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Forever Mom: What to Expect When You’re Adopting #NationalAdoptionMonth #ForeverMom

As you know, adoption is very near and dear to my heart. So when I heard about this book, Forever Mom: what to Expect When You’re Adopting, I thought, “I must have that!” Really. That’s almost a direct mental quote.

Forever Mom cover high res

When it showed up on my doorstep – literally – I was thrilled!

Forever Mom Adoption book

I sat right down and started reading. And immediately after that, I grabbed a box of tissues. For two days I carried it with me everywhere. I made my husband mute the game, repeatedly, so I could read him passages. I got through a few of them without getting emotional. But not many.

Forever Mom Book

There are so many good things I could say about this book, for starters, don’t you LOVE the modern yet classy look of the cover? The inside is just as purty. Anyway, I’ll just quickly tell you a few things I loved about this book.

First, I’m a pretty religious person, so I loved how religious this book was. My heart was touched over and over as I read Mary’s beliefs and mentions of God’s love for us as parents and especially for His children. It was beautiful to me. Just be aware, author Mary Ostyn is a Christian woman and proud of it. Again, I absolutely loved that aspect of this book, but I know others would appreciate a little warning.

Second, My son was adopted domestically (in the United Sates), and didn’t spend a single second in foster care. All of Mary’s children were adopted internationally, so they had foster parents and different situations. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to connect with much of the material for this reason, but my worries were unfounded. There is so much in here for everyone of every adoption situation to relate with. For example, we learn how to begin adoption, what resources are available, attachment and loss issues, helping babies and toddlers settle in, dating your spouse in the midst of all the craziness, and finding strength when you feel overwhelmed or inadequate. Just to name a few.

I can’t tell you enough about this amazing book. If you are thinking about adoption, if you’ve ever adopted, if you know someone who as adopted, if you’re curious about adoption and what it entails, if you’ve ever heard the word “adoption,” READ THIS BOOK.

The end.

Ok, not the end. To learn more about the book, go to or Mary’s blog at You won’t be sorry. Forever Mom: what to Expect When You’re Adopting was released November 4th, in commemoration of #NationalAdoptionMonth. Check out the website to see where you can purchase it.


Here is a Q&A with author Mary Ostyn.


1 – Why did you write Forever Mom and what do you hope it accomplishes?
My greatest hope is that this book will equip and encourage adoptive moms. Too often people think that once a child has a family, all his hurt goes away. For many children it just isn’t that simple.

2 – Why is this book important and relevant in today’s culture?
Many Christian families these days have heard God’s call to care for orphans, but want to educate themselves before leaping in. Others have already taken that leap, and want to parent in the best, wisest way possible. I wrote this book to equip mothers for this amazing adventure.

3 – How is Forever Mom different from other books on adoption?
Some adoption books these days focus the how-to-adopt aspect. Others cover adjustment issues from a clinical perspective. As a mom of many children adopted at different ages, my perspective is very much in the trenches: realistic, compassionate, and encouraging. I also tried to make it clear that I’m far from perfect. In the book I share my mistakes right along with my successes.

4 – Who do you think will benefit most from Forever Mom, and why?
The mom I held closest to my heart as I was writing was one who went into this great adventure with a ton of hope, but is now feeling tired and a little worn around the edges. She’s wondering if she has what it takes to parent this precious child, who may be more wounded than she expected. She sometimes feels alone on this journey. I pray this book will embrace her, equip her, and encourage her to move forward with hope, always remembering that the real source of hope and healing is Jesus.



What is something you’ve wondered about adoption or the adoption process?

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