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Stitch to Stitch Review, Quality hand Stitched Children's Clothing

When it comes to quality of children's clothing, I've found nothing beats a quality seamstress! They will win out over mass produced department stores every time! Why? Because the time and attention that an individual seamstress puts into her work is far more detail oriented than a mass produced article of clothing. They take their time putting their heart into each item they craft, because for them it is an art, not just a job; and my friend Amanda from Stitch to Stitch is no exception!

Stitch to Stitch is a custom, hand made children's clothing line that is located right here in Idaho. Amanda takes great care in all her creations, ensuring that you get quality fabric, secure stitching, and a stunning piece of work each time! Her clothing is used by profession photographers in their photo sessions, and is also a fantastic baby shower gift, birthday surprise, Christmas Present or just all around "I just love you" gift to any child!


I discovered Amanda's creations back when I was focusing solely on our etsy creations months ago; and I instantly fell in love! So I definitely couldn't pass up the opportunity to see and try out one of her unique creations for myself!


Amanda sent me a completely new creation, that hasn't yet been seen in her store! It's a sleeveless Apron Romper! And I must say, quite adorable! I told her the usual colors that we use for Jade's clothing and she hand selected a fantastic mixture of different fabrics to match. I am quite amazed at how talented she is in combining fabrics, colors and patterns that I never would have thought to put together, and yet they turn out stunning!


The Apron Romper honestly is not something I'd automatically pick out myself, as I've never really tried out a romper before. Yet, after seeing this one, I am in love! It is a one piece outfit that your child steps into and it pulls up to be a full covering outfit! It's not a shirt, nor a skirt nor a pair of pants, but all in one!

I was a little nervous as my sweet little Jade is rather petite. I was worried that this adorable outfit would still be too big. That is our biggest struggle with finding clothes for Jade is that she is so petite, that when we finally find something that is tall enough for her, it is usually way too large every where else. But as you can see this adorable romper fits her just right!


The tops is stitched with a special elastic shirring to ensure it fits just right whether your child is petite or on the opposite end. And it has dainty straps to ensure that the entire ensemble stays up.


The Apron is actually sewn right into the ensemble. You don't have to worry about ties, or attaching it. I love this feature, as with little Jade, anything "tied" on always comes off within a matter of minutes and if she's in the middle of playing, there is no way I'm going to get her pulled away long enough to let me tie anything back on. And I love the little apron look, as it gives it the ultimate girl touch!


The ruffle of each section is securely sewn, surged and aligned. There is not a single thread or stitch out of place that I can find. All seems are surged to prevent fabric fraying. All layers are securely sewn into place and each hem is precise and straight.


And each article of clothing is uniquely labeled with the Stitch To Stitch brand label. And yet, it doesn't look odd, misplaced or gaudy. It blends right into the style of the outfit. The stitching around the label is solid, with no lose threads and no corner left to pull away from the fabric or snag on random locations.


And best of all, this outfit not only looks adorable on any little one, but is also very comfortable! It gives enough room for Jade to be a normal little girl to frolic and play. She can even crouch and it doesn't hike up her legs, but stays right in place! I don't have to worry about readjusting her clothing every half hour to make sure she still looks decent.

Overall; I love the sleeveless Apron Romper! I know there is usually one draw back to each creation in the world, but frankly for me, the only drawback I've found is that this particular outfit is not yet available in the Stitch to Stitch Store. It is due to be released in a few weeks. As far as hand created children clothing goes, Stitch to Stitch is top of the line in attention to detail, quality fashion fabrics, and the vast array of unique and fashionable children's clothing!

Hand Crafted clothing from Stitch to Stitch can range anywhere between $10-$69 with one Heirloom item priced at $155.00 which  is quite stunning. Cost of items depends on how elaborate the article of clothing, the quality of material used, as well as size. And best of all, the clothing you get is unique and higher quality than that which you would find in a department store that charges a lot more!

You can see all that is currently for sale from their Etsy store.
You can also connect via Facebook and see more photos of custom made items, as well as contact Amanda yourself to have a custom item created. She does amazing custom orders! Not to mention special sale announcements including a special Friday De-stash sale, special FREE SHIPPING sales and much more!

You can also follow Stitch to Stitch on Twitter to stay up to date on sales and special news!
And you can't forget about Pinterest!! Stitch to Stitch has a great collection of lovely Pins! Be sure to follow then there as well!



JadeLouise Designs SPECIAL!

Amanda has generously offered a special discount to all of JadeLouise Designs' readers! Simply use the code: “JLD15”  at check out from Etsy to receive 15% off your entire order!


Not only that, but Stitch to Stitch is also sponsoring our Grand prize to our Ultimate baby Shower Giveaway Event! Would you love to win a $35 Gift certificate to shop at Stitch to Stitch? The Ultimate baby Shower Giveaway Event Is now open HERE! It runs until May 11, 2012; so be sure to visit us and enter!


If you could buy any item from Stitch to Stitch; what would it be? 



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johnny-amy lynn

Tuesday 8th of May 2012

tops is stitched with a special elastic shirring to ensure it fits just right

Leslie G

Friday 4th of May 2012

Oh my thank you for introducing me to her site. I love all the different patterns put together. I love the Girls 3/4 Sleeve Blue Orange and White Floral Peasant Top she has in her shop but the apron on she did for you is adorable.

Sarah B.

Thursday 3rd of May 2012

I love how she mixes unique prints and fabrics in a way that looks good (if I tried that, it would be a hot mess). I love the layering and the ruffles as well.

Julie M.

Saturday 28th of April 2012

I love the mixture of all the fabrics used! This is so different and unique! I am all about different and unique stuff!

Rachel G

Sunday 22nd of April 2012

I really like the girl petti ruffle romper in turquoise or pink.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.