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Internet Safety for kids with Norton by Symantec

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Internet Safety for kids with Norton by Symantec

It isn’t surprising that I remember a day long before computers and internet were available. You probably remember those days too; because trust me…I’m not THAT old. In fact I remember our very first computer that my parents brought home. I was so fascinated by the uber simplistic games. Then came the upgrades. Then game better games.

I remember clear as day when we got internet for the first time. It was such a novel idea! And waiting the 5 minutes to connect via dial up was the norm. Then Email. It was awesome! At that time; internet safety really wasn’t a concern. It was so new; we had no idea the dangers that lurked just a few years into the future.

Now; you can’t hardly function in our world without internet and computers. Our kids are learning to type years before we did. My toddler can navigate and change settings on my mobile devices faster than I can! It is like they inherited a special gene from all our long hours figuring this tech world out. And now our kids are just born with the skills!

But with this blessing of the internet; also comes dangers. As the internet becomes more and more popular and people spend more time surfing, shopping and sharing on social media; the evil designs of dishonest people increase too. It has never been more important to have proper internet safety as it is now. And it will only increase in importance as the years proceed.

Why kids need Internet Safety

So why kids? Why do you need internet safety for kids? Well often times when the kids are on the computer; they don’t know what is safe and what isn’t. They haven’t learned to distrust everything online. They can easily fall prey to the evil designs of men a lot faster than you or I can. They need to have basic rules. Here are some basics when establishing internet safety for your kids.

  • Always use Electronics that connect to the internet in a high traffic area. Don’t allow computers in Kids’ rooms. This is too much of a temptation for other issues on the internet.
  • Based on your child’s age; establish safe sites that they are allowed to visit. And make sure they understand that they are to only visit those sites.
  • Establish rules that they are not allowed to purchase anything on any site without your express permission and you standing right there to make sure it is done safely.
  • Establish social media rules. Are they allowed to become friends with strangers?
  • Set limits as to how long they can be on the internet.
  • If something questionable appears on the screen; teach them to NOT CLICK. Stop immediately and come tell you right away.
  • Again, emphasize…if you get an email, or a page appears, etc from someone you don’t know or a site you weren’t purposefully searching…DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING.
  • Install Norton by Symantec security. In this day and age; you would be daft to not have a quality internet security system.

Norton provides internet safety

Norton by Symantec allows you to protect every electronic that connects to the internet. You can rest assured that you will have a higher level of protection from Spam, Trojans, hackers, malware, spyware, viruses and much more. But not only that it can help to clean up your computer and device. It also blocks unsafe websites, keep your financial information from online shopping safe and a lot more. And offers you faster load times.

Internet Safety for kids with Norton by Symantec

When you have Norton internet security on your electronics; it helps to keep your kids safe. It adds one more level of protection to keep them from clicking a dangerous link or website.

When you use Norton by Symantec it actually gives you direct access to  Norton Family! Norton Family is a special program specifically for families as it protects kids from online bullies & stalkers. It also lets you track exactly what your kids do on the internet while they are on it. It sets automatic internet limits and timers. And monitors your kids’ mobile device activities. It is truly ideal for helping to ensure internet safety for your kids.

Basically Norton by Symantec can help you let your kids experience the good Stuff on the Web without worrying about the bad.

Internet Safety for kids with Norton by Symantec

To get started with your Internet Safety for kids; check out these Deals from for Norton by Symantec. You can also learn more from the Norton Store.

How do you ensure Internet safety for your kids?


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Monday 14th of April 2014

I try to make sure my kids are safe online, but it is such a big job. I need all the help I can get.


Saturday 12th of April 2014

I remember the old dial up times, like you said waiting 5 minutes. LOL. Internet can be a dangerous place, I share things with my kids like rules and etc. They are not allowed to be on the computer, ipad or anything in their room. We love the Norton products.


Friday 11th of April 2014

I can't imagine trying to protect kids on the internet in this day and age.

Sarah @ Must Have Mom

Friday 11th of April 2014

I haven't allowed my kids on the computer yet. My oldest is 6. It's scary!


Friday 11th of April 2014

Since my girls are teens, this is such a hot topic in our house. It's nice to have "eyes" on things we as parents can't.

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