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My Journey with 20Second Fitness: Week 2 results

Yes, it’s that time again! I’m reporting in with my experiences with week 2 of using the 20Second Fitness program! I had such a great impression of this program after week 1, that I was very excited to get started on week 2. I knew it was only going to get better because week 1 was only a warmup!

Spencer Before/After
What I like about this program so far is first that the instructor, Spencer, is also the co-creator of the program. He is a living example as to how well this program can work. He struggled to lose weight after he got married and had kids; and after a talk with Dr. Charles Mok; they created the program that helped him become the model of fitness that he is today. Unlike other workout programs where the instructor is overly bubbly or crazy energetic, Spencer is easy to relate to and he seems like a complete down to earth person. He’s not annoying to listen to or watch.

I also love how I’m able to fit in a complete workout in just 4-12 minutes a day. The way the workouts are progressing is wonderful, so that I’m always pushing myself. There isn’t a day when I thought, “wow, that was too easy.” And yet there isn’t a day where I thought, “That is just too hard. I can’t keep doing this”. It’s like Goldilocks and the 3 bears, but where 20 Second Fitness is the bed that is “just right.” What’s more impressive is that my husband can get an amazing workout with the exact same video, even though he is a LOT more fit and physically active than I am. The program is based on sound high intensity interval training.

Here is a recap of what I experienced in week 2:

In week 2, the exercises of each day increased. But I love how they are broken up into segments. The first segment is a body part specific workout; where you have 1-2 exercises that are focusing on one body part, and this segment is 2 minutes long. It really helps you reach muscle failure quickly for that target body part. This is how building muscles happen, by reaching that muscle failure point and allowing the muscle to rebuild itself.

The next segment is the Heart Pumper set which is 4 minutes long. This is the segment we did all during week 1. Sometimes during this week, the heart pumper set only has 3 exercises that you cycle through instead of the 4 that we had last week. but it still works out to be 4 minutes long, because you end up doing the first 2 exercises 3 times instead of just twice.

On some days this week, there is a 3rd segment added to the end, which is usually 1-1.5 minutes long. This is a toning exercise such as the jump rope or calf raises.

Day  1: The workout today was 7 minutes long. I hardly noticed that it was longer than the 4 minutes of last week. It had the body specific workout first, then the heart pumper set and then jump roping at the end.

Day 2: Today’s workout was only 6 minutes long. We had the body specific exercises for the abs today, and then an excellent heart pumper set. It made a perfect start to my day, and I had more energy all day long!

Day 3: Today’s workout was 7.5 minutes long. For the body specific exercises we did different types of squats. Did you know there is a difference between sumo squats and regular squats? Oh boy, I sure FELT that difference today! I’ve always wondered how people get trim thighs, because all programs I’ve tried focus on the tops of the know that muscle that connects to the top of your knee? But what about the inner thigh? How do you trim that  up? If you are a mom; this is a BIG issue. This is one of those key areas where we gain a lot of weight and keeps our favorite jeans from fitting.

Well let me tell you, SUMO squats is where it is at! My muscles were burning after the first set! I can totally see the possibility of me slimming up to the body shape I want after today’s workout. That is one of my greatest struggles with getting fit, is believing it is possible. But I’m beginning to actually believe I can do it! This program is focusing on firming up the muscles on all our key body locations. It is a perfect blend of cardio and resistance training that will help us build the lean muscle and burn the fat.

Today we also did the normal 4 minutes for the heart pumping set, and we cooled off with 3 sets of Calf raises. Talk about jelly legs! It took me about 20 minutes recovery before my legs started to feel more sturdy and less like jelly. But even though it was weird, it felt so good!

Day 4: Today’s workout was 6 minutes long. It wasn’t as intense as the last 3 days which was nice as I’m a little stiff and sore from the last 3 days. It’s nice to have a day that still pushes me to do my best, but gives my sorest muscles a  “day off”. Today was focused on biceps and abs mostly. So thankfully my legs had today to merely keep me on my feet and not so much strain on them as they are what is the most stiff and sore today. Today’s workout seemed to go a lot faster too, which isn’t bad. I in fact love how fast I can get a workout in. I still get the blood pumping, my endorphins are kicking in, and my muscles have reached failure point, so I know it was a great workout. The hardest days are when it feels like it’s dragging on forever and that is when I’m in the most jeopardy of quitting, because it becomes something I dread doing. I’m at day 10 for the entire program and still haven’t reached that point with 20 Second fitness! This is a fantastic!

Day 5: Today’s workout was 6 minutes long. Today we worked out our shoulders for the body specific workout. By the end of this section my arms were like jelly and it was hard to continue through the heart burning exercise because I had really pushed myself in the first set, but it really was a great workout! I had great energy for the rest of the day. It just continually amazes me that I can get such a great workout in such a short amount of time!

Day 6:Today’s workout was 7 minutes long. Today I got to workout with the husband at the same time! We were both home and needing to do our workout at the same time, so we made room and made it work. It was easy as the workout today didn’t require the resistance bands, so we didn’t have to take turns with any equipment. Today they started with the heart pu
mping set and then moved onto the body specific set. By the end of the workout, both the Husband and I were worn out. I just love how the Husband and I are on completely different physical fitness levels and yet we can both get an amazing workout with the same system!


This week has been wonderful. I love how each day’s workout is in segments. You  have your Body specific segment first, then the  heart pumper set, and then the extra set if applicable that day. This makes it easy if you are running late and can’t do them all, to just skip ahead to the heart pumper set. Spencer says that is the most important part of the entire program. So to be sure to always do at least the 4 minute heart pumper set.

I also love how at the beginning of each segment it tells you what exercises you will be doing in that segment and what equipment will be needed. This way I know what to expect and I can be ready for it. If I need to review the exercise, I can quickly put in the form video to remind myself. And I can have all the equipment ready to go and I can just focus on doing my best in the workout instead of wondering what will be coming next. I hate the videos where you get started, and they always spring a new exercise on you, and you spend half of the time they are exercising figuring out how to do it, or halfway through the workout they bring out equipment and you are scrambling to find it and get back to the workout before the momentum is lost. With the 20Second Fitness program, I always know ahead what the exercises will be, their order and if I will need any equipment. It makes for a much more effective workout.

I also love how my perfectly fit husband; as he begins a workout sometimes comes across as saying, “oh, this is going to be WAY too easy!” But then by the 2nd set I can hear him start to breathe heavily. Then by the next set, he is really out of breath and sweating and I can tell the workout is really pushing him. I love how we can use the exactly same system, same video and it can still push both of us, even though we are on completely different fitness levels. I don’t have to go out and get him a “manly” workout system because this one is so universal, it works for every fitness level and gender!

Cons: Something I would like to have on the videos is, in addition to the “week1”, “week2” video segments would be to also have a “stretching” video segment. I found myself rather stiff quite a few times these last 2 weeks, where I really needed a good stretch to help the muscles over come the soreness. I’m not a fitness expert so I’m not sure what stretches would be most beneficial for which muscle groups. I think it would be a great addition to add a segment with stretches you can watch to help ease muscle soreness or as a warm up or cool down from each workout to help prevent soreness or injury. I don’t think I’d like it incorporated into each day’s workout because I like them just as they are, but I would like it included as it’s own video segment, with a new one on each DVD as you progress along..a lot like the Form Video Segments on the Start Here video, but with an option to “play all” in addition to watching each one separately.

Next week our intensity increases even more and I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I hope you will join us next week for our Week 3 progress report!

Don’t forget! If you are ready to get started with your 20Second Fitness you can get free shipping when you use the code:     “jade louise designs”

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.