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    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Skip to Content

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best!

    This is a Fashionista Event Opportunity, and is hosted by Still Blonde after all these YEARS and Modly Chic.

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main  #DressYourBodyType

    This last few months I have been really frustrated with how I look and feel in my clothes. It was like nothing looked good. I didn’t feel confident in anything. Frankly I felt like I was a walking fashion emergency. And I hated to look at myself in the mirror. My clothes drew the attention to all the wrong places! And then it hit me! All my clothes were for a different body shape! My body has gone through 2 different body shapes since September of last year! I started losing weight, and then I got pregnant in January and changed shapes again! And none of my clothes help me dress for my body shape! But how do you dress for your body type?

    How to Dress for your body type in 4 easy steps!

    It was a big awakening experience to realize that I wasn’t just changing inches around key places in my body. I was no longer an oval shape that I used to be before September. And I was no longer the hour glass shape I was building when I was losing weight after September. No, now with this pregnant belly and hips expanding; I’ve turned into a Triangle! And I had no idea how to dress for a triangle body type!

    Thankfully Monroe and Main has an amazing step by step process to help us all figure out our exact body shape, and then teaches us how to dress our best for our body shape!

    Step 1 Measure

    So the first step to determining your body type, you need to measure. But not just any measurement. The correct measurement! And boy was I surprised that all these years I have been measuring wrong!

    Oh I’ve done the chest and leg measurements right. But the waist? I wasn’t measuring in the right spot! What a difference that makes when determining your right body shape and picking out the right size of clothes!

    So make sure you use the awesome Infographics on Monroe and Main to be sure you measure correctly!

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main  #DressYourBodyType

    Step 2 Determine your body type

    Once you have your measurements, use the Monroe and Main choose your body shape infographic! Using your measurements you can easily determine which body shape you best fit.

    This is where I discovered that I am a Triangle now. A body shape I’ve never been before. And boy was it an eye opening experience! No wonder none of my old clothes looked good on my body anymore! No wonder I didn’t have confidence in what I wore!

    Step 3: Pick out clothes that flatter your body type

    Now that we know our body shape; we can pick out the best clothes for our body shape. Did you know that triangle shaped bodies should not use bright or lots of patterned clothing for pants? Holy cow that draws the attention to the hips! And that is the exact spot I don’t want people to be looking!

    And speaking of areas you want to minimize…that is where the miracle of the Monroe and Main Shape wear options come into play! You can get the perfect shape wear to help you minimize the areas that may be sagging, or not as perky as you would like from growing older.

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main  #DressYourBodyType

    Monroe and Main has such a great resource to help you know what types of clothing, fabrics and patterns and colors you should pick for each body shape. No matter your size, Monroe and Main has clothing that fits size 6-24 or S-3X! There is something classy for every size Woman to feel confident and beautiful!

    This has been such an enlightening experience! Thanks to Monroe and Main’s tools, I was able to learn the best colors or combinations to draw the attention away from my hips and more upwards towards my shoulders or face!

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main  #DressYourBodyType

    Be sure to visit the Monroe and Main Dress your body type infographics to determine your correct body shape and get the extra tips on how to dress your best!

    Step 4: Embrace it!
    For me, there really isn’t much I can do about minimizing my pregnant belly. I’m afraid it will only get bigger from here out until after this baby is born. that is something I just have to accept and embrace.

    So even though I can’t change my shape, I can however dress in the best styles for my current body shape. I am able to better draw the eye to features I want to shine and minimize the look of the areas I don’t want people’s eyes to linger.

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main #DressYourBodyType

    So for me; being a Triangle right now, I want to draw attention up to my shoulders and face. And away from my middle section. To do this, I need to wear colors and textures on top. Solid and neutral or dark colors on bottom.

    Bottom clothing needs to be solid or more subdued patterns. And in dark or neutral colors. Nothing that really stands out. Let the light colors be up top. Go neutral on the bottom. So the control modern pants are perfect for me!

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main  #DressYourBodyType

    Not to mention they are the most comfortable pants to wear. And add to that they are NOT maternity pants! Nope, just regular classy pants that you can wear for comfort, casual or even business attire! And they have enough of a stretch that I can even wear them with a preggo belly! The longer I can stay out of maternity clothes the better! And I love it!

    And they are the perfect length that I can still sport these adorable Zip canvas Wedge shoes. Again neutral and dark to keep the attention up top, but still stunningly feminine and complimentary.

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main #DressYourBodyType

    Now that we have my “trunk” neutralized; we need something to bring attention to the top! For that I used the  Lolita Top in Avocado.

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main #DressYourBodyType

    This top features soutache ribbons to enhance the bust and create a narrow empire waist. It draws attention away from the hips. And gives plenty of room for a wider “trunk” space. But still very flattering. And best of all, I will be able to wear it for months to come as this pregnant belly keeps getting bigger!

    I can help even more by drawing attention to my neckline with gorgeous necklaces full of texture and complimentary colors! Like the Glass bead-strands necklace options. Available in multiple colors! It is full of texture and color and completes an outfit and keeps the attention up top!

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main #DressYourBodyType


    If you follow these easy steps, soon you will be feeling more confident in how you dress. You will dress your best and look your best! No matter your body type!

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main #DressYourBodyType

    And for more inspiration you can visit the Monroe and Main Pinterest board to find more great ideas on how to dress for your body type!

    Want even more reasons to smile? How about entering our Monroe and Main Dress your body type giveaway!

    One winner will receive a complete kit including a measuring tape and a $185 gift card to Monroe and Main to select your favorite Shapewear and clothing to help you dress for your body type! You have 25 chances to win! So be sure to visit all the bloggers on the linky below the giveaway form and enter their giveaways to increase your chances of winning!

    How to Dress for your Body Type to Dress your best! Monroe and Main  #DressYourBodyType


    Giveaway is now closed. See the winner/s on our Winners Page.


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    Rebecca Brewer

    Tuesday 2nd of June 2015

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I can't wait to go shopping!

    Marnie G (Derrick Todd)

    Sunday 31st of May 2015

    Great information on how to dress for your body type. I learned a lot by this. I also learned that shapewear should be flexible and let you move easily.

    Katrina Angele

    Sunday 31st of May 2015

    I learned my once hourglass shape is now actually an oval. That's ok with me though :)

    Linda Kish

    Sunday 31st of May 2015

    Your shapewear shouldn’t be restrictive! Make sure you can breathe and move around easily, even in corsets and other strong-control shapewear styles.

    kim keithline

    Sunday 31st of May 2015

    I learned that my body type is a inverted triangle who knew