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Pick The Best Mothers Day Jewelry Gift with Meaning

These Mother’s Day jewelry gift ideas are sponsored by Kay Jewelers. Opinions expressed are my own.

To me, Mother’s Day isn’t only just about ME being a Mom. It’s about MY mom. It’s about my relationship with my mom. We didn’t always have a good relationship. In fact, it was rather rocky at times.

We really struggled to get along through my teenage years. And even into my early adult years. But when we realized the reason for our butting heads was because we were so similar, it seemed to help ease some tension and we managed to find a way to get along.

But even through all the times of us struggling, she was and is my biggest hero. My Mom is my greatest role model. The person I look up to the most.

Pick The Best Mothers Day jewelry Gift with Meaning

This May, it is 2 years since she passed away. Mother’s Day is a difficult holiday for me because for me it’s all about her. My mom is my Hero. My mom is strength, faith, courage, hard work, perseverance, determination, love, and compassion. My mom is my inspiration. My Mom is my guide for how I want to raise my children.

Honestly, that’s what Mother’s Day should be for everyone. Remembering that Mother’s Day is a day they should be cherishing the mothers in their lives. Celebrate them before they are gone!

Celebrate the moms in your life! Spoil them! Get them something they really want for Mother’s Day so they know how much they mean to you!

Getting the Special Mothers Day Jewelry Gift

So how do you get something special for your mom? What all moms really want is to be appreciated. I mean really appreciated.

Goodness knows, I never said it enough to my Mom.

To be seen for all they sacrifice to raise, love and care for their family. To know that they are seen and loved for their sacrifice.

One way to show mom just how much you appreciate all she does is with the right piece of jewelry.

Sure, it may seem cliché. But if you pick the right piece, you truly can melt mom’s heart. You can’t just buy any piece of jewelry, you gotta pick something that truly means something.

It’s not about “buying Mom off”. It’s all about showing mom how much she is appreciated by picking something that will mean something special to her.

When picking out a piece of jewelry for mom, you need to think about what mom is passionate about. What are her likes, is there a particular color she likes, or a design style? Does she like fancy or does she like simplistic? These are very important things to take into consideration when picking out a Mother’s Day jewelry gift.

Picking Out the perfect Mothers Day Jewelry Gift

For my mom, you don’t go buy the gaudiest and most expensive item. No, you need something special. Something with meaning.

My mom was very big on family and genealogy. For my mom, she’d love something more like the Open Hearts Tree necklace.

Pick The Best Mothers Day jewelry Gift with Meaning

The meaning with this Open Hearts Tree Necklace would mean so much to any mom who places a strong importance toward family and would be the perfect necklace for her on Mother’s Day!

Another great piece for a mom who places a strong importance on the family is the Open Hearts “Mom” Necklace. It has a simple yet elegant design. It emphasizes her love of being a mom and showcases her pride in her family.

Pick The Best Mothers Day jewelry Gift with Meaning

For something a bit more general, for those who may not have the best idea of what mom would love this Heart Necklace with Diamond Accents would be a perfect choice.

Simple, yet still elegant and beautiful.

Pick The Best Mothers Day jewelry Gift with Meaning

For someone who is more traditional, you can always go with the classic birthstone jewelry.

For our family that would mean sapphires! See, all the girls in our family are all born in September, which is the sapphire month! sapphire is also one of my mom’s favorite stones. Sapphire is very special for me.

Pick The Best Mothers Day jewelry Gift with Meaning

And Kay Jewelers has such a beautiful collection of sapphire jewelry! Like these beautiful lab-created blue & white sapphire earrings!

Pick The Best Mothers Day jewelry Gift with Meaning

It’s all about finding that special story behind the piece of the jewelry that will tell a story to mom as to why she means so much to you. As to why that piece of jewelry reminds you of her.

No matter your mom’s style or your budget, Kay Jewelers has a solution for you! From rings, bracelets, necklaces and so much more! Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day Jewelry gift? Check out




Pick The Best Mothers Day jewelry Gift with Meaning

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