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Pure Integrity Soy Candles: Natural, Strong scented, Long Lasting. Review and Give-it-away Holiday Gift Guide

I love candles! I love the smell, the gentle light of a burning flame, and the gentle warmth that seems to touch your very soul. I just love them! What I don't love is the extensive smokey smell that also fills the room if you have a less than high quality candle burning. As obsessed with Candles as I am, I've become quite picky as to the types I will burn in my home, so when I find a type of candle that I really enjoy I am more than thrilled to share it with you! One such candle is the Pure Integrity Soy candles!


I've never had the opportunity to use a soy candle before. I've heard many great things about them, but up until this point I haven't had the opportunity, because I wanted to make sure I was getting a high standard candle because not all Soy candles are created equally. Pure Integrity Soy candles are created above the standard. When making their candles, Pure Integrity uses natural Soy instead of paraffin (the leading ingredient in other candle manufacturing and is also a petroleum product). Paraffin candles actually release harmful toxins into the air such as formaldehyde, acrolein, benzene and acetaldehyde. And According to the the E.PA. paraffin wax has 11 known toxins and 2 are above the excess cancer risk with multiple use. Talk about Scary! Did you just run off to check what your candles are made of? Yeah, I did too.


Not only are Pure Integrity Candles safer for your home and health, but the fragrance is also a higher quality. Pure integrity uses a unique 7 step pouring process which allows for the candle to absorb a substantially greater amount of scent. In fact Pure integrity candles use up to 50% more fragrance than the strongest scented candle on the market. What this means is an event distribution of scent throughout the entire candles allowing for the perfect fragrance from the first light completely until the end of the candle. And what's more, they  use only naturally soy based scents instead of the toxic petroleum oil base most market candles use. Again, all natural ingredients, to provide an all natural and much healthier experience. And because Pure Integrity candles are made from all natural soy ingredients, they require a much lower burning temperature which in turn gives you 2 benefits:

  • a longer lasting candle as it burns slower
  • the wax is safer around families as if it were to spill would not burn the skin as extensively as regular wax; as it is burned at a lower temperature. 

I was sent the double wick Cocoa Mint and the Sandlewood Amber; which works out perfectly because Cocoa Mint is my favorite scent and Sandlewood Amber is my husband's favorite scent. Once it arrived I immediately took out the cocoa Mint and started it burning. And for once my oldest son didn't complain that I had a candle burning! There was no "smoke" smell, and really you could hardly tell anything was burning at all, except for the very pleasant scent of Cocoa Mint. The fragrance isn't over powering; and for a normal sized room would fill the room quite pleasantly. I almost think I need two candles of the same scent to burn at the same time to fill up my living room as it is rather big and is also open into the kitchen, so really this one candle has been scenting two large rooms by itself and frankly it's done a rather good job! I don't smell it too often while I'm in the room, I think mostly because I get used to the smell. But after I have been out of the room for a minute or two and come back in, I notice the delicious fragrance and I don't want to leave the room.



Each candle comes in a beautiful frosted glass jar with a wooden lid. I'm quite fond of this packaging as it looks unique and very classy. There aren't any labels marring up the beautiful package. All labels are on the bottom of the candle and out of sight so all you see is the beautiful frosted jar. This is also wonderful for gift giving, as all you'd need is to tie a bow around the top and you are good to go!


I also love the fact that the candle burns clean. What I mean, is not only do you not see any smoke rising from the flames, and you definitely don't smell any; but also after a full week of burning the candle, the top of the glass jar is still just as clean as when I first started burning the candle! There is absolutely zero black soot that dirties the glass jar, or gets on your hands and transfers making a huge sooty mess. And thanks to the special 7 step pouring process; the fragrance of the candle one week later is still just as potent and delicious as when I first opened the package.

Overall; I'm quite pleased with the Pure Integrity Soy candles, and they are definitely on my "Must buy from again" list! The quality is above par, the scent is divine, and they perform the designed task just as well and a lot of times even better than many other candles I've experienced.

Pure integrity candles would make the perfect gift for that special lady, a best friend, a mother, and just about anyone who enjoys relaxing by candle light or a quality fragrance to fill their home. And each candle is quite reasonably priced anywhere from $9.99-$23.99 depending on the size you desire. And not to worry, if you prefer to melt your candles in warmer instead of burning them, Pure Integrity also has Soy melts!

You can order Pure Integrity candles Online on their website.

You can also find Pure Integrity Soy Candles on Facebook.


As a special gift to you this holiday season, Pure Integrity Soy Candles is giving one of YOU (my readers) a Holiday Fragrance Combo Set which includes 3 10 Oz top selling Holiday fragrances-Vanilla Almond, Pumpkin Pie and Sugared Spruce! Merry Christmas! That's a $45 Value! All you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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Open to US Residents only. Giveaway product provided by Pure Integrity Soy Candles.
Giveaway closes at 12:00am EST Jan 3, 2011

Please, take the time to look at all of our giveaways and check out our Holiday Gift Guide for ideas of great Gifts this Holiday Season! 

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for writing this review post. Sponsor provided product for review but my review and opinions are mine alone and were not influenced by outside sources. I make no claim that said product will perform the same for everyone; other individuals may have differing results/opinions.

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Kate W

Tuesday 27th of December 2011

I woul love the Cucumber Melon or the Fresh Linen scent.

I entered the blu-ray giveaway

beck20202 @ gmail dot com


Monday 26th of December 2011

I entered the Socks4Life giveaway.


Monday 26th of December 2011

I learned that Paraffin wax has 11 known toxins... :(


Monday 26th of December 2011

My favorite scent would be the blackberry soy candles.


Monday 26th of December 2011

There's no "extra info" section, but I entered the Straight No Chaser giveaway.

debbi.diamondgrove at gmail dot com

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