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Luxury lotions, body sprays, candles, all made by you!

A very special thank you to The Candle Makers Store for ensuring my house smells divine and my perfume cabinet is fully stocked.

After ten years of marriage, it doesn’t really faze my husband anymore when I stop in the store to smell a candle – or twelve – in the candle aisle. Most times he likes to smirk at me, but he doesn’t say anything anymore. Unless you count him muttering that I’m addicted. But I don’t count that.

And don’t even get me started on my perfume and lotions collection. Let’s just say Santa loves to fill my stocking with good smelling stuff. I’m not just a hoarder though. I actually use it all!

So when my friend called and asked me if I was interested in trying out some new scented products with her and some other friends, I was like, Yeah!! I mean, I was like, uh, yeah. Sure, ok. 😉

Make your own body splash and more!

There were three of us gals putting together some awesome kits. You won’t see pictures of me, I’m behind the camera, but I did participate. You’ll also see pictures of a rugged tough guy. He’s filling in for one of our girlfriends who couldn’t be there (darn you, flu season!).

So first of all, let me tell you about the products we put together. They all came from The Candle Makers Store. And before you click over, let me just warn you: There are so many awesome products, you’ll get lost in there if you don’t have great self-control! Set yourself a timer so you don’t forget to go feed your kids before bed. If you’re like me, you could seriously spend hours on there looking at all the great products they offer.

The first thing we did was put together some body splashes and room sprays.

Filling the bottles

Filling up the bottles with the body splash and room spray.

Next we added the fragrance. When you add the fragrance, the liquid will be cloudy. Shake it up, and when the bubbles all float away, you’ve got crystal clear body splash!

CandleMakers Shop perfume phases

Mark those puppies up with a sharpie or slap on a label, and you are good to go.

Labelling the bottles


Next, we made bath bombs.

Bath Bomb party

That one was fun. The mixture was all bubbly and fizzy. The most fun was seeing who could do the best job shaping them. We won’t tell you who won. I’ll give you a hint though. They had a mold to help. 🙂

Let’s get a better look at some of these starter kits. Each kit comes with everything you need to make a batch of awesomeness.

When I say “everything,” I mean, everything. And when I say, “batch,” I mean…well…you will have the supplies to make a lot of awesomeness! I’ll explain below.

I’m going to highlight just a few of these kits.

  • Soy Tart Kit – Everything you need to make those cool little “tarts” that you put in a warmer, which I love. I love the flameless option! One kit is enough to make EIGHT clamshells. Each clamshell holds six tarts. You choose the color and fragrance. How cool is that? With shipping, each clamshell comes out to be about $3 each. You can’t buy them for that!
  • Room Spray Starter Kit – This kit has EVERYTHING you need to create dozens of bottles of room spray and body spray. There are about 38 bottles in all. The difference is you’ll use just a little more fragrance oil in the room sprays and a little less in the body spray. (Helpful hint: Use the Amber colored bottles for room spray.) The kit comes with 4 delicious scents in 4 oz bottles. All in all, this breaks down to about $2.20 per bottle of spray. That’s pretty awesome!
  • Body Splash Starter Kit – Very similar to the Room Spray Kit, this kit comes with all the bottles you need personalize about 42 bottles of body spray! This kit comes with 4 bottles of amazing scents in 1 oz bottles. You’ll notice these fragrance bottles are smaller than the room spray kits. That’s because you use less fragrance in the body sprays, so you don’t need as much. Each bottle of body splash comes out to be about $1.70. Can you believe that?!
  • Bath Bomb Starter Kit – You’ll get all the ingredients to make 28 bath bombs – including color and fragrance. These are so fun and relaxing to have in the bath. Each bomb can be hand shaped into a ball, or you can you can pack them into a mold for uniformity. Either way, they smell amazing and work great. You’ll be spending about $1.60 per bomb. Seriously.
  • Goatsmilk Lotion Starter Kit – You get an entire gallon of lotion base, fragrances and 21 bottles to create your own luxury lotions. Let me just tell you, even the base smells great. It smells very fresh and light. My skin is sensitive to most lotions, even the expensive ones you buy at specialty stores. I used a few squirts of this and my hands were thanking me for the rest of the day. If you break down the price, that’s about $3 per bottle of luxury lotion. Let me tell you, it’s worth it!

OK, so I’m sure you’re looking at this, going, “Why would I want to make 42 bottles of body splash?” Or “Who needs 21 bottles of lotion?!”

Let me give you a few suggestions:

Girls night in! Invite over your gal pals. Put together some lotions, candles, body spray (or all of the above). Serve some chocolate covered strawberries and just enjoy your night.

Christmas gifts! Do you have an office full of wonderful women who need reminded of how much you care? Here you go. (And yes, I know Christmas is months away, but it’s NEVER too early to think of a great, affordable gift.) Make a seasonal soy tart and pass those suckers out. You’ll be the belle of the ball.

Valentine’s gifts! The big day of love is right around the corner. Who says it’s only for significant others?! It’s for love of all shapes and sizes. I can easily think of a few dozen women off the top of my head that I could gift with a nice little bottle of amazing lotion with a note telling them how great they are.

A mother/daughter activity. Is your church group looking for something awesome to do with mothers and daughters? Have a bath bomb making party! This is a fun one because you mix and shape it by hand. Moms and daughters of all ages will love that!

Birthday party. This is a great idea for tweens or teens. Get a bunch of girls together to make and take fragrances. How cool is that?

Teacher gifts – You may not have 21 teachers to give gifts to, but I’m sure you know a few other moms who are looking for great, personalized gifts for teachers too. Get together on it, split the cost, and you’re good to go. Just make sure you’re kids aren’t in the same classes. 😉

Start your own business! Really. The Candle Makers Store is set up to cater to a small business owner who needs to buy supplies for their candle/fragrance/lotion/spa business. Buy fragrances in bulk at a great price. Find every kind of bottle, jar, holder, tin you’d ever imagine possibly needing right in one place. Customize a label and you’re in business. Literally.

And, in case you were wondering, because I was, The Candle Makers Store does indeed offer men’s fragrances! You may want to take a few minutes and peruse their fragrance section. (You’ll need that timer now!)

And as a special thank you to our readers, The Candle Makers Store is offering a limited time discount code!

Just use the code BLG15OFF to get 15% off your entire order.

This code expires on February 13th – so you have four weeks to get your fragrance on.

I think I’ve narrowed it down, and I’m going to get the Goatsmilk Starter Kit. I have about a million sisters and sisters in law (ok, about a dozen is all) and this would be so fun to give away for gifts. Or just throw a lotion making party. Yes.

Happy shopping!!

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Sunday 18th of January 2015

We have a local beading store that also teaches classes in shampoo/oil making. My girls took it once and made themselves some custom-scented body lotion that they loved!


Sunday 18th of January 2015

I LOVE that this is a girls' night activity and gift making experience in one. The fact that all the supplies are provided is perfect. So much fun!

valmg @ Mom Knows It All

Sunday 18th of January 2015

Sounds like you guys had fun! I'd probably need help from a mold for the bath bombs too.


Saturday 17th of January 2015

Thanks for sharing this. It sounds like a really fun thing to make, and I like that it ends up being much cheaper than what you would buy in a store.


Saturday 17th of January 2015

I love the idea of making my own candles!!! This would be the perfect gift to give to my daughter as well she loves to make her own stuff.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.