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One Shirt, Five Looks, All You!

Have you ever looked in your closet and found nothing to wear? Then you go through your drawers and there’s nothing there either? Why do I have so many baggy t-shirts?! Then you go back to the closet in hopes that you missed something or that the Fashion Fairy magically appeared while your back was turned, only to find, no, she missed your closet? Again? And now you’re left with your frumpy pants and the local BBQ joint’s bright red t-shirt.

Story of my life, people.

And raise your hand if you have hundred dollar bills just hanging out in your wallet, begging to be spent on a new wardrobe. Anyone? Hello?

Me neither.

So, today I’m going to show you how transformed one ordinary shirt into five different outfits with things straight from my closet. I did not go out and buy anything to accessorize these looks. Though I desperately wanted to. I didn’t borrow anything from friends, though I desperately wanted to!

Ready? Here we go.

One Shirt, Five Looks, All You!


We’re going to start out with our base shirt. It’s a normal T. Just a shirt.

Base Look

It’s loose fitting, which is a must after having kids. It has longer sleeves, which I love. It has a soft, vintage-feel fabric. Paired with the right pair of sweats and I could easily look like I just rolled out of bed…which is the opposite of what I’m going for. Put on some nice jeans and I’m ready to hit the grocery story.

First look – With a scarf. Infinity scarves are a life saver! You don’t have to tie them, you just have to wear them and poof, you’re instantly stylish! If you know how to tie a scarf and not look like you’ve spent the last hour constructing your cravat, email me with directions. Immediately. Please. 🙂 Now you’re ready to go to the library or bank.

Look #1

Second look – With a cardigan. I’m ready to face spring or fall head on. I’m also ready to go out for ice cream with the girls. I’m posting these pictures with two different cardigans, because, as you can see, the different color cardigan really changes the look of the shirt. What’s that? You don’t have cardigans in your wardrobe? Girl, they are a must. They’re worth the investment. They change all my summer shirts to multi-seasonal.

Look #2

Third look – With a cardigan and scarf. The look is a little more classy or cozy, depending on what you’re going for. You could easily face parent-teacher conferences in this shirt, or even a job interview if you pair it with the right slacks or pencil skirt.


Look #3

Fourth look – Cardigan and belt. I’m not cheating here, the belt totally changes the look of it! I love the belt look. Seriously love it. My hips are still undecided. Until then, I’m going to work it like I own it. Now I’m ready for a night out with my man. Dinner, movie, great outfit, good company, I’m all set. Just don’t forget the lip gloss, skinnies and boots. (For a bonus look, add a cardigan, belt AND scarf. Gettin’ crazy now! But for real, it’s a very nice combination.)

Look #4


Fifth look – Any of the above combinations and a skirt. Remember, I’m wearing a plain t-shirt that can easily look like pajamas. When I put on a skirt, dress it up with a scarf or cardigan, and you’re ready to go to church or to a play. Pair it with the right pair of sandals and you’re ready to walk the beach on a romantic date. No? I don’t know, maybe! Oh, the possibilities.

Look #5


Your mission is to attack your closet or drawers. Find something that you sometimes save for a frumpy day and dress it up. Use your accessories! Skinny jeans, skirt and leggings, bib necklaces, dangly earrings. There is no need to break the bank for a new look. Ready, set, Go!


What are your favorite accessories? Would you rather get clothes or a gift card for your birthday?

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Stefani Tolson

Saturday 13th of September 2014

Some great looks with just a t-shirt. Makes me want to try to give some of my t-shirts a new look.

Mama to 5 BLessings

Thursday 11th of September 2014

What cute ideas. I love my solid tees I am going to have to try some of these fashions out.

Aimee Smith

Thursday 11th of September 2014

This is so great. I live for simple v-necks and these are some great ways to dress it up!


Wednesday 10th of September 2014

This is awesome! I am ALWAYS looking in my closet and thinking I have nothing to wear even with a ton of clothes! LOL! Who knew one simple t-shirt could have many different looks. Too cool! I need to try this out. :)

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.