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    Ozobot Programmable Robot for Kids, STEM education aid Skip to Content

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    When it comes to Christmas presents, we try to be mindful with each present. We don’t buy presents just so they have a lot of things to open on Christmas morning. We think about each gift. We pick presents to fit into something they need, something they want, or something educational. And then we try to have a nice balance between them all. So I was thrilled when we were sent the Ozobots to try and share our honest opinion. This is something that would fall into both the want and educational category!

    Education made fun with Ozobot

    Our school is highly focused on the S.T.E.M education. And each year the kids in the 5th and 6th grades participate in a robot programming competition. They have been doing programming and coding in school already this year. And every day the kids work with the little robots, they come home begging me to get them robots that they can program at home. Well, now I have a solution!

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    The Ozobot is a hot new programming toy that kids will love. And it falls perfectly into the S.T.E.M. education sphere. Programming and coding are no longer left to IT experts. They are skills that all kids need to know and understand if they are to be successful in today’s gadget focused world. And the Ozobot can help with that, all while making it fun for kids.

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    The Ozobot starter pack is designed for kids ages 6 and up. It is a color based programming one-inch robot. Inside each pack are

    • Over 20 activities
    • 4 code-creating markers,
    • 2 clear play surface sheets,
    • 2 sheets of reusable code stickers
    • A DIY blank customizable skin
    • DIY skin sticker sheet.
    • A charging USB cable.
    • Instructions to explain how to download free Android & iOS Apps.

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    The Ozobot comes with easy to get started cards that are easily numbered. If you follow them in order you will soon be in action. It’s a great way to get started with the programming and seeing just what your robot can do.

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    The instructions feature all of the color coding programs you can use to program your Ozobot yourself. And you can use the Free app for even more fun.

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    To make it even more fun, each Ozobot comes with 2 skins that you can snap onto your Ozobot to make him look unique and fun.

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    We got the Lava Red for our boys. But you can also find other colors of Ozobot online and in stores at ToysRUs, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

    Now for the fun part, seeing it in action! We took a short little clip so you can see the Ozobot in progress. It’s fun to see it follow the programming, changing directions and speeds all based on the coding. So check it out!


    You can see even more of the Ozobot from their own video they put together. Learn more by visiting Ozobot online or on their Facebook or Twitter pages.

    I am so excited for the boys to open up the Ozobot on Christmas Morning. Yeah, I haven’t told them yet that they are getting the Ozobot. I just spent the day playing with them myself and had a lot of fun. I was almost tempted to keep it for myself. Who said Mom’s can’t have fun coding?

    But I will wrap them up and give them to my boys. And my boys are going to freak out. They have been begging me for a programmable robot for years! And now they are finally going to get one!

    Ozobot Programmable Robot for kids

    Who would love an Ozobot in your home?

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    Saturday 28th of November 2015

    My son would be so fascinated by that! I would be happy to give it a try for sure!


    Thursday 26th of November 2015

    This is going to be a popular gift this Holiday season. My kids would love to play with this.

    Elizabeth Lampman

    Thursday 26th of November 2015

    The Ozobot is so cool. I want to play with one. I love toys that get kids to learn while they are having fun.

    Janis @MommyBlogExpert

    Thursday 26th of November 2015

    Those itty bitty ozobots are so cute. What fun that kids can easily program them to do all sorts of fun things.

    Mistee Dawn

    Thursday 26th of November 2015

    This looks like so much fun! I know my daughter would love one of these! How cool!