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A Natural way to Stay fresh w/ Tom’s Of Maine

This post was developed in partnership with Tom’s of Maine. All opinions are my own. #WhyISwitched #DeoSwitch

A Natural way to Stay fresh w/ Tom's Of MaineWe’re all becoming more conscious of what goes in our body and our skin. When it comes to my beauty routine, I have switched to natural and organic products. From skin care, to hair care, makeup and lotions, a natural approach has always brought me the best results!

That is except for my deodorant! No matter how many times I would try a so-called “natural” deodorants I was never convinced. I only switch once I can find a brand that is just as good as what I’m currently using. And I wasn’t finding that. So I stayed with my regular aluminum based antiperspirant.

That is until I became pregnant with Miss Rose.

When I was pregnant I started to have bad reactions to my antiperspirants. I’d struggle with skin sensitivity, itching, and burning. After Rose was born it became worse. Add to that list even NUMBNESS!

Yes, my entire underarm and even down into my side and up my arm would go numb! Talk about scary!

It would immediately begin after I applied my aluminum based antiperspirant. And it would take 2 weeks of not using anything for the numbness to go away!

That was a big wake-up for me, that I had to switch! I could no longer use antiperspirants. And I knew I needed a natural deodorant. But up to this point, I hadn’t had any success finding one that worked for me.

Baking soda based deodorants also caused skin irritation and itching. Others wouldn’t handle the body odor after the first 2 hours.

So you can see my struggle. For the last year, I’ve struggled to find something that I can use, that works with my personal needs, that doesn’t irritate my skin or make me react.

Until I  had this opportunity to partner with Tom’s of Maine! And I will tell you straight up, I’m in love!

Because of my skin reactions and allergies, I really relate to this story of Yulie, who chose to switch to Tom’s of Maine because she was suffering from skin allergies too.


Tom’s of Maine harnesses the power of nature for a more naturally effective way to care for yourself and your family.

Tom’s of Maine is a leading natural personal care brand that makes high-quality natural toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, deodorant, bar soap and baby care products.

The Tom’s of Maine natural deodorants are free of aluminum, artificial fragrances, and petrochemicals. They offer 24-hour odor protection using odor-fighting hops and the mineral zinc and only natural fragrances.

As soon as my Tom’s of Maine natural deodorants arrived I started using them right away.

First I had a hard time deciding between the scents. But in the end, Tea Tree Oil and Lemongrass won out! Call me crazy, but I just love those with an herbal scent!

A Natural way to Stay fresh w/ Tom's Of Maine

For 7 days straight I used the Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant each morning and after every shower.

And do you know what I discovered?

Absolutely ZERO skin irritation! In fact, my underarm skin is even softer than before!

Zero numbness. Zero itching!

I feel great. And I am more confident knowing I have now found a deodorant I can wear to keep me smelling fresh, without the side effects I was struggling with before.

Tom’s of Maine natural deodorant has now become a part of my regular natural beauty and daily routine! My beauty routine now consists of:

  • Begin with a shower with natural sulfate free shampoos and conditioners.
  • Wash with natural based body wash/tea tree oil soap
  • Brush teeth with Tom’s of Main Toothpaste
  • Apply Aloe Vera Based skin care lotions
  • Apply Natural/organic mineral makeup
  • Apply Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorants
  • Get Dressed
  • Begin my day!

Pairing well with my other natural and organic beauty products, I now feel more confident that I’m using products that are safer for my body but still are effective as their chemical-filled counterparts!

Learn more about Tom’s Of Main Natural Deodorants!


Twitter: @TomsofMaine
Facebook: /TomsofMaine
Instagram: @Toms_of_Maine
YouTube: OfficialTomsofMaine

**When trying a natural personal care product for the first time it’s important to give your body time to adjust. If your body is used to a conventional product, you might need a little time to adjust to a natural formula free of chemicals and artificial ingredients. **

**Trying the deodorant for at least 7 days, including testing out different scents (or unscented), can help determine the best fit for your body’s unique chemistry.**

A Natural way to Stay fresh w/ Tom's Of Maine

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Cindy k

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I'd like to try the lemongrass.

Angela Saver

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I love that Tom's contains no phthalates, parabens or phenoxyethanol! My favorite scent is Fresh Apricot!

[email protected]

carol clark

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I love how it’s all natural!

Amanda Larsen

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I love that they are free of harmful ingredients and better for our bodies. I use the Maine Woods scent.

Donna Kozar

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I like that it does not contain aluminum.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.