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My Journey with 20 Second Fitness Review: A Final Note; Week 6 Report Thank You For The Journey @20secondfitness

Yes, it's that time again! It is time to report my experiences with week 6 of using the 20Second Fitness program! I had such a great impression of this program after week 1, week 2, week 3,  week 4 and week 5!

After week 5's bout with that nasty cold, I was quite eager to get back into the swing of things. Although my mind was willing, my body was still recovering from being sick. I found out quickly on that first day back on the program that my body wasn't ready to just jump right back in where I had left off.

I knew I couldn't do the full normal week 6 workouts. So instead I revisited the "Start Here" disc and found the Recovery week's workout. This is the FIRST program I've seen where they have a guided recovery week.

It is so important that after you've been working your body so hard for so long, that you allow it time to rest and recover. Many programs I've used in the past just say, "oh take a day off." But the problem with that logic is that it's one day off, in the middle of lots of high intensity 40-60 minute workouts. One day isn't enough to recover from those types of workouts. Other programs have you take the entire week off, with no workouts. The problem with these is that after a full week of not exercising, you lose the habit and it's doubly hard to ever get back going again.

So that is why I love the idea behind the Recovery week! It is a week designed with only four days of exercise. Each day of workout is only 4 minutes long, and the workout is less intense than what you have been doing for the last 4 weeks. This is a day to recover and take it easy, but still keep your body and mind in the right mindset to keep up the habit and stay fit.

In the recovery workout, you are allowed 2 days completely off, in addition to the regular day off. These days are not consecutive; but are spaced out through out the week.

As Spencer said in the program, this workout week is perfect for when you need a recovery, you've been sick and need an easy routine to stay in the habit, or for when you are just stressed out to the max and can't complete the regular workout week. You take it easy, go through the motions and merely remind the muscles what they need to be doing when you jump back in and go strong the next week.

So with recovering from being sick the previous week, I used the Recovery week to keep me going through the week. It was wonderful because I still felt like I got an effective workout, in only 4 minutes, but it wasn't as intense as past weeks, so it definitely allowed myself a chance to recover and heal, and ready to start the program over all over again the next week!

That is the wonderful thing about 20Second fitness, is once you have completed the entire program, you merely cycle back to the beginning and begin again, just minus the 2 weeks of warmup. So We started with week 1 &2 on the warm up disc. Then we did week 3, 4, 5 and 6. Then you take the following week for a recovery week, and then on the 8th week, you return to week 3, which then become week 1 and start the program over and continue on through the next 4 weeks, have another recovery week and go at the system again.

The great thing, is that each day of workout is varied just enough that it would take quite a few repetitions of the ENTIRE program before you could tire of the same thing. And by then, you will have a completely different body than the one you began with if you are diligent with the program!

I also love how this program is so versatile, it is great for Men and Women! The Husband has been here with me through the entire journey, doing it with me. This program has been a heaven send for him. He's in his upper level College classes for Mechanical Engineering. For those that don't know, this is a very taxing major, that requires long hours in class, labs and homework.

He often gets home about 5:30-6pm; we have dinner, put the kids to bed, he spends 24-30 minutes with me either talking about the day or watching a short funny tv show, or if we both missed it in the morning–we do the 20Second Fitness for that day together at night. Then he's off to do homework until 1-2 AM, gets up at 6:30AM and is out the door again by 7:45AM to do it all over again. He also has to spend about 6-8 hours on Saturdays doing homework. So for him, he was quite concerned how he was going to be able to fit in time for the gym. Physical Fitness is very important to him. He also needs it for stress relief.

The husband has been able to find what he needs from fitness activity from 20Second Fitness and it has given him the ability to fit it into his very busy schedule. I can tell he is getting an amazing workout, because even he is sweating, and out of breath by the end. And I love the fact that he actually gets sore! It's been so rare for him to use a program and get an intense enough workout that it would give him sore muscles the next day. But 20Second fitness is able to fit his needs and he was able to push himself enough that he did enjoy sore muscles. And yes, he did quite enjoy them because it proved to him that the program was working for him too.

This is the first time that we've used a program together that he hasn't complained about it being boring, or not much of a workout, or "it's alright for you, but it doesn't help me much" or that it's a "girl's" workout program (aka, too peppy of an instructor that it drove him nuts watching it).

Alas; this is our last week reporting on our progress of 20second fitness, but it probably won't be the last time you hear me talk about it.


