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Rich Protein pet food from WildCalling! #TheArtofNutrition

This post is sponsored by Wild Calling! and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the Wild Calling! Pet Food, but JadeLouise Designs only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Wild Calling! is not responsible for the content of this article.

Over the last few months we have been putting more focus on having a healthier home for ourselves, our kids and our furry pets. I’ve joined Weight Watchers, the Husband is training for a marathon, we are cutting down on the sugar in our home and increasing the protein. We’ve made a conscious effort to include all natural foods in our home and create healthier diets for everyone in our home. And that include for our pets too. Especially for our dog Odin.

Rich Protein pet food from WildCalling! #TheArtofNutrition

Odin is the husband’s running buddy. He has been joining the husband on his runs as he trains for a marathon that is coming up this Spring. With the increased activity we have been taking special notice to ensure that Odin is getting enough calories and protein to keep him healthy. When being more active, he needs more nutrition to keep him up to speed.

Recipe for Moments: A Day with my owners, Odins tale #RecipeForMoments

Some things we look for are grain free ingredients, all natural, and made in the USA products for our pets. And then we look at the flavors. Now our Odin, he absolutely loves natural flavors! The more it tastes like actual natural food, the happier he is. So seeing something like the Wild Calling!® line of pet food was right up our alley! With flavors like Elk, Deer, Duck, Salmon, Turkey and other wild and natural animal flavors that a natural wild dog would find in the Rocky Mountains is exactly what our Odin would love.

Rich Protein pet food from WildCalling! #TheArtofNutrition

WildCalling! offers amazing Natural pet food that focuses on getting our pets the vitamins, minerals, and other things they need to keep their bodies strong. The food product line is Meat & Protein rich.

We are pretty focused on keeping grains to a minimum if at all with Odin, so I love that WildCalling offers grain free nutrition, and their protein is derived from quality animal protein. And anyone who focuses on building up muscle knows that rich meats help create an optimal amino acid profile to support healthy muscle growth & increased energy. So since our Odin is more active, we know we needs a higher protein diet to stay healthy and keep his energy up.

Plus WildCalling! GlycoEdge is designed to provide your dog with consistent energy and a low glycemic diet. Made from Tapioca, sweet potatoes, and lentils to provide a low glycemic diet. Now that is a great recipe for a healthy active dog!

I can’t wait to try out the new WildCalling! pet food product line with Odin. Our first pack of pet food should be arriving any day and I can’t wait to let Odin dig in. I think the WildCalling! Dog food line will be a great addition to his diet as he helps the husband train for his marathon. And help keep his energetic enough to keep up with the kids too.

Rich Protein pet food from WildCalling! #TheArtofNutrition

Want to know where you can get some WildCalling! pet food? Use the handy Store locator to find some nearest you.

Have you tried out WildCalling! pet foods yet?

What do you love most about WildCalling! ?

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.