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    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love! Skip to Content

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    As the holidays come around; it’s time to think about Christmas gifts! We are sharing out top Non-toy Christmas gift ideas for kids to help you with your holiday shopping. This post may contain affiliate links and is thanks to a product sent for review purposes. However all opinions are our own and you will find great Christmas gift ideas that your kids will love! 

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    One of the big things this year seems to be moms looking for great Christmas gift ideas that aren’t toys. Or at the least not electronics. Our toy boxes are already overflowing even after donating a lot. The kids just can’t keep up with it all. And I’m really tired of stepping on toys that the kids lose interest in after only a week! And while I will still be getting the boys a few toys and maybe even an electronic (a small one);  I am focusing a lot more on non-toy and non-electronic gifts this year. Things that they can really enjoy but are enjoyable a lot longer than the usual toy/gadget gift.

    Top non toy Christmas gift ideas:

    1. New shoes (the kids always outgrow shoes by this time of year)
    2. New Socks (see above reason for shoes)
    3. New PJS (family tradition)
    4. Slippers – my boys always loved getting new slippers when they were younger
    5. Bathrobes! Believe it or not, but my kids were over the moon last Christmas when they got their new bathrobes
    6. New Dressed up Christmas Outfits. My kids always get new suits and dresses every Christmas. It is something they look forward to every year.
    7. New Gloves (they always lose the gloves from the year before)
    8. New Snow boots- again they always need new ones each year. This is a great time to get them! Plus if you have snow they can use them that day to play in the snow!
    9. Sleds and other snow playing accessories – again if you have snow. This offers a great Christmas Day family activity of playing in the snow.
    10. A new Crochet Hat (something fun, make it character related) My kids are getting a Pokemon hat, minion hat and Hello Kitty hat. They have wanted one for over a year!
    11. Art supplies or craft supplies (also doubles as a great way to keep kids entertained on Christmas afternoon)
    12. Microscope/science kit – get the kids exploring and discovering and also keeps kids entertained.
    13. A new book
    14. A new family board game (and actually set time aside to play it with the kids!)
    15. Tools. Give them real tools they can use to help Dad around the house. And give them a project.
    16. Active gear. Pick your child’s interest if it’s sports get sports equipment, or camping gear, or hunting gear, or even their first Daisy BB gun.
    17. Experiences! Get family passes to locations around your area like the Zoo, museum, amusement parks etc and then use it throughout the year. But wrap up the pass under the tree so they can look forward to the fun adventures awaiting them through the new year.
    18. Room decor items. Vinyl stickers are fantastic for this, or maybe even glow in the dark stars. Then they can spend the afternoon setting up and decorating their room.
    19. Homemade gifts (remember our DIY Lego Tray table or DIY Table makeover. These would make great Christmas gifts).
    20. Actual LEGO sets. Now this may be considered a toy, but I also consider it a building tool. It keeps the kids entertained for hours on end, they never tire of them, and they promote creativity, and developmental skills. So I classify LEGO sets as educational not just toys. And they are great for boys AND girls.
    21. A new cuddle blanket.

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    So back in 2013 the husband and I got a new Luster loft plush blanket for our bed. And we have loved it! It truly has been the best bedding blanket for our bed. Well ever since then, our kids have been begging for a blanket just like it.

    So I figured this year for Christmas we were going to indulge them. They always spend so much of their time cuddled in their own blankets while watching TV or sleeping on their beds. And it’s something they would get a lot of great use from a quality plush blanket.

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    Now I’m not going to go with just any brand. Well, I should say I DID go with a cheap brand last year. And while it was nice for them, they still ask and beg and pester for a blanket just like mine. So don’t make the same mistake I did last year and get a cheap one. Get a quality American Blanket Company luster loft blanket!


    Let me tell you about these blankets!
    They are Made in USA and feature the most amazingly soft and silky plush you have ever felt. They are soft and very warm. And let me tell you once you cuddle up in one of these you won’t want to leave!

    But  here is the best feature. Once you wash them, they don’t pill or shed!

    Luster Loft blanket is made from the finest 288 filament polyester yarns available, which create the super soft, ultra plush, Luster Loft™ pile blanket fibers. The raw fabric is lofted through a multi step brushing process releasing all of the fine filament fibers and preparing the fabric for the final and most important step. Shearing is the step where most companies cut corners to save on cost.

    But the American Blanket Company actually shears both the face and the back of the Luster Loft™ pile blanket fabrics 6 times. This multi step process creates the luxuriously smooth loft and Non Pilling, Non Shedding blanket! Plus they come in a lot of different colors so you can please just about everyone!

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    Not to mention they nicely boxed, each blanket in it’s own box with ribbon and bow! No need to wrap again! At least I’m not going to.

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!


    So I knew I wanted the Luster Loft blankets for my kids! But how to make them unique and special for each kid? I mean I have three kids and I want them to feel special with their Christmas gift. Not something that is what every one else is getting.

    The luster Loft blankets come in 9 different colors. Plus you can have them embroidered with their own personal message or name!

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    So each child is getting their own blanket, in their own color with their name embroidered on the blanket.

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    It is easy to pick at checkout too. Just select the color of blanket you want. Pick a different color per kid or get all matching colors for the entire family!

    Then select you want the embroidered option and select the font and color of the embroidery. It will even show you what it will look like in a sample picture so you know the colors will blend well. Finish your check out and then they will get started on your order right away.

    And the embroidery is so nice! Front and back is very detailed and done with precision.

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    And the Luster loft blankets are the softest blanket you will ever wrap yourself in. Just image curling up in that brilliance of plush!

    And the colors are also very appealing. Not too bright. Just enough to calm the sense and feel cozy. And they are pretty close to spot on from the images on the site.

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    For my kids I picked out their favorite colors for the blankets (Except Jonathan, he changes his mind every other week on what his favorite color is. So for him I picked a color I know he likes although it may not be his favorite at the moment). I honestly can’t wait to see them curled up in these luster loft blankets from American Blanket Company!

    No other blanket screams “Cuddle in me!” more than these ones do.

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    Plus the kids are still constantly sneaking into my master bedroom to cuddle in our own luster Loft blanket on our master bed. Silly Kids! I can’t wait for them to have their own so they will leave my blanket alone!

    And did you know that American Blanket Company has more than just blankets? They also have pillow covers, baby blankets, throw covers, and even pet bedding! yeah, you can get your pets a cozy place to cuddle up in the cold winter months too!

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    I love that all products are made in the USA and are very reasonably priced. Especially for the quality. I can attest that the blankets are still just as soft and brilliant a year later as when we first got it. So i’m excited for the kids to get a quality luster loft blanket for Christmas this year that will last them for years. Visit American Blanket Company to find your new Christmas Blanket! And be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

    Top Non Toy Christmas Gift Ideas for kids that they will love!

    What item from American Blanket Company would you like to see under your Christmas tree this year?

    What are you top Non-toy Christmas Gift Ideas?


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    Monday 29th of December 2014

    This year one of my girls presents was a planned family vacation sometime in January. They chose an indoor water park.

    Mama to 5 BLessings

    Wednesday 10th of December 2014

    I always get my kids new pajamas at Christmas but I give them to them on Christmas Eve.

    Tiffany (A Mom's Take)

    Tuesday 9th of December 2014

    Those blankets are great looking, and I love the names on them. I've got to get one.


    Tuesday 9th of December 2014

    These are great ideas, my kids would love a telescope, we had a couple but they are not that great. We need to replace them. New shoes? I was thinking new winter boots would make a great gift for my boys as they have out grown last years boots.


    Tuesday 9th of December 2014

    A long but good list, it doesn't have to just be toys!