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5 Screen-Free Activities For Preschoolers

This post was sponsored by the PLAY-DOH brand from HASBRO as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

“Mom, can you play a game with me?”
“Wanna read me a book?”
“Can you do a puzzle with me?”
“Can I help?”
“Whatchyo doing mom?”
“Can I watch a movie?”

It’s tough having a younger sibling at home with big brother or sister is gone at school, basketball practice, ballet, music, a friend’s house, summer camp, etc.

And even though I’d love to sit and play with the youngest child all day long, I just can’t. Dinner needs made, laundry needs folded, groceries need bought and put away, bills need paid, messes need vacuumed, toilet paper needs restocked, etc.

And not only that, it’s so good for my girl to exercise her imagination. And even though screens do have a time and place, I’d really prefer for her to have some screen free activities.

Screen free activities for toddlers

Here are five different activities that help her strengthen her imagination.

Five Screen Free Activities for Preschoolers to Self-Entertain

Puzzles – kids of all levels and abilities can do different kinds of puzzles. Some kids don’t love them, so don’t spend a ton of money on puzzles (there always good ones at the dollar store!) until you know if this is an activity they love.
Coloring – coloring is a one person job. Let them choose if they want crayons or markers for an added bones. Need more than that? Give them blank paper, glue, pompoms and markers. Sit back and let them create!
Dress up – this could be as complex as a dress up collection, or wearing mommy’s high heels or daddy’s tie.
Scavenger hunt – give your little one an egg carton and send them outside (or into their room if it’s yucky weather) and tell them to find 12 special things that will fit in the carton. After they show you and put their treasures back, they can do it again and again!
PLAY-DOH – There is no better imagination builder than a few PLAY-DOH containers and a whole lot of freedom.

Play-Doh Town Playsets

Since it’s PLAY-DOH’s 60th birthday, they’re pulling out the stops and releasing a new line of PLAY-DOH toys! The New PLAY-DOH Town and Figures are colorful, creatable and perfect for makeable adventures. Can you believe they’ve been around since 1956?!

Play-Doh for the win

We are currently trying to sell our house. My son was off fishing with Dad and I had some things that I HAD to get done. You know, sans help. So I pulled out the Firehouse Playset, the Town Pet Store Playset, and the Ice Cream Truck Playset and Girl Figure.

Checking out the Play-Doh fun

My daughter flitted about and oohed and aahed like it was Christmas. She was all smiles and giggles and energy until I got everything set up.

Pointing out a bow on the Play-Doh Pet Store Playset

And then she was off.

So excited to play!

She used the PLAY-DOH compound along with the sets and let her imagination go crazy. There is SO much to do in each playset! She even had the directions out just so she could make sure she tried everything.

Deciding what to do first!

She did not want to miss one single bit of it.


Making cute hair for the ice cream girl

Over an hour later, I finally made her put it away so she could eat lunch.

As soon as big brother got home, the toys came out again, and they played until dinner time.

Big brother wanted in on the Play-Doh action!

Remember that list of questions from earlier? Now there’s another added to it.

Making some Ice Cream

“Mom, can I play with my PLAY-DOH toys?”

Imagination at work


World PLAY-DOH Day is September 16th, so you have plenty of time to grab a Town Playset and Figure or two to celebrate.

Check them out. They’re so adorable! The bright colors speak to kids of all ages (even this big kid!) and so conducive to active play and lots of imagination flexing. Since it’s a whole town, there are adventures and stories waiting around every corner (ha! Get it?).

If you’re looking for activities to do with your kids, try a garden. Or how about these awesome Baymax t-shirts?

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Maura Snyder

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

excited play doh face is my favorite. :D

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