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How to save on Camping essentials with Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless

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How to save on Camping essentials with Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless

Our annual family camping trip is something I look forward to every year! It is something we also save up money for each year; because it does cost money to gather all the needed supplies. So I’m always about saving money where I can. And I am loving the new Walgreens paperless coupons that seriously saved me a lot of time and money on our camping essentials this year!

Clip to save on Camping Essentials

Our annual camping trip is coming up really soon! This is the time of year where my family and I join more extended family in the mountains of Wyoming/Idaho and spend a full week with no electronic devices and enjoy each other and Mother-nature. We all look forward to this week to unplug and reconnect. It is a full week of fun, old school games, floating down the river and just relaxing and enjoying great food and company. About this time of the year I always print off our camping checklist and start packing for camp.

My Camping checklist printable helps me know exactly what I have to pack for camp so I never forget anything. So when you are packing; don’t forget to come back here and print one off yourself so you don’t forget anything.

camping checklist printable


While going through the camping list I discover we are always short on certain supplies for camp. Usually the last minute camping essentials that sometimes often get over looked; but are crucial to have! These include things like

  • Bug spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Batteries
  • First aid kit supplies
  • Deodorant
  • Travel snacks and treats for the trip

It’s these things that tend to run up the bill for camping. Because you have to purchase them so frequently. It’s not like a tent where you make one big purchase and be done with it. And normally you need to buy a lot for a week long camping trip. So the best way to save money is by watching for sales and using coupons.

Now we just moved, and I’m new to the area. I don’t know where to find all the good coupons. And frankly I don’t have time to sit down and clip coupons, sort them, organize them and try to remember them all. Especially during the chaos of trying to pack for camp; unpack from moving and keep daily life running smoothly! So I was over the moon when I learned how to use Walgreen’s Paperless Coupons! It’s so stinking easy! And saves me a lot of time. Plus it’s all on the Walgreen’s App so no need to find a place to store the coupons either! How to save on Camping essentials with Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless

How to use coupons on Camping essentials

Just download the app onto your phone. Log in and attach your balance rewards account to your mobile app. It’s quite easy and self explanatory just looking at the app. Then click over to the Weekly ads/coupons icon. You can browse all the current sales your local Walgreens are hosting. Plus you can also see all the coupons they offer. To clip the coupon; just push the clip button! How to save on Camping essentials with Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless   That’s it! You just clipped a coupon! That is so much easier than cutting out paper coupons right? So how do you use the paperless coupons? That is even easier! Go shopping at your local Walgreens. Find all your camping essentials. They had a great deal on the OFF bug sprays, Bactine spray and even on some great snacks! How to save on Camping essentials with Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless I was really hoping to find the Hasbro games so I could use the really cool Save $8 on Hasbro game and Duracell batteries. But our Walgreens was sold out of them. Guess they were popular. Once you have all your camping essentials ready go, check out like normal. You can scan in your rewards card directly from your mobile app! Just scan that cute little barcode! How to save on Camping essentials with Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless Then ring up all your camping essentials. How to save on Camping essentials with Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless But this is the cool thing. Your coupons that you clipped via your app will automatically load onto your transaction! No kidding! It is pretty sweet. No handing over coupons. No having to scan coupons. They just load in and apply automatically!

Now don’t freak out that the coupons aren’t showing up right as each item is scanned in. It takes a minute for it to load up. And sometimes they have to push a button on the cashier’s end to say that it’s ready to accept payment now before the coupons are there. But once they push that button; your coupons automatically load for you!

When I checked out, that was the first time the cashier had seen that happen and she thought it was pretty cool too! We actually chatted about the app and the paperless coupon feature for a minute because she wanted to know how to do it herself! She loved how it saved us (the customers) time; but that it also saved her (the cashier) time as well! At the end of it all; I ended up saving over $16 by using those paperless coupons on our camping essentials! Items I had to purchase anyway. So why not save money on them right? And the paperless coupons definitely made it worth it because they also saved me time! How to save on Camping essentials with Paperless coupons #WalgreensPaperless So what are we going to do with that extra $16? It’s going toward Gas money to get us to camp! Now if only Walgreen’s had a paperless coupon option for Gas right? I could sure use some savings there!

What camping essentials would you love to save money on?

How would paperless coupons help you to save time and money?

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Andrea Kruse

Thursday 17th of July 2014

Great savings! I also don't have time to clip and frankly, in my rural town we don't have access to many of the Sunday circulars or mailbox coupons. Thanks for all your camping information. I will definitely use your checklist for my family's next trip. #client

Aimee Smith

Monday 14th of July 2014

These are great tips and deals. We always take starbursts with us to roast!


Monday 14th of July 2014

I think paper coupons will soon go the way of the typewriter. These apps are so much more easy.


Monday 14th of July 2014

That is a great bunch of goodies for camping. I love walgreens, we have one right down the street from us.


Monday 14th of July 2014

Your camping printable is so handy! I love using paperless coupons, they save me so much time and money.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.