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Rivers, How to Become a Hero in Three Easy Steps Book Review plus FREEE Kindle Edition!

If you enjoy action, adventure, mystery, humor, and an important life lesson learned from a book, you are going to love Rivers! How to become a Hero in Three Easy Steps! You all have probably figured out by now that I love to read! I love Young Adult fiction/fantasy books the best, but I really read all kinds of books. And I’m here to tell you that Rivers is a brilliant story that encompasses all that I love into one story! It has action, adventure, mystery and humor! The only element missing is romance, but sometimes you need a break from all the mushy gushy stuff and enjoy a book that will thrill your mind without getting all caught up in the love drama!

Synopsis: Eric Waters isn’t powerful, mystical or even exceptional. When an ancient god chooses him to fight monsters, save innocent people and solve impossible riddles, he begins to wish that he were. Now he wonders why his life has gone from normal to insane as he sees ghosts, gods and mysterious girls who either want to kiss him or see him dead. Surely this kind of stuff only happens to people after they turned 12.

Rivers is written and self published by Brett Beyer. Brett is from Northern Utah, where he has also settled down and now is married to an amazing and beautiful woman, and a father of 3 energetic and adorable little boys and 1 beautiful and sweet little girl. As you know, I like to share a bit extra about the authors I work with, to help you learn more about them and the creation process of their books. So Let me introduce Brett to you!

When and why did you begin writing? I’ve been writing most of my life (I remember starting in grade school for assignments, then I would go home and continue writing long after the assignment was graded). In junior high and high school I wrote mainly short stories, and in my twenties I started writing novels. These are what I like to call “The learning years” or “Figuring out what NOT to do.” I wrote Rivers: How to Become a Hero in Three Easy Steps back in 2006, but recently revamped it for publication.
Why publish now? At the end of 2010, I lost my daughter, Rachel to pneumococcal due to esplenia. I decided at that moment that I would be published by the one year anniversary and dedicate it to her. During the interim, I had a job in a creative studio that opened my eyes to the opportunities of a digital market.
When did you first consider yourself a writer? I have no idea. To be honest, though I wrote all the time, I never considered myself a writer per se. I just thought it was fun.

What inspired you to write your first book? Originally, it was something that I came up with when I was using public transportation for three hours a day going back and forth from work. I would write on the bus every morning and evening. Eventually, I made the final changes this last year after the death of my daughter, going deeper in depth in the areas dealing with death and Eric’s views on the subject to help my boys cope with the death of their sister.
Do you have a specific writing style? I like humor. I think humor bypasses all of the defenses we put up to protect us from pain and frustration and drills right into the nervous system. When all else fails, a good joke can do wonders for defusing any situation. I try to make that a large part of anything I write. Technically, this can lead to some very interesting obituaries.
Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp? Rivers was written in a large part to help my children cope with the death of their sister. There is no set way on how to grieve or handle death, so Eric’s journey largely is about coming to his own realization and belief about death, and I want my readers to be able to come away from the book with a stronger realization of their own core beliefs and possibly a new look at how to handle it.
What books influenced this book? In a positive way, books like the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchet helped me to see that you can write to young adults in an intelligent and humorous manner without “talking down” to them. In a negative way… When my grandfather died, my mom made me read this very strange book about leaves falling off a tree and how it symbolized death. At the end of the book, I was more confused than ever. I never wanted to talk in such a flighty, vague fashion that it would lose the reader and its message.
I noticed that there isn’t any swearing, profanity, sex or compromising situations in this title. Why is that? Well, my target audience is old enough to understand they don’t need to debase themselves by being fed jokes whose soul value is to point and say “He said a naughty word!” I’m not saying that swearing doesn’t have a place (Who would John McClain be without the line “Yippy-kai-yay, mother…”) but it doesn’t have room in this book, nor any of its sequels. As for sex or compromising situations, it’s just not that kind of book.

