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This last October, I was able to post a few things on my favorite topic, including hauntings and the supernatural and historical murderers and it was fun sharing my first findings with you. Next year I promise to have more research time behind me to give you a more comprehensive list. These first posts were always meant to be the catalyst of giving you a trick or treat (emphasis on the treat) for all of our followers here. What I’m offering as you surrepticiously knock on the fishsticks from beyond door is two unique short stories that are kicking off a new platform for me.

Let me introduce you to the world of Manny Williams.

Ten years after the zombie apocalypse, the world is trying to put itself back together. The dead have been mourned, cities were burned and order was restored… after a fashion. Store owners put their open signs up, the freeways opened back up, and the government began its processes all over again, despite everyone’s best efforts. The world feels as if it has just survived a war. Some things have changed, however. A lot of technology failed with the infestation, the world’s economies crashed. No one quite feels safe on the streets, and the undead can still be found, straggling out from the wilderness or the slums of Manhattan, ready to begin anew the plague that threatened to finish humanity on the face of the earth. To answer the call, a new career path was opened to the soldiers who survived the apocalypse. They are classified under Zombie Exterminators but the world calls them Horsemen.

Word to those concerned with the content: The language is pretty tame (maybe one or two TV-friendly words), the grotesque nature of most zombie apocalypse-themed stories is toned down (but I can’t put a lid on your imagination, so that’s up to your discretion) and there are no adult themes in any of my stories. Designed as a thinking man’s zombie apocalypse thriller, I hope you enjoy these two first looks into Manny William’s life as a Horseman.


Our Mother of Mercy Job


Suerte de Mendigos job

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