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Managing Type 2 diabetes just got easier!

When I was growing up Diabetes wasn’t something that I knew anything about. It wasn’t until I was a senior in high school that I even heard about it. Then in the next few years it started to surface everywhere!

I don’t know if Diabetes wasn’t as prevalent back then, or if we just didn’t understand as much about it therefore it wasn’t accurately diagnosed as often. But now it seems there are far more cases appearing. In our homes and among our family and friends.

When you hear those words, it can make your heart stop, or knock the air right out of you. It can be quite overwhelming to have to change your entire lifestyle! You have to change the foods you eat, the level of activity, and you have to be diligent in tracking your blood sugar.

We have a few family members diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. It took a lot of changes in their lifestyle and eating to begin managing their diabetes. I was overwhelmed just listening to all they had to change. Let alone being in the position to be the one that has to make the changes!

Especially when we discussed about blood glucose monitoring. Many of my family who have type 2 diabetes aren’t able to have easy access to blood glucose monitoring systems to help ensure what they are doing is working. They often have to go back into the Doctor frequently for the testing. And that means high doctor bills.

Either the doctor won’t prescribe a system for them to use at home(meaning they have to keep going into the doctor for the test), or their insurance won’t cover the cost. Therefore they have to deal with the fight of trying to keep their blood sugar under control with guessing! How does that make sense?

A better way to control Type 2 diabetes!

Just recently I learned about the FreeStyle Precision Neo blood glucose monitoring system, designed for blood glucose monitoring targeting people with Type 2 diabetes.

This system is unique because both the meter AND test strips are available over the counter from a leading brand at an affordable price without a prescription or insurance. For my family with Type 2 diabetes this is a big help who experience high copays or pay cash for testing supplies.

This means they are able to monitor their glucose levels daily! This way they can see more accurately if what they are doing is helping or not. And why wouldn’t you want to know daily?

The FreeStyle Precision Neo system makes it possible for those with Type 2 diabetes to test when they need to. And you can track easily to see what is working and what isn’t in your diabetes management. Now that makes sense, doesn’t it?

The FreeStyle Precision Neo system makes it easier for our family with Type 2 diabetes to get the test-strips they need without a prescription to better manage their diabetes.

To make it even easier for those dealing with Type 2 diabetes you can download this coupon for $2 off the FreeStyle Precision Neo system!

How can the FreeStyle Precision Neo system help you or your loved ones with Type 2 diabetes?

The FreeStyle Precision Neo Blood Glucose Monitoring System is a whole new kind of easy for people with Type 2 diabetes. The super slim, lightweight meter delivers accurate results from a small blood sample. Test strips are available over the counter without a prescription. Visit to get a coupon to make that meter purchase even easier!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of FreeStyle. The opinions and text are all mine.


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