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Philips Wake-up Light Review-Great Gadget Giveaway!

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I’m quite excited for our featured Giveaway item: the Philips Wake-up Light! 

I have a problem waking up in the morning. I’m sure many of you have the same problem. For me, it is always so dark when it’s time to get up and get the kids ready for school. Plus when you are in such a deep sleep and the sudden loud alarm goes off, bringing on such a shock to my system, it always makes for an unpleasant wake up call.

What if you could have an easier way to wake up? 

The Philips Wake-up Light, is specially designed to help you wake up more naturally with a gradual light increase and calm and pleasant alarm sounds to help ease you into a restful wake-up in the mornings.

The Wake-up Light uses light to simulate a natural sunrise. Starting 30 minutes before you set the alarm for a wake-up; the light turns on a very low setting and gradually increases, simulating a sunrise, until at the designed time of wake-up, it is then at it’s full brightness.

This feature helps to improve your mood and increase your energy in the morning. The Wake-up Light has 20 different brightness settings, which allow the light to be used as a bedside or tabletop lamp as well. 

The Philips Wake-up Light also features:

  • FM Radio
  • Snooze setting
  • 3 Alarm wake up settings- Natural Birds, Calming Chimes, or FM Radio
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • 20 brightness levels of lamp
  • Easy to follow instruction manual
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • gradual sound increase of volume to alarm
After I got the Philips Wake-up Light; I was really impressed with how easy it was to set up. Not only does it come with a full, in depth manual, but it also includes a quick start pamphlet that helps you get up and running very quickly.
I never thought about it before, but the light actually is quite a space saver! It replaced my night stand lamp and alarm, into this sleek and stylish Wake-up light. Plus, it opens up the outlet plugs! 
It features a nice front Display where you have your clock, alarm, and other features, plus the menu where you can adjust the settings.
On the side is 2 different Button sets, one for turning on the lamp, with a + and – button for increasing or decreasing the light. And the second set is to turn on the Radio and change the volume up and down.

Below those buttons are a silver lever that is used to turn the alarm on, off and snooze. I love the silver lever because I never have to wonder where the off button is. You know those mornings when you are so groggy that you just feel around for the off button and you end up pushing all of the buttons before you find that “snooze” or “Off” button. Well, that’s not a problem with the Philips Wake-up light. There is no problem with mistaking any other button for the lever. 

I also love the lamp feature.
I used to use a touch lamp with 3 different brightness settings, because at night I love to read, but I hate the harsh light from normal lamps. And I hate waking up  to the brilliant brightness of the bedroom light. But the Wake-up light has 20 different brightness settings, from very dim to very bright. I love that I can select the exact brightness I want for my evening reading, and for my wake up in the morning. To make it even easier, each level of brightness is associated with a number 1-20, so when you find the right brightness level, you can always find it again, by merely adjusting the brightness to that number level. I personally enjoy a level 5-7 for bedtime reading and a 14 for wake-up.

As for the alarm; you can choose between soft natural bird sounds, a natural chime (I’m not sure what else to call it, it’s not necessarily wind chimes, but that’s the closest I can figure to describe it) or you can choose to have the radio play with the alarm. I also love how you can set the volume of the Alarm. Don’t like the really loud alarm that makes you jump a foot out of bed? Well, you get to choose how loud your alarm will get! Plus, it will start very soft and gradually get louder until it reaches that selected volume, allowing for a more natural and calming wake up! And if you forget to turn off the alarm after hitting the snooze button, it will automatically turn off after 90 minutes.

And speaking of the sound; the radio is amazing! It only uses a little wire for the “antenna” but I’m able to get our local radio stations in better reception than what I can pick up with my radio that I carry throughout the house. I don’t have to worry about standing in just the right place in the room to get the station nice and clear. It even picks up more radio stations than my other radio, CD player and old alarm could pick up.
 As for the actual Wake up each morning; I’ve quite enjoyed the Philips Wake-up Light. I am no longer startled awake, and it seems much easier to wake up and stay awake with the light that gradually gets brighter. Only once has the actual light woken me up before the alarm went off, and when it did, I just adjusted to which brightness I wanted the wake-up to be set at for the next day and didn’t have the problem again.

I have used each of the alarm sounds, including the radio and each one was wonderful! They started very quiet, and gradually got louder. It made for a very pleasant wake-up. The birds are peaceful, and the radio is fun, but I like the chimes the best. In other models you can actually upload your own music via USB port to be the alarm sound too!

Another feature I love about the Philips Wake-up Light, is that it is easy to access the light bulb and easy to change when it eventually burns out (has not happened yet). The wake-up light isn’t one of those gadgets where you have to buy a new one each time the light goes out, just merely replace the light bulb. Much more cost effective. 

The only Con I found was that I couldn’t set the wake-up light brightness and have it stay in the programing. When setting the brightness for the wake-up the next morning, it is merely the last brightness you had the last time the lamp was on. So when I read at night, I like a dimmer light than what I like to wake up to. So before I turn off the light, I have to readjust the light to the level I want to wake up to. I just wish I could program the light to turn on to a programed level, instead of having to set it each night.

But this is a minor drawback, as I love all the other features of this light. 

You can learn more from the Philips website. And you can purchase your own from Philips. It is also available from,, and
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