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My Journey with 20 Second Fitness Review Week 4- The Exercise Haters Dream Come True!

Yes, it’s that time again! It is time to report my experiences with week 4 of using the 20Second Fitness program! I had such a great impression of this program after week 1, week 2, and week 3! I’m so excited to tell you about week 4!

This week we  have something special for you! We had a few concerns voiced last week, about the program, the science behind it and how it works. So I am excited to answer those questions and explain more about how this program actually works, to put any of your worries at ease!

First of all; you need to realize, some people may make claims about this program, or tell you how bad it is or that it just can’t work; but unless they have personally tried it, you need to take their criticism with a grain of salt. If they haven’t seen and used the videos, really how can they tell you how good the program is, or how it works if they haven’t seen it for themselves? Just as you can’t say you hate mushrooms if you’ve never tasted them, you can’t say the design of a workout program is bad if you haven’t experienced it and are only going on what you’ve heard.

Second; just for your information, I am not an employee of 20second fitness. I was accepted into their blogging team in order to receive the program and use it for 6 weeks and merely report each week what I found and experienced in order to give you a better insight as to what the program is like. So that is what I focus on; what would I want to know about a program before I try it out, and that is what I try to emphasize in each weekly report. So please, in order to help me do my job right, if you have questions about 20Second Fitness; PLEASE let me know and I will do my best to answer your questions in the next week’s report, and if you have a question I don’t know (like any science terms of how the body works) I will research it and/or ask Spencer.

Now Onto the Questions!
After the concerns voiced from last week, I wrote Spencer for clarification so as not to give you any false information, so I am going to let you know Spencer’s answers as well as my own personal experience with each point.

Concern#1: Doesn’t extremely high intensity play havoc with recovery from resistance training?

Spencer’s answer: If you were doing high intensity of the same exercises and muscle groups everyday you would have recovery issues and in many cases you would become weaker from the constant muscle breakdown. With 20 Second Fitness we looked at how you build strength and lean muscle and there are two things that are needed. First you need to stress or breakdown the muscle and second you need adequate recovery. After you get past the warm up weeks of 20 Second Fitness each day targets one muscle group and the goal is to overload that muscle group. Then we give you a full week before we target that muscle group again for overload.

My experience: I will actually talk about this a little more later in my review of this last week’s workout. But this is one of the things I love most about the 20 second fitness, the amount of recovery time that each of my muscle groups have before they are over worked again.

Concern #2: Very hard, rapid movements can create musculoskeletal problems such as soreness in knees, doesn’t 20second fitness require hard, rapid movements with their tabata program?

Spencer’s answer: Injuries come as a result of doing exercises incorrectly and not listening to the body whether you are moving fast or slow. A great example of this is running. There are many runners who develop knee problems and you know why they do? They are running incorrectly. They are heel striking which means their first point of foot contact is at the heel which acts like a brake and creates a huge impact on the knee. By changing a runners cadence, body position and teaching them to be a mid-foot runner will end most knee pain in 90% of runners but that is a whole other discussion!  

As you know in the workouts I am constantly telling everyone to listen to your body especially any kind of joint pain which is something you don’t want to push through. Prior to most injuries there are little warning aches and pains where the body is telling us something is not right and we need to stop or make some adjustments but many times we just ignore those signals and try to push through the pain. When you feel an ache or pain especially a joint pain that is when we need to stop that exercise and go back to the form video and re-evaluate how we are doing that exercise and if needed take a few days off and let your body repair itself.

 Yes, 20 Second Fitness is about doing rapid and intense 20 second burst of exercise correctly at your own personal maximum intensity. 

My experience: I absolutely love the form videos that are included in the program. Come to find out, I was often doing an exercise in the wrong form for all these years and didn’t even know it because none of the other programs went through so much detail to let me know the correct form! And yes, Spencer is always saying in the videos to be sure you are using the correct form! We are encouraged to do the best and most we can, while IN THE CORRECT FORM! As long as you have the right form, the chance of injury is very  minimal.

Concern #3: Doesn’t jumping into a high intensity workout program cause knee, back and joint injuries? Don’t we need to begin intervals slowly and increase the pace only as our condition warrants?

Spencer’s answer: You need to start any exercise program slowly. I see a lot of trainers and exercise programs where the goal of the first workout is to really beat someone up by putting them through a super hard workout where the person is so sore they can hardly move for a few day. This is not good physically or mentally. Being so sore you can barely move and does nothing to motivate anyone to want to work out again.  

With 20 Second Fitness Dr. Mok and myself wanted to create a workout program that can work with any age and fitness level and we have had success with people that are in their 70’s and people that are 150+ pounds overweight. Disc X which is the first disc you watch with 20 Second Fitness goes over every exercise and shows you different ways to modify each exercise to make it as easy or as difficult as needed to fit your current fitness level. There isn’t an exercise in the program that can’t be done in a easy low impact way.

Also the first two weeks are “Warm Up Weeks”  where we are slowing increasing the intensity and the amount of overload. 
20 Second Fitness is about starting with your current fitness level and then over the coming weeks and months take lots and lots of little baby steps to increase your intensity and resistance levels as your strength and ability increase. This way you have a program that you can be consistent with and avoid plateaus. Anyone that makes at least 4 minutes a day of intense exercise a way of life like brushing their teeth will become leaner, stronger and more energized.

My experience: Like I’ve often said in the previous weeks, I love how the Husband and I are both on such different fitness levels, and yet we are both able to still have a great workout each time; because 20Second fitness has you working on your own personal fitness level. Other programs I’ve tried in the past, everyone in the video is perfectly fit and they exercise to a degree that is a challenge to THEM and expect me to keep up. I’ve had lots of injuries because of trying to “keep up” and also like Spencer said, I’ve also tried a lot programs that worked us out so hard at the beginning that I was so sore I couldn’t move let alone workout again for the next few days and it was so miserable I could never talk myself into going back to the program.