  • I absolutely Loved my 6 weeks with 20Second fitness and I know this is a program I will be able to continue to use long term.
  • It's easy to work into a busy lifestyle. I love the shortness of each day's workout. Get up, get it done, get on with your day.
  • It has a wonderful Warm up system, that lasts for 2 weeks to help ensure you gradually work into the program without injury. This is fantastic for those that are lacking in the fitness area.
  • Yet the Warm up program still offers those with more fitness ability to still push themselves without feeling like it was too weak of a workout.
  • It is very versatile for different fitness levels. As I've mentioned many times, The Husband is much more physically fit than I am, and yet he can still get an amazing and taxing workout doing the exact same video that I am doing!
  • It allows you to work at your level and not try to push yourself to be at the level of the people in the video; especially when you are NOT at their fitness level. I hate those programs that say, "OK, now lets do 50 pushups in one minute!" That's not something I'm physically capable of doing when I begin a program, and pushing myself to that level only causes injury, or I get overwhelmed and I quit!
  • The program is great for Men AND Women a like. Very versatile. 
  • It includes form videos. These show you exactly how each exercise is to be done in order to avoid injury. Having such a wonderful tutorial at the beginning of the program really helped me to ensure I was doing each exercise correctly, so that even though I'm pushing myself hard, I'm only pushing myself as far as I can go while still holding the correct form. Spencer is always saying to never go so fast that you lose the form!
  •  It focuses on both Cardio and resistance training. You get a complete workout and Women do not have to worry about "bulk". 
  • It has a great support; you can visit 20Second Fitness' Facebook page and Twitter and ask questions and get answers and find others willing to motivate you! 
  • For me personally, this is the FIRST workout program that has NOT given me any kind of knee pain! This is a major issue for me, as I had knee surgery 9 years ago, and still have problems with my knees. Thanks to the proper form videos, and the ability to work at my own pace, I have had zero pain in my knees or joints. Sure I get the usual Soreness after a workout, but none of that pain has ever resided in any of my joints. It's always been in the muscles that were worked that day, where the soreness should be!
  • It has the ability to continually push you and make you reach your limits no matter how many times you've cycled through the program. You can always improve with this program. My husband and I still had days in week 4 and in week 5 where we'd be sore the next day because of the amazing workout the day before…and this is after 4-5 weeks of intense training! It's not one of those where once you go through it, you are fit and it would be redundant and boring and a lack of workout to do it again. 20Second Fitness fits any fitness level you improve to and rises to match.


Over the course of the program, I lost 6 lbs and  2 inches around my waist. This is along with dealing with Shin splints for 2.5 weeks and not able to the intensity that I could have done without the shin splints. This also includes the week that I was sick and not able to do as much as I would have liked. Just imagine the results you could have without shin splints or illness!

I'm quite excited to get going on my second turn of the program, I can't wait to see where this journey leads me! To paraphrase Spencer: it's not a quick fix, it's a new way to living your life! This is definitely a program that the Husband and I will continue to use.

It has been a wonderful time sharing this program with all of you! I hope you have learned a lot, and have had your questions about the ins and outs of 20Second fitness answered.

Don't forget! If you are ready to get started with your 20Second Fitness  and make a change in your life; you can get free shipping when you use the code:     "jade louise designs"

ALSO if you have any questions about how the program works, what it's like, or just anything at all just leave us a comment below! We'll gladly answer any questions you have with what we have personally experienced, or if we don't know the answer, we'll ask Spencer for you! So Ask away!!!


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Wednesday 30th of May 2012

I really enjoyed your series of weekly reviews for 20 Second Fitness. I'm seriously considering getting the program & yours has been the most thorough review I have found thanks to your weekly updates! Every other review just focused on the first week. I'm curious to know if you and your husband did cycle through again, what the results were for each of you, and if you had anything more to add about the program after going through it again. Thanks!!!


Wednesday 30th of May 2012

Thank you Robin! I really strive to make all our reviews thorough and helpful and not just an advertisement.

I started the program again, but had to stop due to developing carpal tunnel, so I'm on restrictive exercise until we can figure out how to manage my carpal tunnel better. I can do a few of the exercises in the system even with my carpal tunnel so I'm about to do a mix and match of the different exercises I can now do and put them in place of the ones I can't do and get started on this program again.

The husband has been using it in addition to a marathon training program. He isn't planning on doing a marathon, but he does like to run, so he's been using the 20 Second fitness in addition to keep up his strength but he still runs.

So, I guess you can say, yes we still use it frequently. I'm really not a fan of exercise, but out of all the workout programs this one is definitely my favorite.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.