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Use Rx saver and save on Prescription Drugs

Don’t let your prescription drug costs control you! Instead, take back control and learn how to save on Prescription Drug costs with RxSaver with No membership, and Save UP TO 80% Instantly!

This Guide on How to Save on Prescription Drugs is sponsored by RxSaver by RetailMeNot. All opinions are our own.

If you had the choice to have an amazing discount or pay full price, which would you pick? 

It seems like a no brainer question right? Who wouldn’t pick the 80% off? 

Now image if you can have that type of savings on one of the most expensive recurring costs in your daily life, like prescriptions! 

Save on your prescriptions with Rx Saver

Have you ever been in the situation where you go to pick up a new prescription, only to be met with Sticker Price Shock?

It’s HOW MUCH for 7 little pills?

Being caught off guard in line at the pharmacy is not the ideal spot to be met with the draw dropping punch in the gut reaction to the cost of your new prescription!

Wouldn’t you want to know the cost of your prescription BEFORE you buy? is an online tool that gives you access to prescription pricing information so you can compare costs at nearby pharmacies to help you get the best price available – whether you have insurance or not!

And it is very simple to use! Simply compare prescription drug prices and get discounts at pharmacies in your area using the simple widget below.

Type in any prescription drug name and your zip code in the fields below. You will be able to compare prices from all your local pharmacies then choose the best price and location that is most convenient for you to save up to 80%! 

**Actual savings are based on pharmacy cash price.

It will also show you if there are any coupons you can add to get an even better price! 

No Membership Needed with Rx Saver

You can easily access RxSaver through their free website and via the free app – so you can always check prescription prices whether you are at home or on the go! 

One feature I absolutely love is that RxSaver doesn’t require a membership or any personal information.

Simply enter your prescription & zip code, compare prices and choose the best price and location for you. 

Simple as that! 

Use Rx Saver with or without Insurance

While we finally have good medical insurance for once, we still find that there are a number of prescriptions that our Doctor thinks would be best for us, that our insurance still doesn’t cover. 

And frankly – who can afford to fork out $500/month for ONE prescription?


So were we! When we first moved to the area, we were dealing with my oldest son’s allergies which triggered asthma attacks. We hadn’t had any success thus far, so the doctor wanted to try a new allergy/asthma medication. But when we got to the pharmacy – we discovered that our Insurance didn’t cover it, and it would have cost $500 for the first month of 14 pills and go up from there. And he would need to take it all year round!

Talk about a sticker price shock! 

At the time, we ended up going back to the Doctor to change the game plan. We ended up doing an allergy test to figure out exactly WHICH pollen was causing the allergy and try to make a new game plan from there. 

Mercifully – the specific pollen that was the major allergy trigger for my son’s asthma, while highly prevalent in our old location, was no longer a factor in our new area. After a few months, it all went away.

But it doesn’t always turn out as blessed as that situation. We’ve had several times when our insurance doesn’t want to cover a specific prescription. 

Or even more illogical – it doesn’t want to cover a specific DOSAGE of a prescription. It will cover the drug in a few dosage levels, but NOT the one my doctor wants me on. Now how does that make any sense? 

So now, instead of not getting the best prescription option and having to go with a backup plan that isn’t as effective -now we use RxSaver by RetailMeNot.

We can shop around the different pharmacies in our area and find the one with the best price. And even see if there are coupons to decrease the price even more! 

Sometimes I’ve even found that RXSaver can get me a better price than my insurance copay would be! 

How could saving money on your Prescriptions benefit your home? 


So the question now is, Do YOU want to save money on your prescriptions every month? 

It’s as simple as doing a quick search with the RxSaver app or website. Four minutes and it could save your hundreds of dollars on your prescription costs!

I’d say that is time well spent!

Be sure to follow RxSaver on Facebook to stay up to date on the best prescription options! 

Thanks to RxSaver, now you can be empowered and take back control of your prescription prices, instead of them controlling you! 

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