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How to Power your Child’s Imagination

This post on powering your child’s imagination was sponsored by Duracell as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.

I used to think that in order to encourage imagination that electronics could not be involved. But after my boys started learning coding, and programming in school I saw a whole new side to electronics that can actually help to power imagination and play! And now I look to strike a positive balance between old school and device driven play to offer my kids a well-rounded imagination. So let’s look at ways you can encourage imagination in kids.

How to Power your Child's Imagination

Tips to Powering your Child’s Imagination

Traditional Imagination Play. We have the traditional Imagination play. Use their minds to imagine things around them as they play. My kids have always been very good at this one. The boys often imagine they are Jedi Knights or brave Knights or strapping warriors off to battle. I mean they are boys!

Miss Jade has always loved imagination play as she dresses up as a princess, hosts mini tea parties with her stuffed animals, and has her stuffed animals put on a show.

Imaginary Friends. Kids can’t always have a friend over. So while they are young, it is great when they can have an imaginary friend to play with. This helps them learn to be more independent, not relying on others for play, building imagination as they continue to play even when their best friend can’t come over.

Read. It always comes back to reading! If your child can love reading then many doors open to them. They do better in school, they have larger vocabulary, and it even improves their imagination!

ARTS. Encourage participation in the arts such as acting out plays, music, drawing and painting. This forces your child to use the more artistic area of their brain. Which improves their imagination in all areas. It’s been proven that Music also improves a child’s ability for learning, understanding math and science and offers a very well rounded personality. Not to mention it’s just plain fun!

Hands On activities. Giving young children free rein over their work is crucial. Tactile experiences are important, improve developmental growth, and improve their ability to create from their own mind and experiences.

These Hands-on Activities can include drawing, crafting and playing music. But it also encompasses doing science experiments at home. Take your child to discovery museums that have stations where kids can do activities to learn more. These can be science museums, Dinosaur museums where kids can dig up bones, or even museums that have hands on programming stations for kids. These get kids actively involved in learning, doing and exploring.

Virtual Fun with CHiP and COJI. This is where the balance between old school imagination play and new tech imagination comes together for a beautiful balance! Virtual toys like CHiP and COJI from WowWee allow kids to use their imagination to create movements and activities. So lets take a closer look at them.


How to Power your Child's ImaginationMeet CHiP!

How to Power your Child's Imagination

CHiP is an interactive robotic dog. And he’s not just for kids who don’t have a dog at home. Although he would be a great alternative if your kids want a dog and you are opposed to getting one.

CHiP  uses all kinds of Bluetooth LE sensors and can maneuver around the home without bumping into everything. He responds when called, obeys your commands and adapts and grows over time, letting you both experience the world around you together. 

How to Power your Child's Imagination

CHiP is a learning robot and can play a variety of games with you. Since the way you play with him shapes his personality, no two CHiP robots are the same!

CHiP responds to your hand gestures as well as commands from your smartband, the CHiP app, and voice commands. You can teach him tricks, give him treats and he will even follow you around! 

How to Power your Child's Imagination

Power up his smart ball with Duracell batteries and he will chase it around the house!

How to Power your Child's ImaginationHow to Power your Child's Imagination

Basically, your child can have all the fun of a real pet, but without all the fur and poop scooping duty to clean up! And you can take him with you on vacation and not have to pay enormous “pet deposits” wherever you stay!

How to Power your Child's Imagination

When CHiP gets tired, he will automatically return to his charging station on his own. Here he “rests” and recharges so that he is ready for play again as soon as your child gets home!


How to Power your Child's ImaginationLearn more about CHiP from WowWee!


Meet COJI, your basic coding friend!


How to Power your Child's ImaginationMy kids started to learn computer coding in one form or another since they were in 3rd grade! I mean these are things I never learned in school.

And now it is part of their curriculum as early as Elementary school! That tells you that our culture is definitely a Tech Culture.

How to Power your Child's Imagination

The cool thing is if your child can understand coding then their imagination can soar in our tech world! They can create apps, computer programs, develop games and all kinds of things!

COJI brings the basics of coding to your child in an easy to learn platform while still encouraging your child’s Imagination.


How to Power your Child's ImaginationYou can easily program COJI with simple emoji commands. And it encourages problem-solving and self-learning through exploratory and creative game play.
COJI uses Trial and Error game play to teach kids to test and grow their programming skills by using different emoji commands to overcome obstacles and challenges during game play.
Basically, kids learn to not just give up after one Failure. But to keep trying different approaches until they figure it out!
The great thing is that COJI is basic enough that a young child like Miss Jade in 1st grade can learn the basics of coding. But he can advance enough that even my boys with various coding experience can still be engaged and learn new things!
How to Power your Child's Imagination
COJI pairs with the app, and then you use emoji coding to encourage him to do fun things.There are various types of games you can play on the app, and as you complete each one COJI will react or perform the task himself!
How to Power your Child's ImaginationHow to Power your Child's ImaginationHow to Power your Child's ImaginationHow to Power your Child's ImaginationHow to Power your Child's ImaginationHow to Power your Child's ImaginationYes he will move around as you code through the apps, so make sure not to place him on the edge of a high surface! Take a closer look at COJI in action!
When it comes to powering your child’s imagination you must ensure they have the right tools. When you don’t have the right tools, a child can’t learn. Here are our most important tools to have on hand to encourage your child’s imagination:
  • BOOKS in a variety of genres and applicable to your child’s age
  • Art supplies, Markers, Paints, Paper in various types, crayons, glue, scissors, etc
  • Music to listen to, and musical instruments to play
  • Building Blocks, dolls, dress up clothes, kitchen play items, play dishes, stuffed animals, action figures, etc.
  • Virtual friends such as COJI and CHiP to encourage the tech side of imagination learning.
  • Duracell batteries.

While many items that encourage your child’s imagination won’t need batteries, some do. And when it comes to powering our gadgets we always reach for the best like Duracell!

Duracell batteries are the #1 Trusted Brand by parents, powering long-lasting imaginative play!

Plus I love them because they last the longest in our toys, and even in my Speedlight for when I’m taking photos.

How to Power your Child's Imagination

I mean the last thing you want to  hear is “MOM, It needs new batteries again!” for the 6th time in a given month! No thank you!

I like to be able to power up with Duracell and not have to worry about changing batteries for a few months!

How to Power your Child's Imagination

You can find all the best items to power your child’s imagination at Toys R Us. From pretend play to finding COJI and CHiP just in time for Christmas!

How to Power your Child's Imagination

And don’t forget to toss a pack of Duracell batteries into your cart while you are there when purchasing battery-powered toys and accessories.!

How to Power your Child's Imagination

How do you power your Child’s Imagination?

Which Virtual Friend your child love more COJI or CHiP?


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Thursday 13th of October 2016

Those look like great learning toys. My son's learning coding in school too so that Chip toy would be great for him. Thanks for warning that he moves along with the code.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.