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5 easy ways to Relieve Eczema Irritation

If you are one of the many people who suffer from Eczema; know that you are not alone and that there are simple little things you can do that can dramatically help relieve eczema pain. Although the causes of Eczema are numerous, many of these tips will help with the many different types of Eczema. They won’t cure the Eczema but they can help reduce the inflammation, itching and pain associated with them; so you can improve your skin’s health.

5 ways to relieve eczema Irritation

1. Always use gloves when cleaning or washing dishes. This will reduce the amount of exposure your skin has to chemicals, cleaners and over drying from long exposure to water.

2. Use green and natural products in your home. Convert your home to green products. In some cases the chemicals in cleaners and other household products are a cause for the Eczema. In many other cases, these same chemicals; although are not the cause, still pose skin irritation and can trigger a worse reaction. Switching to Green and Natural Products helps eliminate this irritation.
3. Bathe often to keep your skin clean. Be sure you are using mild, chemical free, natural soaps without perfumes where possible to ensure you do not irritate the already sensitive skin. Oatmeal bathes are often encouraged to help soothe the skin.
4. Use lotion often. Eczema is often irritated by the skin becoming too dry; times of winter is often the worst due to the lack of humidity in the environment. Every time you wash your affected skin, you will need to reapply the lotion. Pat your skin dry and then apply the lotion to the effected skin and surrounding areas. Reapply the lotion many times throughout the day. Aveeno Eczema Therapy is an effective lotion for treating Eczema; as it has been specifically formulated to help heal Eczema and soothe the skin.
5. Prescription topical creams. Natural methods will not eliminate the Eczema on their own. You will most likely need the help of a prescription topical cream. A tip to help ensure that your prescription cream is working at it’s best potential: Where possible at night after applying the prescription cream, wrap the effected skin. If it is on the hands; use plastic (latex free to avoid allergies) gloves, or if it is in a difficult area, use Saran Wrap. Wrap the infected skin well, so it has minimal air exposure; and be sure to take the Saran Wrap in place so as not to unwrap in the night. In the morning you can remove the wrap. This ensures that the prescription does not rub off before it has had time to absorb into the skin; but also for reasons unknown, helps stimulate the prescription to be more potent and allows the skin to heal faster. Still continue to use the prescription throughout the day as advised by the Doctor.

How do you relieve eczema irritation?

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Wednesday 5th of April 2017

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