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SodaStream Review; A Smarter way to Enjoy Soda, Save Money, and Be Eco Friendly

Like many of you, I love soda! I've done a fairly good job of limiting my soda intake as I try to improve my health, but sometimes you just have to have one! Yet, do I really want to take in all that High Fructose Corn syrup, or any of those other ingredients that we really have no idea what they are; just that they are "artificial flavorings" or that they are a "preservative". Besides all that, buying soda can get quite expensive! It no longer costs a mere 50 cents for a can of Soda like it did when I was a kid. Now it is over $1 for a can from a vending machine, and sometimes more than that! Well, I now have a solution for you! You can be eco-friendly, save money, have only natural ingredients and still have the amazing soda flavor you love with SodaStream!

What is Sodastream?

SodaStream is the world's leading manufacturer, distributor and marketer of Home Carbonation Systems. SodaStream allows you to carbonate water and to flavor said carbonated water at home as an alternative to purchasing pre-packed bottles or cans. They have over 100 flavors to suit everyone’s taste, from regular soda flavors, diet, natural, fruity flavors, ice tea, energy drinks, sport drinks, tonic waters and many more. Plus all these flavors are made from natural ingredients, without High Fructose Corn Syrup and no Aspartame!

SodaStream Review


SodaStream sent us a wonderful package to try out; and let me tell you, it was like Christmas when it arrived! The kids all gathered around and were jumping for joy as I took the Sodastream machine out of the box! They couldn't believe we were going to be making our own Soda, and that we could now have soda whenever we wanted, without Mommy having to go to the store!

SodaStream Review

I was amazed at all the flavor options, and this is only a small portion of what they have available to purchase! We have a sampler package, 3 different flavors for sparkling water, ginger ale, Cola, Diet Pink Grapefruit, Green tea, Diet Lemon lime, cranberry raspberry, Naturals Black Currant Pear, Naturals Root Beer and the Energy Drink which is the equivalent of Red Bull!

How to use a SodaStream machine

SodaStream Review

The Machine itself is very simple to use! Simply remove the back cover, install the Carbonation Canister into the machine, replace the cover and it's ready for use! Fill up the cabonator water bottle with water  until just below the water level line. Then screw onto the machine and push the button 3 times (more for more fizz). I actually prefer a stronger fizz to my sodas so I usually use 4-5 short bursts of the button.

SodaStream Review

Then you unscrew the bottle and gently and slowly pour your flavoring into the bottle. I do mean GENTLY. If you go too fast, it will fizz and over flow on you. I found the Natural Root Beer is the worst at this. Maybe for the first few times pour in the flavoring over the sink, until you figure out the perfect speed. Replace the cap to the bottle, and gently mix in the flavoring. Again, I emphasize the word GENTLY! It's just like a regular soda bottle; you don't want to over agitate the carbonation and have it explode on you when you open the lid. Now you can enjoy!

SodaStream Review

A first hand experience with the SodaStream machine

 The Husband and I were the first ones to try the machine out after we had sent all the kids to bed that night. I wanted to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing before I brought the kids in on the adventure. The first flavor we tried was the Black Currant Pear. Oh my, it was delicious! I was able to get the exact level of carbonation I desire, and the strength of the flavor was just right with a standard capful. I've never had another soda with that same flavor before, so I can't say how it compares to a store brand. But I can say it was quite delightful and the Husband even liked it! He is quite picky on his sodas and normally he doesn't like soda much at all.

SodaStream Review


The next day after school, just as I had promised them; We made up a batch of the Natural Root Beer just for the kids. Of course it was an immense success. My boys were constantly saying, "this takes just like Root Beer from the store!" So then I had to try it out! And you know what? They were right! It tasted just like the big name brand Root Beers that we buy from the store!

SodaStream Review

Over the next few days we tried out many of the flavors. The Lemon Lime and Ginger ale we discovered also tasted exactly like the name brand from the store. The cranberry raspberry was fruity and delicious. The energy drink came in quite handy as we had a night when the Husband needed to stay up to finish his homework and study for a test, but was so tired, he could barely focus, and it was only 7pm! So we mixed up the energy drink, hoping it would give him enough boost to get him through his homework. Now I have to go on his word for this one, as I've never had a Red Bull before, but he said it tasted just like a Red Bull energy drink. All I know was it tasted great and I was quite wide awake for the next few hours. haha!

SodaStream Review

Another day we tried out the Sparkling Water flavors while we had some extended family here. Now, I can't be an impartial judge on Sparkling water, as I really can't stand the stuff. But my Mother-in-law and The Husband like it, so I had to ask them. The Mother-in-law liked the flavors, and likes the idea that she can adjust the level of the flavor intensity as much as she likes. The Husband said it doesn't have the same taste as Mineral water, but was still quite good. I did taste it myself and discovered I still don't like plain sparkling water.

