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How to improve SEO on your blog without running a Scheme.

When running a blog, the main objective you want is people reading your blog. Right? What is the point of writing if no one shows up to read? So how do you get people to find your blog? There is of course the obvious; share with all your friends and family and beg them to share your blog around to all they know. You can also share on social media sites and hope people stumble onto you. The third way is the most energy efficient way; and that is ranking well in Google Searches which requires you to improve SEO tactics.

How to improve SEO on your blog without running a Scheme.


There is a lot of mysterious secrets that go into how Google lets you get ranked in searches. But one key feature we do know for sure is having quality SEO on your site. There are a lot of “companies” out their that claim they can get you to the 1st page of Google searches for so much money. I don’t trust them. They are known to use “under the bar” methods that can actually come back and bite you when Google updates every so often. I’m not saying all SEO Guru’s are this way. Just the ones that constantly email me offering me “too good to be true” results. So the best way is to have quality content with proper SEO techniques.

And that is what I’m going to teach you today. In an easy to understand format. Because trust me. When I was trying to figure out SEO; it all felt like everyone was speaking a foreign language! But it all comes down to picking the right keyword/s and using them in the correct spot in each of your articles. That is it.

Once I implemented this SEO practice; my pageviews more than tripled! People were finding me from Google Searches. Google organic search is now actually my #2 source for traffic coming in only a short distance behind Pinterest traffic. So I can promise you; this system makes a difference!

So lets get started!

Improve SEO for your blog

The very first step is to use Google Keyword Planner! Make sure you do this very first! Meaning you need to visit our Part 1 of How to Improve SEO; and see the best way to use the Adwords Keyword Planner and how it will help you pick the best keyword.

Implanting your Keyword to improve SEO

Now that you have your keyword selected, you want to ensure you use it in your post. There are five areas you always want your keyword to rest in your blog post.

  1. Your title (the closer to the front the better)
  2. The very first paragraph of your post
  3. Your URL
  4. Your H2 heading
  5. Your H3 heading

The title and first paragraph are rather obvious locations. I’m certain you know how to place those. Just make sure you have the keyword in your title and first paragraph. And make it flow organically and smoothly. And not be obvious that you are trying to throw in a keyword.

For instance our Freezing peaches post;  The keyword I used was Freeze Peaches. It flows easily in the title, the 1st paragraph and the URL.

How to improve SEO on your blog without running a Scheme.

A good way to improve SEO is to make sure you use your keyword inside your post naturally a decent number of times. If you only use it once, Google may think you really aren’t talking on that subject. This is where it is really important to label your photos as you upload them. Include your keyword in your photo titles and alt tags. That will help get your keyword into your post naturally.

But it also helps your photos do better on their own in Google Images search as well as on Pinterest. Because seriously who wants to pin an image with description “img5492*EKDHGU” ?? Know what I mean? It’s must more pleasant to Pin an image with a description : “How to freeze peaches without sugar!” But I digress…that is a rant for another day.

Use Headings to improve SEO

So if you are newer to blogging you may be asking “What in the world is H2 and H3 heading?” Don’t worry. The first time I heard that I was completely lost. But it is really quite simple. I’ll show you how on WordPress.

Basically H2 and H3 headings are the more BOLD and larger text in the post. But you can’t just use BOLD and increase font size to get them to work. You have to use the correct tool.

You know how in English you have to write out a map before beginning a paper? You have to have an intro, three separate and distinct ideas that support the main idea of the paper and then a conclusion. Well; H2 and H3 are like the heading for each new idea that supports the theme of the paper. They are great to use to separate ideas within a blog post.

H2 is the biggest “font” and usually you only use this once. Simply click on the box that says Paragraph and select Heading 2 for the text you want to be H2. In this blog post, you will see my H2 heading closer to the top is “Improve SEO for your blog” .

How to improve SEO on your blog without running a Scheme.

Then H3 is smaller. But still good to have at least 1. You can have a few more; but 1 minimum. For that you click on the same Paragraph box and select heading 3. And it will change the text that you have highlighted.

How to improve SEO on your blog without running a Scheme.

You can see my H3 headings throughout this post; as they help to break up the different sections of the tutorial like “Use Headings to improve SEO”. etc.

That is how you insert a H2 and H3 heading. Now to improve SEO; you want to make sure your keyword is always in the heading text. And make sure it flows naturally.

Use Plugins to improve SEO

Finally if you are on; install the Yoast SEO wordpress plugin. Seriously if you are on WordPress  you have to have this plugin! If you  have no other plugins but one; this is the one you need! Did I mention you want this plugin?

Yoast SEO plugin will help you improve SEO even further! What I have found to have literally TRIPLED my Google search traffic (all from SEO) the last 2 months is making sure that green button is green!

How to improve SEO on your blog without running a Scheme.

If you don’t know how to get it green click on page analysis to see suggestions on how you can improve SEO in your blog post.

Go to page analysis every time before you publish and make sure as many of those little buttons are as green as possible. They will help you know what can be edited in the blog post to improve SEO.

How to improve SEO on your blog without running a Scheme.

And that is all it really takes to improve SEO for your blog. It isn’t rocket science like the “professionals” want you to think. You really can improve your SEO without shelling out a lot of money!

Let’s go over it one more time really quickly! To improve SEO you need to

  • Use Adwords to select appropriate keywords with High hits and LOW competition
  • Use the KEYWORD in your 1st paragraph, title, URL and throughout the post organically
  • Use H2 & H3 in your post and have your target keyword be in those headings.
  • Always rename your images and be sure the keyword is in your image’s name.
  • Use WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin
  • Always have the SEO check button green or as much green as possible.

And that it’s! I told you it was actually a lot easier to do than you would have thought! Just make it a habit to do these few steps with each blog post and in a month or few you will see your organic traffic begin to increase. I’m not saying it will be improved by hundreds of thousands within a month. But it will increase; and most likely it will be a dramatic increase like mine was. I went from barely 5000 monthly page views to over 30,000 monthly page views in a matter of 3 months after implementing these tips to improve SEO. It works! And all without gimmichs, or schemes or paying out a lot of money.

How do you improve SEO naturally?



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What an amazing post filledwith valuable information! Thanks for taking the time!

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You'd think I knew about the H2 and H3 by now....woops! Thanks for explaining how to use those :)

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Thanks for the tips. I am slowly getting better at SEO and look forward to the rest of this series.

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