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Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party; Advice from moms to moms #MompactLNO plus Give Away!

Halloween is just about upon us, and to join in the festivities I hosted my very own Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats party! It was an event where I gathered some amazing women to my home and we all shared tips and tricks that we have found useful in our homes to make being a mom and homemaker easier, more frugal, save time and money! Then we enjoyed easy treats and even had prizes for some amazing mom invented products for each of the women in attendance! So read on if you are excited to discover some truly amazing mom tips and tricks to make parenting and family life easier! 

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom tips from average moms that make family life better. 

Once all the woman had gathered, we shared our mom tips. Many were new to me, and some were old secrets I use quite often. It was such a fun experience learning from such amazing women! I gathered all their advice and compiled it for you. 

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom tips for Food

  • For easy meal preparation; always keep cans of cream of Chicken soup on hand. As long as you have this soup on hand,  you can easily turn average chicken breasts in a variety of meals in a pinch, such as chicken pot pie, hay stacks, enchiladas and more. 
  • For easier cookie decorations: mass decorate sugar cookies. With cookies lined on a cookie sheet, place a cookie cooling wrack over the cookies. Create a runny glaze in various colors. Then drizzle the glaze over the rack on top of the cookies in one direction. The cookie rack will create fun designs on the cookies. Then change colors of the glaze and drizzle in the opposite direction. Continue until you are satisfied with the cookie design. Congrats you just decorated an entire sheet of cookies in just a few short minutes! 
  • Use Dental Floss in Baking: When it comes to making cinnamon rolls or layered cakes, use simple and expensive wax dental floss to cut the rolls and cakes into sections. It slices through the dough and cake easily and a lot easier and smoother than cutting with a knife. 

Mom tips for Cleaning

  • Create your own Cleaners. To be more frugal, you can create your own household cleaners, laundry detergent and soaps. You will end up spending less in 6 months than what you used to spend in one month buying cleaners and laundry detergent. has lots of great tips for household cleaners. 
  • Clean and unclog Shower heads. The magic here is White Vinegar. Put 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup water into a Ziploc bag. with the clogged or dirty shower head. Use a rubber band to close the bag around the shower head. Leave over night and in the morning simply rinse and maybe give a light brush and it is as good as new. 
  • Remove tough stains. Simple hair spray removes pen from clothes. Simply spray, scratch and rub, then repeat until the pen disappears. Then wash in the laundry as normal. For Grease stains two different methods were shared. 1. Paint thinner. Apply generously and rub. Then wash, wash, wash. 2. Apply chalk, sidewalk chalk works well too, to the grease stain. Let sit then wash. A lot less smelly than the paint thinner approach. 
  • Kitchen cleaning: Use Vinegar as the rinse agents in your dishwasher. It cleans the dishwasher, removes hard water deposits and prevents the glasses from getting spots all at the same time. Plus it decreases drying time. 

Mom tips for for first aid.

  • To remove stubborn warts: soak a Band-Aid pad in vinegar (apple cider or white)  then place on warts. Leave on over night and within the next day it will begin to die off and heal. 

Mom tips for traveling with kids

  • Create a Travel box. This is a simple box that contains activities to keep kids entertained for long drives, plane rides or more. Have it ready at all times, so you simply grab and go when it's time for a trip. Include Dry erase crayons from Crayola (it was testing and Crayola works the best, generic brands do not) Then in a binder have coloring pages in sheet protectors. The kid can color the pictures with the crayons and then it simply wipes off and is ready for the next trip. Also include bags of non perishable snacks in lunch sacks that the kids can snack on while you travel. Include fun inexpensive toys and games from a Dollar store. Wrap some of these in wrapping paper and say they can unwrap and play with one every 30 minutes on the trip. It gives them something new to do every 30 minutes and the idea of unwrapping a surprise keeps them excited and entertained. 

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party Travel box

Mom tips for Kids and spending money

  • Create a cha-ching chart. One mom doesn't give allowance because she believes each child should do certain chores just because it is their responsibility being part of the family, such as making their own bed, their laundry and such things. The problem with no allowance, though, is that the kids are always asking you to buy them things, and they don't learn the worth of a dollar or how to budget. Thus the Cha-ching chores. It's a list that will stay on your fridge or wall. When kids want money they go pick a chore off the chart. It's first come first serve for payout so whoever completes the task first gets the money. This sometimes causes enthusiasm to see who can get the most chores done first. Less complaining. These are all chores that Mom usually does, and that Mom hates to do! I agree with my friend, definitely worth a buck or two not to have to do some of the chores around the house. They learn how to work and how to budget when they want to buy something. She was kind enough to share her Cha-Ching Chore chart with us, so I could share it all with you. 