SodaStream Review

We also tried the regular Root Beer flavor that came in the sampler package. I was surprised but it had a uniquely different flavor than the Naturals Root Beer we tried before. I liked the Naturals Root Beer better than the original Root Beer. In Fact of all the flavors we have had a chance to try so far, our two favorites were the two "Naturals" Flavors. The very next flavor I want to try is the Dr Pete, as you already know, I have a small complete obsession with Dr Pepper.


One thing I will say though, is that I found it a bit hard to pour the flavorings into the Soda bottle at a slower pace and not have a mess with the flavor dripping down the sides of the bottle or cap. I'd like to see a cap with a little funnel feature to make the pouring of the flavoring into the bottle a little easier and less messy. But for now, I will have to simply stick to pouring the flavor into a liquid measuring cup and then using the spout to pour gently into the soda bottle to prevent the mess.

Now if you are like me and absolutely love sparkling juice, don't jump the gun and try to carbonate your own juice! The Sodastream machine is meant to be used with water ONLY! If you try to carbonate any other liquid in the bottle, you will not only void the warranty, and possibly make a large mess, but you also will damage your machine. But that doesn't mean you can't still make fresh sparkling juices! YOU just have to go about it a little differently! You can read about how it at How to safely create Sparkling juice with your SodaStream maker!

Why You will LOVE to have a SodaStream of your Very Own! 

SodaStream Review

Now other than the flavor and the ease of having soda available on a whim, what are the benefits of owning your own SodaStream?

  • COST! Imagine how much it costs every time you buy your soda. a normal 6 pack can cost up to $3! The average price of a flavor for the SodaStream is $5-6. But each bottle makes the equivalent of 33 cans! So do the math. Buying enough 6 packs to equal 33 cans would cost you around $16.50. Quite the difference in price. 

  • Space! Now think, if you tend to buy a lot of soda, you  have to store it some place right? Imagine, one of those tiny bottles equals 33 soda cans! And if you are like any other family, you like to have a variety of flavors on hand right? So imagine 33 cans of 3-5 different flavors. Where do you put it all? Or you can have just 3-5 different small bottles that are easily placed in a corner on a shelf in your cupboards or pantry. 
  • Eco-friendly! No only will you save space in your home, but think about all those cans or bottles you are no longer throwing out! 
  • Time and Effort! You no longer have to drive to the store to get Soda! That's saving time and more money! And now you don't have to lug home all those cans/bottles of soda home! Time and Effort saved! 

Other than the convenience and more natural ingredients, the feature I love most about the SodaStream is that is doesn't require any batteries! And it doesn't need to be plugged in at all! No Electricity! You can even use it during a power outage! Even more ways to save money, plus create family fun!

And did you know that SodaStream has an amazing Satisfaction Guaranteed? SodaStream drink makers are extremely high quality and include a money-back satisfaction guarantee and Lifetime Warranty.

Another Feature you should know about is the hermetic seal on the cap. This keeps your seltzer or soda from going flat as quickly as ordinary store-bought beverages. If you make sure to close the cap tightly, and keep the bottle in the refrigerator, your SodaStream soda should remain fizzy and fresh for over a week. So I put this to the test. I made up a batch of soda, and didn't let everyone drink it all. We kept the Soda in the fridge for 1.5 weeks, just to push the envelop. I just took a taste this morning and was surprised it still had the fizz level of 3 fresh bursts of carbonation from the soda machine, and I had used 4 bursts 1.5 weeks before to create the soda!


Where to Find SodaStream.

You can learn more about Sodastream on their Facebook page and Twitter. You can also learn more and purchase your own SodaStream in a variety of styles and colors, as well as all the flavors and accessories from their website.

You can also purchase Sodastream in a vast number of retail locations across the country. Simply visit their Retail Locator to find a store near you. 


What do you think would be your favorite feature of the SodaStream machine? 

What flavor for the Sodastream would you most like to enjoy? 

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Trisha B

Wednesday 20th of March 2013

I really want one of these. I love everything about the Soda Stream and think that it would get a lot of use at my house. We buy soda all the time and it can get quite costly. I think that the Root Beer and Cream Soda flavors sound delicious.I would love to get the red one,very nice kitchen gadget!

michelle gilliland mcafee

Tuesday 18th of December 2012

Thanks for the review. I had no idea that these flavors are made from natural ingredients, and don't have the high fructose syrup and aspartame. I've been thinking about getting a SodaStream, now I want one even more. I drink way too much Coke and this seems like it would be a little better and cheaper.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.