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Protect Your Bubble to Keep your life on track

We’ve all seen that image that is floating around Facebook lately right? You know the one that says, If you’d go 30 days without any gadgets, internet, smartphone or internet then you’d be paid $3 Million dollars and then asks if you could do it. But frankly, could you really?

Protect Your Bubble

So much of our life is now tied up in electronics and gadgets and the internet. If there was no internet neither the husband nor I could do our jobs. Without my gadgets like my smartphone, tablet and laptop I would be clueless as to what I am suppose to do and when. It keeps my life organized and it keep on schedule for work, kids appointments, stay in touch with family and lots more.

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So while technically we could all probably survive without our gadgets (because people have been doing it since the dawn of time) we now live in an era where not having the gadgets actually put us at a disadvantage. And we probably wouldn’t survive well.

My business would plummet to nothing, the husband would lose his job. We would lose our home because we wouldn’t be able to access our income or pay our mortgage. All kinds of things would fall apart if we lost our gadgets and internet access.

We all have the experience of going a few days without our beloved Tablet or Smartphone. If you are anything like me it is because you have lost it yet again. I don’t know what it is, but I will place it down in a spot that I KNOW I will be able to find it. And then like magic I have no clue where that was!

I am always asking the husband to call my phone so I can find it, and then I pray I haven’t left the ringer off.

I have a dear friend who has even more horror stories that involve her iPhone and a toilet bowl, a pile of sand another time, cracked screens, submerged and dead. Multiple phones all gone to the grave this way.

Keep your life on track, Protect your gadgets With Protect Your Bubble

Now while we proclaim we could live without our gadgets, would we really be OK without them? If something were to happen to your smartphone or table right now…what would you lose?

Keep your life on track, Protect your gadgets With Protect Your Bubble


We all live in a nice little gadget bubble. I think we should protect our bubble so it doesn’t get popped and we end up out a lot of money and hassle.

Protect Your Bubble is focused on protecting what matters most for their customers. They provide coverage to protect all the devices under your roof, like phones, tablets, computers, electronics and appliances.


They don’t care where you bought them or if they’re more than 30 days old – the more you protect, the more you save!

What I love is that one plan covers all your devices. You don’t need individualized plans for each electronic gadget. And you pay it with just one low monthly payment plan.

Plus if you are lost without your gadgets don’t fear! They have an amazing Next day replacement for phones and tablets (Terms and Conditions apply)! That is a lot faster than our phone company asking for 2 weeks!

Keep your life on track, Protect your gadgets With Protect Your Bubble

And if you have kids! Oh my goodness, you are going to love this! They cover accidental damage and mechanical breakdown as well!

I can’t even tell you how many times Miss Jade has dropped my phone and iPad. I just know one of these days the screen will shatter. I’ve been lucky that the cases have protected it thus far, but I fear my luck is running out.

What Protection could you use from Protect Your Bubble for your most prized gadgets?

Protect Your Bubble makes it easy to protect the things that matter most to you, with easy to use services, to personal care when you need it most. Visit to learn more and protect what matters most to you!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Protect Your Bubble. The opinions and text are all mine.

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