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Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

This support to find common ground with kids is part of a sponsored post written in partnership with Lunchables Organic. As always, all opinions are of my own.


There are many times in life when parents and kids just don’t see eye to eye. Nothing reminds me of this more than back to school! Talk about a clash of the personalities and personal tastes between myself and my kids!

We have to debate between styles of clothing, shoes, the length of clothing I think is appropriate for school versus their favorite shirt that is now looking rather ragged. We even have battled over their hair!

Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

I mean we can’t even agree on the hair cut style!

My boys prefer very minimal and basically a non-existent style. The less effort on their part the better. If I let them, they would literally roll out of bed and go to school with their hair sticking to high heaven, and not in an appealing way either.

Miss Jade and I battle over whether or not, I, in fact, need to actually brush her hair every single day. I say yes. She is of the opinion that brushing is over rated and it doesn’t need to be brushed every day.

I have to know when to choose my battles and when to let it go. I know they are growing up and they have to have the room to choose and develop their own likes and style. But at the same time, they need to look decent and not as though they are ragamuffin orphans walking into school.

Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

So we try to find common ground.

Here are some tips to help bring peace and compromise when preparing for Back to school.

Find common ground for the Hair:

I get to style their hair for the first day of school, school pictures day, and other important event days to make a good impression.

They can style it to their choice all the other days (as long as it is in fact brushed and doesn’t look like they just rolled out of bed).

Find common ground for Clothing:

They can pick out most of their clothing styles, as long as I feel it is appropriate for school. Which means

  • It doesn’t look ragged or worn out
  • Is modest
  • Fits appropriately (not too small, too tight, or too big to cause issues)
  • Does not contain any messaging that is against our family values (thankfully this hasn’t been an issue yet, but it’s still part of the rules because I believe in being preemptive).
  • Follows the school dress code.

Find Common Ground with Lunchables Organic:

Thankfully, the one area we can agree on is snacks. I know full well that when they get home from school they will always be hungry. So I always stock up the fridge with foods both mom and kids can be happy with.

Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

I need something that will satisfy the kids until dinner time. Something that will give them that little extra oomph in the day to help them be motivated to finish off their homework. And something that the kids will like.

Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

That is why I’m relying on Lunchables Organic to help our family find common ground for our afternoon snacking needs after school.

Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

They come in two different flavors to please each of my kids, Lunchables Organic Pizza with Pepperoni and Lunchables Organic Extra Cheesy Pizza.

Lunchables Organic brings all the flavor of my kids’ favorite Lunchables products, are USDA certified organic and are free of artificial preservatives, flavors or colors* to make mom happy.

Lunchables Organic are easy to pack up for a fun day at the park, or an easy picnic outside on the last few days of summer before school starts.

Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

You can easily toss them into the school lunch box, or stock in the fridge for an easy after school snack to enjoy while doing homework.

Plus they are easy for kids to put together in their favorite method. No matter how they prefer to each their Lunchables Organic. Even if they prefer to eat it as a sandwich, where their brothers eat open faced pizza!

Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

This is one area where it is OK that their preferences are a little different!

You can find Lunchables Organic at your local Target, Kroger, Meijer, select Albertsons and Safeways!

Click HERE to give them a try NOW!

Tips to Find Common Ground with Kids

Which Flavor of Lunchables Organic would your kids enjoy?

How do you find Common ground with your kids?

* See back panel of any Organic Lunchables item for ingredients used to preserve quality.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.