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Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

As you prepare your holiday travel this year, consider why you may need/desire a filtered water bottle or how it could make an excellent gift for someone you know. We were provided GRAYL filtered water bottles to test out and see how useful they are in our home. And they passed the test, that is why I’m sharing our honest opinion with you today! 🙂

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway 

The holiday season is the time of year when people tend to travel the most. With all the traveling have you given thought to what you will be drinking? Do you know the water quality of every hotel, pit stop, airport, country, city, or home you will visit? Can you attest that the water will not only be free of chemicals but will also taste good? With the importance to drink water, especially when traveling; it seems much more cost effective to have a quality filtered water bottle on hand, instead of constantly buying the expensive bottled water. And it also adds a lot less weight to your luggage.

The best Filtered Water Bottle- GRAYL Quest

I will come right out and say it; I’m a water snob. I am crazy about my water being clean, and free of contaminants but most importantly I want my water to taste GOOD. I have a very picky sense of taste when it comes to water. And yes, water DOES have a flavor. Ask almost any pregnant lady during her first trimester. She’ll be able to confirm.

That issue with the taste of water doesn’t go away for me. I’ve had it my entire life. I can taste when water has metals in it, or chemicals. I’m just extra sensitive to that stuff.

And most places that we travel have a lot of chemicals and nasty tasting water. So one of my top traveling accessions I have to take everywhere is our new Grayl’s Quest Filtered water bottle!

What I love about these Grayl’s Quest bottles is that they have a quality water filter built right in! You can get fresh filtered water right away. You don’t have to wait for any filtering process. And you don’t have to try to suck your brains out, trying to suck the water through the filter at the top. (Yes, I’ve tried one of those water bottles. That is just a recipe for a headache right there.).

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

But Why a Grayl’s Quest filtered water bottle?

Many plastic bottles marketed as BPA-free leached hormone altering chemicals when tested by a private lab for a Journal of Environmental Health paper. GRAYL is constructed of stainless steel that won’t leach chemicals. And it also won’t change the flavor of your water! All you will get is fresh filtered water each and every time!

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

Click to Check out how the GRAYL works.

Just fill up the outer cup, then push the inner cup down just like a french press. Screw on the lid and you are good to go!

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

It instantly filters the water right there! And now you are done! You have a bottle full of fresh and filtered water that is safe to drink! No more prolonged waiting (gravity filters), pumping, squeezing or sucking.
The TAP filtering process eliminates:

  • Chlorine & Other chemicals
  • heavy metals

The Trail bottle removes all that the TAP removes PLUS protection from bacteria and protozoan. Travel is the most protective filter as it provides all the rest PLUS defense against viruses. TRAIL Filter and TRAVEL Purifier use advanced filtration technology originally invented for NASA.

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

Many water sources where you may find using a GRAYL Filter water bottle handy include

  • shopping drinking fountains
  • Family/friends homes
  • City water sources
  • Travel- any place that you try to get water while traveling at bus stops, airports, new cities, etc.
  • Hotels
  • at work/businesses.
  • Even your own home water if you have city water and don’t have a home house filter

The Husband has been complaining about the water at work. It is only 7 miles away from our home, but he says that water is nasty. And he is NOT picky with his water. Yet he noticed he could fill up his water bottle at work and within a couple hours it tasted bad. He tried different water bottles and it was always the same. Nasty after a few hours.

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

One day he brought home the water in his water bottle to see if I could tell a difference in it. I about gagged and puked on him. It was disgusting. And since he is a health nut, he only drinks water. And this is what he drinks all day. Not good.

The GRAYL filtered water bottle was a life saver for the husband at work. I got the silver one for him so it would blend well at work. That first day he noticed a huge difference! He said that he could fill his bottle at the first of the day and it was still good hours later.

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

As part of our experiment, he filled his bottle and left it there over the weekend. To give it ample time to begin to smell and taste bad. When he picked it up on Monday morning, he said it still tasted great and fresh! No more of that nasty water! He is really impressed with his GRAYL Filtered water bottle. And now takes it to work with him every day.

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

I haven’t had too really put my own filtered water bottle to the test because I’ve been home most of the time and we have a whole house water filter that filters our water at every faucet, but you will be learning about that in a few weeks. But for me, I personally wanted my filter water bottle for when we visit family. Most of our family has city water. And their cities are known for adding a lot of chlorine and other things into their water. To me it tastes nasty, even after it has gone through the fridge filter. So I am thrilled to use my filter bottle for days when we go visit family. I can still drink water even at my sister’s house!

Plus all those times we stop off at a rest stop or gas station while traveling, I can fill it up from the drinking fountain and then filter it right there. No need to worry about the quality of the water from some random rinky dink town I have never heard of.

And another option I’m loving is when we go camping. As you know we love to camp. We go every summer. And the Filter bottles have additional filters you can purchase with your cups. The blue ones (TAP)  are great for home and city water. The green (TRAIL) filter is perfect for mountain sources and other places that would need a little more filtering. And they even have an orange international filter (TRAVEL)  for if you are traveling outside the USA and need to be even more cautious of filtering your water for safe consumption!

The great thing is also the price. The filters each last up to 300 uses (40 gallons) and you can use the same bottle and just change out the filters based on your needs. The first GRAYL bottle with filter is $49.95 and the replacement filter or additional filters after that are only $14.95-35.95 depending on which filter you want.

Why a Filtered Water Bottle is a MUST especially when traveling + Giveaway

The GRAYL would make an amazing unique and out of the box Christmas gift for

  • Teenagers
  • Spouses
  • Parents/in-laws
  • Camp enthusiasts
  • Travelers
  • Preppers
  • Teachers
  • lots more!

If you are interested in trying out a GRAYL filtered water bottle, make sure you take advantage of this great Black Friday/Holiday deal! From November 28- Dec 2, 2014 you can get 15% off plus free US Shipping with code GIVETHEGIFT when you shop at TheGRAYL.
You can also find GRAYL on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Enter to win your own GRAYL!

  • Prize: 1 GRAYL bottle with TAP filter
  • Open USA Only
  • Enter via the form below- not following instructions on form could disqualify entries
  • Giveaway ends December 11, 2014 (Item MAY not arrive in time for Christmas)

How would you use the GRAYL Filter water bottle to better your drinking habits?

Giveaway is now closed. See the winner/s on our Winners Page.

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Thursday 11th of December 2014

This would be so great for traveling. As a scuba diver I go to Mexico and the Caribbean a lot, and I could finally drink non-bottled water if I needed to!

Jake B

Wednesday 10th of December 2014

I would take this to work, thanks for the great giveaway.


Monday 8th of December 2014

I would definitely take this with me whenever I was going to be out for the day because I hate water fountains and try to bring my own water with me. This bottle is much easier.

danielle Marie

Thursday 4th of December 2014

i would take it with me on hikes, or to work. our work water is terrible.


Sunday 30th of November 2014

I love this product, I am very finicky about my water - flavor is a must. I like it to taste fresh, not stale or as if there are other things in it, this bottle will be a great addition to my home! Thanks for sharing!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.