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    Just Dance 2015 for a fun family dance party Skip to Content

    Just Dance 2015 for a fun family dance party

    As an UbiSoft Blogger, We get new Video games for review purposes so we can try them out and let you know if they are great for a fun family evening. We only share our own opinions and what we truly think. We can’t wait to share the fun that can be  had with Just Dance 2015! 

    Just Dance 2015 for a fun family dance party

    What does your family do for fun? When we have a weekend off from the usual chaos, we like to dust off the Xbox 360 and Kinect and play a game. Or sometimes we also use video game time as a reward for completing chores and homework for the week. The boys have been doing a great job getting their homework and chores done all week. And with only a minimal amount of complaining. We’re talking huge improvements over the last few weeks. So this week, they definitely earned some video game time.

    Just Dance 2015 for a fun family dance party

    But like most moms I don’t want my boys to just sit and become zombies in front of the TV. I want to ensure that they still get in the physical activity they need to stay healthy and happy little boys. That is why I love video games like Just Dance 2015!

    Get your move on with Just Dance 2015

    We already have a number of dance video games, including Just Dance 2014. So it is a no brainer that we had to get the newest one. With great music tracks and fun dancing; the entire family can get involved.

    Just Dance 2015 for a fun family dance party

    The new Just Dance 2015 features game play from 1-4 players so it is the perfect party video game. Plus it gets the kids up and moving.


        Plus Just Dance 2015 features some of the kids favorite songs such as


    • Let it Go
    • The Fox (What does the Fox Say?)
    • Holding Out for Hero
    • Happy


    But don’t think it is just for kids. Just Dance 2015 also features great song selections that adults can enjoy from artists like Maroon 5, Lady Gaga, AVICII and lots more.

    Just Dance 2015 for a fun family dance party

    Plus a feature I haven’t seen before; pairs dancing! Yep, some songs are even choreographed for you to dance with a partner to the song! So grab your special someone and work up a sweat dancing together.

    Just Dance 2015 for a fun family dance party

    Just Dance 2015 also introduces Challenger mode where players will be able to compete against their past performances or challenge friends anywhere to beat their score, even if they can’t play at the same time.

    Plus if you are a social sharing fool; you will love this next part. The upgraded Autodance™ feature records players while they’re dancing to create short, funny, shareable videos. Autodance videos are now automatically generated while you’re dancing, so you can instantly share it once the song is finished!

    Just Dance 2015 for a fun family dance party

    The new Just Dance 2015 is a great Christmas gift idea, as it would also generate hours of fun on Christmas day after all the presents are opened!


    It can be purchased from Walmart, Target, Amazon, and where ever UbiSoft Video games are sold. It comes available for the Xbox 360 w/ Kinect, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, and Xbox One.

    What hot dance song are you excited to get dancing with on the new Just Dance 2015?

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    Amanda Acuna

    Saturday 8th of November 2014

    I have always gotten a kick out of the Just Dance games! The kids all play together and get exercise at the same time!


    Saturday 8th of November 2014

    We have last years Just Dance and oh my! It is so much fun playing. Even more watching the kids play!! My youngest son (22) was playing with Ethan (8) and they were dancing to California Girls by Katy Perry... I laughed so hard I cried. Seriously great memories are made when good families dance badly!! ;)

    Aimee Smith

    Saturday 8th of November 2014

    We love this game for family parties, fun and hilarious! My kids would love that Happy is on there!

    Liz Mays

    Friday 7th of November 2014

    I'd have to practice this all by myself. I have zero ability to follow choreography, but it sounds fun!


    Friday 7th of November 2014

    My kids and I love, love, love to dance together. We have every other Just Dance game so we will totally be getting this one, as well... Thanks for sharing.,