given all the resources they need to get it done. They deserve such a round of applause. 

#NickCFK Big Help Book Drive donation. 

We met with the principal of our elementary school to make the donation of the books. The kids all love their principal, he knows each student by name and is very involved in the student body. My boys have been really excited about making this book donation for quite a while! They have been asking each day, "do we get to give the books to our school?" And finally the day came! Each boy would get excited as each new book came in! Although they were still sad I wouldn't let them keep their favorite book. They were excited that they would have the opportunity to read them at school. 

Support Literacy #NickCFK Book Drive Donation

When we met with the principal, he told me about the teacher check out library and how it will work. It was such a great experience to learn how much these books will be used and what a difference they will make for so many children; and not just for one year, but for many years to come! 

Support Literacy #NickCFK Book Drive Donation

The only problem, the box was much heavier than I was expecting it to be! Now that's a problem I'm very grateful to have! So, my boys weren't really able to "present" the books to the principal more as, just help him hold the box, but they still enjoyed being involved with the donation process and giving the books to their principal. 

It was fun watching and hearing him look through some of the books, being excited and already knowing that some of the books will be very popular and in high demand by a lot of the students! That makes me even more excited, knowing that not only did we get a lot of books, but that we got a lot of GREAT books that kids will really enjoy reading. 

Support Literacy #NickCFK Book Drive Donation

When we were about done I was asked in awe if I had any idea just how much value was contained in our one little box? I admit, I didn't know. The thought never even crossed my mind. With each book collected I was more excited about how thrilled that one child would be when they saw that book!

But since I've gotten home, it's made me wonder. How much impact did our one simple service project make? I know all the books I gathered from our home and from our Walmart shopping trip, which was only about a quarter of all the books collected, would have been valued over $100 and that's just from books we had laying around that hadn't been read in a long time! But then you add in all the other books that such amazing people donated and I honestly can't even estimate a number for it all! That's a lot of money our school no longer has to figure out how to earn to buy books!

I'm not saying this to boast in how awesome I am, because really it wasn't about me or what I did. I'm emphasizing it to show you how you never know just how much you can accomplish, until you take that step forward and say, "I want to do something!" and then actually do it! Before this big help book drive, I never would have guessed I could have gathered that many books for our school with a simple service project. Now I know one little act can reap great rewards.

How you can get involved with Supporting Literacy in your community.

Now it is your turn to be one in a million making a difference! Gather up the extra books you have laying around your house that don't get used a lot. You may be surprised at how much those could benefit a school, or shelter, or traveling library! You could easily do your own simple service project just by gathering your own books and even asking just a few neighbors or friends if  they happen to have any to add to your collection. 

It's amazing just how much you can accomplish with a little effort, a little time, a great cause, and amazing people willing to share what they have laying around.

Learn more about Champions for Kids online and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

You can learn more about Nickelodeon's part in supporting literacy by following them on Facebook and Twitter

You can also follow #NickCFK on Twitter to see what other people are doing to support literacy in their own community!

And when you are finished with your simple service project, don't forget to share it with Champions for Kids! 

Are you ready to participate in a Big Help Book Drive in your own community? 

How are ready to be one of millions to help Champions for kids meet their goal of 20 million people by 2020?

What location in your community would you support with the big help book drive to support literacy? 

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Tuesday 2nd of October 2012

What an amazing program your school has! I love this concept and your principal really "gets" those kids. Encouraging reading without just the mechanics is brilliant. So glad this has been implemented in your school and that you could be a part of it. Congrats to all of you for doing such a fine job!

sharon martin

Saturday 29th of September 2012

Great cause, the boys smiles say it all x


Saturday 29th of September 2012

Way to go~~ 65 books, that's amazing..great cause!

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