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Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odin's tale #RecipeForMoments

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The Following story is written by Odin; a Chocolate Lab Pitbull mix 1 year old.

Have you ever been so excited for something that you just couldn’t contain your excitement? That happens to me all the time. Every moment I wake up in the morning; I anxiously wait for Mom or Dad to open my night kennel and play with me. It is one of the most exciting moments in my day. I truly have the best pets, I mean owners. Shh, don’t let them know I think of them as my pets! I just can’t help it; they belong to me! And with each human animal bond moment; it makes each day the best recipe for moments to cherish.

Recipe for Moments

Now most people think the perfect recipe for moments to cherish requires something special. A big hoopla. But not for me. For me; the most important recipe for moments are the everyday moments. Things that happen all the time. The moments in each day’s routine.

What do most owners do each day? Say hi, feed you and then run off to work. But not mine. On days that aren’t too cold, I get a special run with Ben. He is big into fitness and he thinks he is fit and strong and has a strong endurance. But I remind him he is only human. He tries his best to wear me out. But it just isn’t possible. I’m Super Dog! Nothing can wear me out! I come home just as energetic and excited as the moment I leave the house for the run. I just spent an hour running with my family. How can I not be excited? And didn’t I mention that I was super dog? Truly I am. I never get tired.

But when it is too cold, I am still guaranteed a good morning kiss. I just love kisses. And I can be certain I always get the opportunity to sneak in and give Ben a good kiss each day. It is always a lot more fun when he’s not expecting it.

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

I’ve been with my owners for almost a year now. We have had a lot of great times. They spend many hours doing what they think is training me. Little do they know; they are completely clueless that it is actually me that is training them. But Shh! Don’t tell them. It will give my tricks away!

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

So sure, I will lay when told. I will shake on command. It is the least I can do; for the amazing treats and affection I am given each day. Who wouldn’t do that for a treat?

Amber is one that has never been a dog person before. So she has been more resistant to me joining the family than any of the others. But even she has her weak moments that I am able to remind her why she loves me. Like when her toes were cold last week and I cuddled them to warm them up. Or when she is having a hard day. She just needs a little love. So I give her plenty of attention by following her around and offering her compassion through my emotional eyes. She loves my eyes.

When she is finally ready for it; I lay on thick the love by laying my head in her lap. Licking her arms. And just letting her know she is loved and adored. Yes, this has worked well towards my cause. And now she quite enjoys my company.

If you are looking for a recipe for moments that will keep in your heart you don’t have to look any further than my family. My favorite time is when we play in the back yard. This is usually every day. But we get the most time on the weekends. Like last weekend, it was finally warmer than -20 and clear skies! So we got to spend a lot of time outside together.

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

I just love being outside this time of year. I absolutely love snow! It is worse than the silly cat and his love for catnip! I love to bounce, pounce and race through the white wonderland.

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

But I love it most when my owners are there to play catch with me. Have you ever wanted to make someone smile? Well I have it down to a science. Just get my owners to throw a ball or Frisbee for me. And within 5 minutes I have them laughing. Sure, I might look silly at moments. Like when I get so excited I can’t stop and slide right into the fence. Oh I just shake it off. I mean; I got the ball and made them proud! What else matters?

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

But most of the time I look majestic! I can show how proud I am, as I jump and catch the Frisbee in midair. This really makes my parents proud. So I love to do it as often as possible. But come the end of the day, My favorite is simply relaxing at the feet of my parents.

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

I’m too big to climb into Ben’s lap on the couch like the cat does. He doesn’t want me to feel left out. So he will often lay on the ground with me; just because he knows I want him to. What a great Dad! We have a tradition. Every night, as Mom and Dad relax and watch TV, I’m there below their feet. They know I’m here to protect them. I’m here to love them. We are one big happy family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for letting me tell you my story.

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

–Odin; Chocolate Lab/Pitbull Mix. 

Share your own Recipe for Moments

Odin’s tale gives you a brief glimpse into the special animal human bond we have formed in our family since his adoption. He truly has become part of our family. Now you can share your own recipe for moments! Nature’s Recipe® is looking at the bonds we share with our pets through the eyes of the pets and they have a fantastic promotion going on to encourage you to join in!

Our story is a part of the #RecipeForMoments blog hop hosted by BlogPaws. Link up below to share your story of the bond you and your pet share. What do you think your pet feels in your special moments? Five random U.S. winners who link up their blog post will win a Nature’s Recipe® lightweight collar camera to capture special moments from their pet’s point of view. See BlogPaws for official rules and details.

What is your best Recipe for Moments story?

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Saturday 22nd of February 2014

Wonderful post and a great point - memorable moments happen every day! Thanks for sharing!

Yvonne DiVita

Thursday 20th of February 2014

Love this post. I am so sad that I cannot get such great pics of my dogs and cat. The best part of this post is the clear love you have for your entire family... and pets are family, yes they are.

Riverfront Cats

Tuesday 18th of February 2014

You can really tell by these pictures the amazing relationship he has with his family. Lovely story

Mina Slater

Tuesday 4th of February 2014

Oh my, those beautiful eyes. Odin is so adorable! I'm glad he is treated so well, part of the family! I must feel so special & loved!

Fan R @TeddyOutReady

Tuesday 4th of February 2014

Love the Odin's story, it was pleasure to read and learn more about him.

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