Mom Tips and Tricks for Treats

After sharing all our fun mom tips, we moved into the kitchen where I shared some fun treat tips with my friends. I had four different stations set up that each one could visit and try out. I shared a brief demonstration and then turned them loose to try some new treats!

The first stop was the Mom tip drink station. 

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

It's been very cold here in Idaho for a few weeks now, so I wanted to share my trick to getting a lot of hot cocoa ready for multiple people at one time. I use my Electric Kettle. It heats up a lot of water quickly and keeps it warm for quite a while. I heated enough for all the guests to have hot cocoa, and it was still warm an hour later. Definitely a great tip for when you are entertaining guests. 

Another Mom tip I shared from the drink station was the fun way that we make carbonated juice. Who really wants to spend all that money on those expensive bottles of sparkling juice? Instead we have a very inexpensive way to make sparkling juice and you end up with a lot more juice too! It was a big hit at the party. 

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Onto the Mom Tip Dessert station

What person doesn't love donuts, right? They are quite delicious, but really who likes to spend all that money buying just one donut? Or who wants to spend all the time making them from scratch. This is a trick we picked up last year, and my kids have loved it ever since. Lazy Man Donuts! They were quite simple and loved by all!

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Also at the mom tip treat station, we featured how to make homemade kettle corn in a pan on the stove top. The moms were all surprised how simple it was, and yet it was very much enjoyed. 

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

And not only did they all get to enjoy fresh kettle corn at the party, but they each had a fun Halloween bag of kettle corn in their goody bags to take home and share with their family, or to keep and indulge in after the kids went to bed. 

Mom tips for crafts station

And finally we had a station for a fun Halloween craft. Well, not completely for Halloween, just a fun way to take a traditional treat and spice it up to be a fun handout for Halloween trick or treaters or even for birthday party favors! Smartie Lightsabers! If you've been following our blog, you know how popular this craft is with my own kids, and it's been very popular with our readers too. So I wanted to share it with my friends too. 

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom Tips and tricks from mom inventors

Now a party wouldn't be complete without goody bags! And boy did I have some fun ones! Since the theme of our party was Mom Tips, tricks and Treats, then what better goodies than products made from Moms for moms; that are designed specifically to make being a mom easier! We had a good collection too!

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

We also had a prize bowl. Where at the beginning of the party each mom put their name into a drawing bowl and we then drew names and they were able to select their pick from the Prize bowl. Among the prizes were the #Mompact Mom inventor products I mentioned previously. 

Mom Tips, Tricks and Treats Party

  • Diaper Buds– Vacuum-sealed diapers that take up less space. These are amazing, and great for trips. 
  • Boogie Wipes– Fantastic and gentle saline wipes perfect for runny noses, messy faces and more while on the go. I love these wipes, they are very gentle on my little one's nose and face, yet still help keep her clean even on the go. 
  • Tidytots– Disposable potty chair liners. These are fantastic for anyone potty training! Definitely helps keep things clean. 
  • Space Food Sticks– These are just fun! My kids say "oh these are SO GOOD!" I like them cause they are full of protein for an energy filled snack that kids and adults love. 
  • Penalty Pals– I absolutely love my parking pal. These are from the same creator and are fantastic as a visual reminder for when your little one needs a little time out. 
  • Label-Itz ToothBands– an easy way to label and personalize tooth brushes, reusable and a great product that my kids fought over. Literally. They can be used for more than toothbrushes too! Pens, baby spoons, pencils at school and more. 
  • Kissaboos. Kissaboos are a brand new product that are perfect for covering boo boos on little ones. It acts as extra coverage and protection for injuries in a fun wrap that kids will actually leave on! This was the first prize to be selected from the Giveaway Drawing. It is machine washable and dryer safe. 

Mom tips, tricks, and treats party Giveaway 

Now, I don't want all of you, my amazing readers; to feel left out for not being part of this fun Mom tips, tricks and treats party. So I'm excited to share with you a chance to win all of these fun Mompact mom inventor products yourself! 

Mom tips, tricks and treats party Giveaway

The Giveaway includes everything listed above from my party plus two boxes of Space food sticks, a tooth timer and a keepster. Basically everything you see in the photo above. Simply enter via the rafflecopter form below. 


Giveaway is now closed. See the winners on our Winners Page.


What Mom tips and tricks do you use often that make mom life easier? 

Did you learn a new Mom tip and trick from our party that you will find helpful? 

A special thank you to Mompact Ladies Night out, for making our mom tips, tricks and treats party possible. Products were provided at no cost to facilitate this party. However no other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% my own. 

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Marilynn and Joseph

Friday 21st of December 2012

That is so neat! It's like a book club. :)


Thursday 15th of November 2012

these are some great tips. Thanks for sharing!


Monday 29th of October 2012

I always keep Cream of Chicken soup on hand! We love Land O Lakes Hot Chocolate at our house too. Love all the tips!

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