I personally loved how the 20second fitness program started with the warm up weeks. It helped you to learn the exercises in the proper form, get used to doing them correctly, and helped you get to know your own fitness level. You are encouraged to do the best you can at YOUR level; not try to keep up with those in the video. Yet it wasn’t so easy that you didn’t feel any improvement. It was the perfect “warm up” for me as I began this program. And then as the weeks went on; the exercises increased in intensity, and slowly got longer until now the usual workout is only 8 minutes long and there are a few days in the week when you will actually exercise for 12 minutes. They also have ways in which you can modify each workout to make it easier or harde
r depending on your own fitness level.

What I most love, is that this is the FIRST program I’ve ever used, and I’ve used quite a lot of them; where I have not had any knee pain! I had my knee reconstructed 10 years ago; and I’ve struggled finding a workout program that could give me results and didn’t cause knee pain ever since. But through using the proper form from the form videos, I’ve been able to build muscle, lose weight and inches and not once has my knee been the slightest sore! Sure I’ve had sore muscles, but not once has the pain resided in my knee! And I have to attribute it to using the proper form of each exercise, being able to go at my own personal best/pace instead of trying to do what the Video instructor was doing, and the long recovery time after a great workout before that group of muscles are worked again.

What I love after 4 weeks of using 20Second Fitness:

 Unique Feature #1: Ever since the introduction of the body specific resistance training, I have loved the rotation of the body specific workout. You do a complete muscle failure for each body specific location ONCE a week. This allows for your muscles to be able to rebuild themselves and recover before you begin working on them again.

In past video systems I’ve used; We would do a complete muscle failure for all the arms on Monday, Tuesday was focused on the legs, and then back to the arms on Wednesday. This never gave my arm mucles enough time to recover and I was always sore. So sore that I couldn’t stick with the programs. I would dread the workouts because I knew I would be in pain for DAYS afterwards.

But with 20second fitness, we focus on one core group of muscles once a week. On Monday this week, it was chest and triceps. On Tuesday–abs, on Wednesday it was our thighs and calves, on Thursday it was biceps, Friday was shoulder and back muscles and Saturday was an extra cardio day; where instead of a body specific workout we had 2 different cardio heart pumping sets.

I love how this program really takes into consideration not overtaxing any one group of muscles and allowing ample time for them to heal, recover and be ready for another amazing workout!

 Unique Feature #2: During each workout, you do the exercise for 20 seconds and then have the 10 second rest between exercises. What I love with the 20 second fitness program is that they have a buzzer and a bell that helps you know when to start and when you can stop. This makes it great for when you are doing exercises that have you facing away from the screen; you don’t have to strain to try to watch the TV for when you can stop. It really helps me to stay focused on my form and focus on the workout I’m doing instead of wondering, “When can I stop?” I will know it’s time to stop when I hear the buzzer!

This is also great for those who hate working out, but do it because it needs to be done, because then you don’t spend your entire workout watching that timer wishing it was over yet, but instead you can keep your eyes on your own form or on the form of those in the video and not have to worry about the time. You will hear when it’s time to start and stop.

Unique Feature #3: 20second fitness is the first program I have used that doesn’t require me to exercise a full 20-60 minutes a day to get results! Just like many of you, I’m rather busy in my days; and sometimes 20 minutes is all the time I have to spare in a given day to spend on ME. So with other programs sure I’d get my workout in, but what about my shower, or makeup or hair? With 20Second Fitness, I can get in a full workout, PLUS shower, PLUS do my hair and make up in less than 20-30 minutes! And I still get the same results in building muscle, becoming stronger and getting more fit than the other workout programs were giving me.

Unique Feature #4: I think what I really love most about 20Second Fitness is that it fits perfectly with what my mind needs! I will admit it; I really do NOT like to workout. I don’t like getting breathless, I don’t like getting sweaty, and I don’t like the pain of pushing myself to get better. But, I’ve come to accept that it is a necessary evil if I want to become fit and lose the excess baby fat still left from having my daughter join our family.

What 20Second Fitness has been able to give me is a way to get that workout done and complete and out of my way in only 4-12 minutes a day, get the results I need, and to be able to easily talk myself into those dreaded workouts.

I find if I have a full 25-60 minute workout in front of me, I am not yet strong willed enough to talk myself into even starting. But with 20Second fitness, I know it’s only 4 minutes of resistance training, and then a short 4 minutes of cardio. That’s it! So I can easily talk myself into starting and then when I reach that point mentally when I say, “I’m finished” I realize there is only 1 minute left. Just one minute! I can keep going! And I do. And before I know it, I’ve completed a full workout, and that’s a wonderful feeling!


This last week, I lost another pound for a total of 4.5 lbs since I started this program, which is quite wonderful considering 2 of those 4 weeks I dealt with minor shin splints and was not able to exercise as intense as I would have liked. I also lost 1/2 inch around my waist and a full inch around my hips! My leg muscles and biceps are taking more shape and are becoming noticeable that there is defined muscle there, and not just fat! And this last Sunday, I was able to wear a skirt I haven’t been able to wear in over a year!

Next week we have a whole new combination of workouts and I can’t wait to see what’s in store! I hope you will join us next week for our Week 5 progress report!

Don’t forget! If you are ready to get started with your 20Second Fitness  and make a change in your life; you can get free shipping when you use the code:     “jade louise designs”

Don’t forget, if you have any questions about how the program works, what it’s like, or just anything at all let us know! We’ll gladly answer any questions you have with what we have personally experienced, or if we don’t know the answer, we’ll ask Spencer for you! So Ask away!!!


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