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    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity. Monroe and Main supplied a dress and allowed me to accessorize it to showcase a variety of Spring fashion looks to brighten your winter blues. All opinions are my own. 

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    How long have you been buried under the snow? For us it has been months! And it’s been so bitterly cold that I am getting a bit of cabin fever! And my wardrobe is feeling a bit drab and boring too! I need a burst of color! Queue Monroe and Main! If you remember our featuring last October you will remember that I seriously love Monroe and Main fashion! The accessories and dresses are amazing. So obviously when I need to brighten my wardrobe with some Spring fashion items, it’s obvious I would turn to Monroe and Main.

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother’s Dress

    To brighten up my wardrobe I went with the simple Knot your Mother’s Dress from Monroe and Main. It comes in five different colors; black, yellow, cherry, lime, and orange. And is available in sizes S-3X! And let me tell you this is a dress that flatters every figure!

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    The Knot Your Mother’s Dress features an empire waist and full skirt and is 38″ long for size M. It is made of Rayon/spandex and is machine washable.

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    That’s all just the typical info. What I really love about this dress are the bright colors and the variety of styles you can create with just one basic dress from Monroe and Main!

    Now like I said, I’ve been hit with Spring fever and I’ve been aching for some fresh color in my wardrobe. I love the Lime color because it really is a bright color. But not so much that it is overbearing. You can pair it with other bright colors to really brighten your mood; like a bright pink!

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    My first look features a Pink cardigan, brown belt, brown leggings, boots and a fun scarf! Being a sleeveless dress, you can wear it with or without a shrug/cardigan in the summer. Or with a nice shrug, cardigan or even blazer jacket in the colder months.

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    But maybe you think the pink is a bit too bright? No problem. Throw in a more mellow shrug and change out the scarf. Then exchange the boots for some fun brown wedge shoes.

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    But I really wasn’t so thrilled with that shrug, so I changed it out yet again. I traded it in for a black shrug, metallic belt, black leggings and black shoes.

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    Now this look was a lot of fun. As you can see the Monroe and Main Knot your Mother’s Dress can be paired with a lot of accessories to change out the look. I absolutely love the versatility of the Knot your Mother’s Dress! So many ways to style the look with one simple dress!

    Now if you are looking for something a little more classy and traditional; you will enjoy the last outfit I put together. This is my favorite look, but I’ll let you be the judge. A classic black shrug, black leggings (which can be replaced with Nylons for even more elegance), black shoes, metallic belt and chunky gold jewelry in mellow greens and blue stone colors.

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    It allows you to exude elegance while still being quite comfortable. And come warmer months, the dress can be worn without leggings, with sandals and be a summer dress! Or in the winter you can add a sweater cardigan and be worn through the cold months! If you are like me and don’t have a lot of cash to spend to buy a brand new wardrobe; simply pick out one great dress that is versatile and can be dressed up a lot of different ways!

    The Monroe and Main Knot your Mother’s Dress is definitely a perfect option when you want a lot of different looks with one simple dress! And with a price tag of only $69.95 – $79.95 depending on size; you are getting quite a great bang for your buck; if you’ll pardon my western phrases.

    Monroe and Main Knot Your Mother's Dress Spring Fashion #MMBloggerSpotlight

    Which Monroe and Main Spring Fashion outfit is your favorite that we put together?


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    You can find Monroe and Main and all their amazing fashion online
    Order from Monroe and Main

    Looking for even more ways to style the Knot your Mother’s Dress? Check out the linky at the bottom where 24 other amazing fashion bloggers have put together even more stunning looks, in different colors, styles and sizes!

    Win your own Monroe and Main Spring Fashion dress!

    I’m super excited to offer you the chance to win your own Knot your Mother’s Dress in the color and size of your choice! Just simply enter via the giveaway form below! Then when you are finished, visit the 24 other bloggers on the linky below and enter their giveaways! That’s right, you can enter on ALL 25 BLOGS that are participating in this event; to increase your odds of winning one of these fantastic dresses!

    Giveaway is now closed. See the winner/s on our Winners Page.






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    Wednesday 30th of April 2014

    this dress is very nice. the combination of the light green with the black which is the dark side of the dress is just so perfect. so clean to look and formal.

    Lily Kwan

    Wednesday 12th of February 2014

    I like the last outfit because of the contrast of colors and it looks very well put together. I would add the Giraffe Pendant to it.

    kimberly bhatti

    Wednesday 12th of February 2014

    i would love to pair the dress with the Silvertone Rose Charm Scarf.. they would go with each other beautifully


    Wednesday 12th of February 2014

    I am loving the Venice Ankle Strap wedges!

    susan smoaks

    Wednesday 12th of February 2014

    i like the Caslynn Regina Wedges with this awesome dress. i think it would look great on all body types especially mine.