Do you have any advice for aspiring authors? Don’t quit your day job. Seriously, the best writing I’ve ever done was when I was hard at work doing something else. Even on weekends, when I would be working in the yard, that was the most pertinent time for inspiration to strike. I took to carrying a notebook on me at all times so that I could jot down the idea and get back to it after I was finished working. I see inspiration very much like water. If you are active, moving, or working towards a cause, the more inspiration will be able to flow into you. If you stagnate in a routine or simply never do anything outside of yourself, the more constipated your work will become. Get out and work. If you don’t have a “regular” job, go out and volunteer with your church, school or community. Get involved, and your inspiration will come.
 My Take on Rivers
So, yes, for my long time readers, you may have noticed a little familiarization with some of Brett’s answers  with some of my own writing, such as talking about little Rachel; and that is in part because, Yes, he is my Brother-in-law. I knew Brett aspired to writing and the few paragraphs of work that I’ve heard of his writing (different stories of course) in the past, always was a delight, and had me laughing. So when he announced he had written his own book, and was self published, I jumped at the chance to read a complete work! I immediately downloaded the free kindle app for my computer and purchased my own copy of Rivers! 
As I read it, I immediately fell in love with the story! It had me laughing before I even finished the prologue! Brett humorously describes the characters in a way that you can easily visualize what they might look like, but without the long drawn out process so you don’t have any moments of boredom waiting for the next exciting part. I hadn’t even finished the first chapter before I knew it was a keeper and I asked Brett if he would be willing to allow me to write a review for his book. See, that’s how good this book is, I bought my own copy and then just had to share it with you! So I merely asked permission first. Thankfully Brett gave me the OK. So here I am telling you about it!
This book is great for young, medium and older audiences alike. It is an easy read, flows smoothly, and is written well for readers of a large variety of ages. As mentioned before there is no swearing, profanity, sex scenes, or compromising scenes in this book, which makes it quite family friendly and a great read for any one in the family! What I love is that Rivers is one of those books that can be immensely enjoyed by both male and female readers alike! The story and lessons are applicable to both male and female readers and there isn’t any content that would put off either gender!
And while being humorous in nature through the vast majority of the story, it still had an underlying serious theme, with a few serious moments to cause one to think about their core believes. One of my favorites of these rare serious moments is when this “ancient god” is talking to Eric about 3/4 of the way through the story; he says:

“I’ve often wondered why you mortals don’t realize who you really are. Just ’cause you can’t remember anything before you were born and can’t see anything after you die, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t still that person. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not taking a shine to you or anything, but if you would just treat yourselves with half
the respect you really deserve and not let the rest of the world try and tell you what you are…I just wonder why you don’t realize how important you really are.”

The main character Eric was often fronted with this issue. What did he believe in? It’s not one of those books that would cause one to question ones own faith or beliefs that they’ve already established, but merely allows you to further think about why you believe such a way. And yet, it’s not a highly religious story. This idea behind dealing with death had a great capacity to be a dark and serious book, but Brett took the challenge to create a light, uplifting and entertaining humorous approach that makes it an easy read and appropriate for any age, while still getting the message across.
Brett has masterfully interwoven these serious moments which are few and far between into a great mystery adventure, which causes these moments to have a greater impact. Think about some of your all time favorite dramas. The best ones are full of humor until the moment of truth, and then when that truth comes into view, it makes a much stronger impact on the viewer. That is how Rivers is written. A fun story full of humor until just the right moment and then the lesson to be learned is revealed, it touches your heart and as you finish that last page, you have a swelling in your  heart and say, “now that was a great story!”
That is how I experienced Rivers. I laughed up until the very end! And then I finished the book with a single tear sliding down my cheek, and a grin on my face saying, “WOW! What a great story!”
Get your own Copy!
Rivers is currently only available only on Kindle. If you don’t have a kindle you can easily download the FREE Kindle app for your PC, or if you have an Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, or smartphone, you can also get the free kindle app.
Rivers, How to Become a Hero in Three Easy Steps can be purchased from Amazon.
As a special gift for my readers, Brett has generously allowed you all to get the book for FREE for one day only on Saturday February 25, 2012! So don’t miss out on visiting Amazon and getting your FREE copy!
Have you read Rivers yet? 
Are you excited to check it out? 
Who will be the first one in your house to read it?


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