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    Spring Break Fashion; Idaho Style with Karina Dresses Skip to Content

    Spring Break Fashion; Idaho Style with Karina Dresses

    This Spring Break Fashion Karina Dresses outfit of the day is made possible by Karina Dresses, where I received a Lauren Dress free of charge to model as part of the ongoing Dresstacular™ Event. All opinions are my own.

    Spring Break Fashion; Idaho Style with Karina Dresses

    A few weeks ago I got my newest Lauren Dress from Karina Dresses. I was so excited to put together a fun Spring Break fashion! I had visions of Sun, green grass and possibly even some flowers! I was so excited. And then; Mother Nature reminded me I lived in Idaho… I mean really? How crazy must I be to think I’d actually get sun on Spring break? No, this is what our Spring Break is like:

    Wind, cold, more wind, rain, snow, more wind, temperatures drop to low 20’s, more wind, more snow, a little rain, and then lots more snow and wind. Yep. That was Spring break for us. YEAH! (say that “yeah” with the most sarcasm you can imagine).

    So instead what happened was I had a nice allergy attack. I’m talking the kind that requires me to remove my contacts for a few weeks. And wear absolutely zero makeup; with the exception of some lip gloss. Yep. That was another fun thing to tact onto the freezing spring break. (can you see why I did so much baking for our recipes on the blog instead of going out and being active this Spring break?)Spring Break Fashion; Idaho Style with Karina Dresses

    So what I first dreamed up for Spring Break fashion turned out quite differently. So instead; let’s say I went with the fun “School Girl” look. You know; cause I’m wearing glasses and all. Lol. And cause I did a lot of reading this Spring Break. Like diving into Edenbrooke for the 6th time (I seriously LOVE this book) because my new book series was still on hold at the library. /sigh.

    Spring Break Fashion; Idaho Style with Karina Dresses

    But that all said; I am still madly in love with the Lauren dress! I was actually a little nervous about this dress. I was worried that the neckline would be a little too wide for my tastes. Cause I don’t like my bra strap showing. But it was absolutely perfect! It fit perfectly; and the bra strap is still hidden!

    The Lauren dress features a bataeu neckline, full swirl skirt and a length to the knee. It comes in sizes 0-20.

    I also love how this dress flows. I used to think the Megan dress was my favorite. But I have changed my mind. The Lauren dress is now my absolute favorite from Karina Dresses! I will definitely be getting more of this style but in different patterns!

    Spring Break Fashion; Idaho Style with Karina Dresses

    The length is perfect for my school girl look. But the fabric is more cheery and very light weight so it is perfect for a Spring Break fashion set too!

    Get the Spring Break fashion Look:

    Spring Break Fashion; Idaho Style with Karina Dresses

    To see more styles you can visit Karina Dresses on Facebook and on Twitter. You can also sign up for their newsletter for great sale news.

    If you are a blogger and you would like to do a review of a Karina Dress, they choose their reviewers from their affiliates! You can sign up to be an affiliate here: http://bit.ly/KDAffiliate

    Spring Break Fashion; Idaho Style with Karina Dresses

    What was your Spring Break fashion like in your area?

    What is your favorite Karina Dress?

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    MARIA simon

    Wednesday 30th of April 2014


    Lorayne Gothard

    Wednesday 30th of April 2014

    I like the design and the earthy tones to the dress. I think this dress is flattering to any figure. You took some very nice pictures