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Top 5 Uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

I have always wanted a baby monitor. But not just any baby monitor, but a Video baby monitor. So I’m over the moon when Motorola sent me an awesome Video Motorola Baby monitor to try out for the new baby due in September! All our thoughts and experiences are our own.

Top 5 Uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

Even when we didn’t need a baby monitor for our babies any more, I still wanted one? Why? Because there are so many uses for a baby monitor beyond just watching baby! Check out these top 5 uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

5 Motorola Baby monitor uses

1. Check up on kids – At the moment our boys like to sneak out of their rooms at night and turn on the TV or play video games. And then the next day they are over tired and grumpy. So we can set up our Motorola baby monitor to keep on eye on the game room downstairs. Then we can check up to make sure the kids are not sneaking time on the TV or video games. And with the 2 way communication if they do happen to sneak out, we can communicate with them that it’s time to go back to bed.

2. Pet surveillance/safety– Our pets like to get into things in the house. We can set up the baby monitor to monitor the main living space to make sure they don’t get onto the furniture or kitchen table or counters. Or if we need to leave for the day, we can keep an eye on the pets while we are gone.

Top 5 Uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

3. Mild Home surveillance– Maybe it is just me, but I always hear sounds around our house at night. Is that someone getting in to the fridge? Who is that at the front door? And I climb out of bed and go down stairs and see nothing. So I would love to set up the Video Motorola baby monitor to view certain areas of the house at night, so at night I can just look at the monitor to calm my nerves with the odd sounds the house makes. Instead of having to climb out of my nice cozy bed and trudge down all those stairs.

Top 5 Uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

4. Kitchen Off Limits! By this I mean, my kids are always “sneaking” snacks. Especially when it is near dinner time. And then no one wants to eat dinner. So I say the Kitchen is closed, no more snacks. But I can’t stand guard against all the kids. So this would be awesome to set up the Motorola baby monitor to monitor the kitchen. And with the 2 way communication you can catch the little “snack thieves” and say “Put that back!”

Top 5 Uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

You can see Miss Jade sneaking into the fridge in this last photo. She’s short, but she’s there!

Oh come on! You know any Mama will agree that is a good use of the baby monitor!

5. Obviously as a baby monitor to check up on baby! Last but not least, we would use the baby monitor to monitor our baby! And until the baby arrives we will be using it to monitor miss Jade.

She has developmental delays and sensory processing disorder. A lot of her challenges also means she doesn’t sleep like normal kids. She is a self soother and needs to be alone in her room to calm herself down for bedtime. This means that often times she is awake until 11:00PM. No matter what we try to get her to sleep she won’t sleep until late at night. And she is also up at 6am. That means we have her stay in her room during the “night hours”. So even though she is awake, we need to stay out of her room so she can self soothe.

Using the Motorola baby monitor to keep on eye on her helps alleviate a lot of my stress wondering “What is that girl up to?” And I can even communicate with her through the monitor that’s time to get back into bed and stay there until Morning. All without me having to enter the room and disrupt her process for calming her stimulation and going to bed.

BONUS! If you have an elderly member of your family living with you who needs assistance, a baby monitor is great for being able to check in with them in the nights to make sure they are doing well, without having to enter and disturb them at night.

What makes the Motorola baby monitor so amazing is all the new features that I didn’t have available when my other kids were babies. I am so excited to be using the Motorola MBP854HD Digital Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi® Internet Viewing with new baby girl due in September! This is my first time having an actual video monitor and I couldn’t be more excited.

The new Motorola  Digital Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi® Internet Viewing features

Top 5 Uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

  • Wireless, 2.4 GHz FHSS technology enables clear signals
  • 4.3″ diagonal color screen for clear viewing
  • Touch controls for easy use
  • Remote pan, tilt and zoom
  • Two-way communication allows interaction with your little one
  • Five lullabies
  • Infrared night vision enables viewing in low-light situations
  • Local recording on an SD card (sold separately)
  • Up to 590′ range
  • Out-of-range alert
  • Sound-level indicator
  • Low battery alert

Additional features with free Hubble viewing app:

  • Wi-Fi wireless connectivity
  • View on compatible smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Remote HD (720p) video streaming (on viewing devices capable of displaying 720p)
  • Free sound, motion and temperature notifications
  • Free in-app video recording and image snapshot

I am very excited about the 2 way communication feature. That is something I’ve never had before in a baby monitor but always wished I had. The battery alert is also brilliant because I can’t even tell you how many times my baby monitors have died and I didn’t even notice.

The Video Motorola Baby Monitor has a great range so I can still keep an eye on baby while I am anywhere in our house, or even in the yard! That means I can still do gardening work while baby is asleep and know that baby is fine.

Plus it is great that it can be hung on any wall surface as long as it is within reach of an outlet to plug the camera in. Or it can be used on a flat table top. You can rotate the camera around to get just about any angle in the room!

Top 5 Uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

I’m also looking forward to using the Hubble app for internet viewing. That means that the husband can check in during the day while he’s at work and can see his baby. What daddy wouldn’t love to take a look at his new baby girl during lunch hour?

Another fun way to use your baby monitor, is come Halloween, stick it into your carved pumpkin and use the 2 way communication to scare the kids! They will think the pumpkin is talking! Now that is a great way to get some laughs!

For more information Check out the Motorola Baby monitor at ToysRUs or on Amazon.

Top 5 Uses for the Motorola Baby Monitor!

What other ways could you use your Motorola Baby monitor to benefit your home?

What is your favorite feature of the Motorola Baby monitor?

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Nancy @ Whispered Inspirations

Wednesday 29th of April 2015

I love this. I need to spy on my little dog when we are out!


Tuesday 28th of April 2015

When I had my kids, they didn't even make baby monitors yet LOL. It would have been so helpful for sure! I kind of love the idea of seeing what the pets do while we're out! They act all sad and poopy when we leave but Im convinced they throw parties!


Tuesday 28th of April 2015

What great alternatives! Video monitors can be used to watch your front door for package delivery as well, especially if in a busy neighborhood so nothing gets stolen.

Dee Mauser

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

We're going on vacation in less than two weeks and leaving our two cats behind. Our oldest daughter will be checking in on them every day but something like this would be really nice to have so we can see how they're really doing.

Donna Ward

Tuesday 28th of April 2015

HI Amber, I so wished this was around when my little guy was, well little! Now as far as my pets - everything is great when we come home and so that would be a boring spy - unless we had a cat, of course! lol

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.