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Dr Cocoa to End the Cold and cough Medicine battles!

Have you ever struggled to get your kids to take cold or cough syrups? I can’t even tell you how many outfits have been soiled, sticky messes I have cleaned up, or been puked on all during the battle of getting my kids to take their cold or cough syrup! If my kids don’t like the flavor, it is pretty much pointless to try to get them to take the medicine. All that results is a 10 minute battle, with a syrupy mess smeared all over my kid, myself, the floor, our clothing and only about half the dose INSIDE the kid! Can you relate?

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a cough syrup cold medicine that kids actually liked to take? Maybe one that tasted like Chocolate! Now that would be novel right? A cold medicine that tasted like chocolate! We’d have no trouble getting our kids to take that dose of medicine right?

Dr Cocoa- a Chocolate cold medicine!

Would you believe that there actually is a kids cold and cough syrup that does taste like chocolate? No kidding. I didn’t believe it at first either until I saw it and tried it out!

Dr. Cocoa™ for Children offers a new option. It’s the first-ever chocolate flavored cough and cold medicine line for children. And with its soothing formula made with a combination of effective ingredients and 10% real cocoa for a real chocolate taste, Dr. Cocoa™ helps parents fight the cold and not their kid(s) when it comes time to give them cough and cold relief medicine.

In a new national survey of U.S. parents of school-aged children (ages 4-13), 40% say that they find it isn’t always easy to give their child(ren) over-the-counter liquid cough and cold medicine. Of those surveyed, one third of parents believe the taste of the medicine impacts how easy it is to give their child the medicine.

It certainly impacts my kids and them getting the right dose of medicine. So I was thrilled to see a new option!

We always keep cold and cough medicine on hand at home. Because you never know when a cold or cough will show up. Especially during the months the kids are in school! “Cold season” is generally considered to last from September to April, which coincides with the months that children are in school.

Last night I was extra grateful I had some Dr Cocoa on hand! Late at night and my kids decided to not feel good. One with a cold and another with a persistent cough. Time to put the medicine to the test!

And being one that doesn’t like to use more medicine than necessary, I’m glad that Dr Cocoa comes in three varieties:

  • Cocoa™ Long-Acting Cough Relief: relieves coughs for up to eight hours without causing drowsiness in children ages 4-13 (active ingredient: Dextromethorphan).
  • Cocoa™ Daytime Cough + Cold Relief: relieves stuffy nose and cough for children ages 4-13. Its non-drowsy formula makes it ideal for daytime use (active ingredients: Dextromethorphan and Phenylephrine).
  • Cocoa™ Nighttime Cough + Cold Relief: Made especially for children ages 6-13 to relieve coughs, along with stuffy nose, runny nose and sneezing at night (active ingredients: Diphenhydramine, Phenylephrine).

As always Follow the package label for exact dose by age, or speak to your child’s pediatrician.

So I picked the appropriate Dr Cocoa medicine for each kid and braced myself for a battle. The first kid always sets the precidence for the next kid. He was tentative at first. Knowing that cough medicine always tastes nasty. He barely touched his lips to the medicine. Then licked his lips. And he had the most shocked face ever!

“It tastes like real chocolate mom!”

And he immediately took the entire dose! Without a struggle! No joke.

So the next kid followed suit! Not one drop was spilled. Not an ounce lost!

And seeing as I ended up with a tiny drop on my finger I decided to double check and licked my finger. Yep. It tasted just like chocolate. I was surprised. I was expecting a chocolate hint but still a medicine type flavor. Nope! No medicine after taste. Just chocolate. No wonder my kids were thrilled to take their medicine last night!

I guess I can say goodbye to medicine time struggles and say HELLO to happy kids and no more medicine battles!

If you are tired of the medicine battles in your house, I highly recommend you give Dr Cocoa a try!

Cocoa products are available nationwide at stores, as well as online. For more information visit Dr. Cocoa™ online

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Has the taste of the liquid cough and cold medicine has been a factor in the past for your kids?
Has it been a challenge to get your school-age children to take other liquid cold and/or cough medicines in the recent past?
How could Dr Cocoa help you and your kids during Cold season?

Cocoa products are FDA regulated medicines and should be used only as directed and kept safely out of reach of children.

How many colds does your child(ren) come down with during the school year?

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that may contain affiliate links. However, all opinions, text and experiences are my own, enjoy a brief glimpse into Dr Cocoa and the end of our medicine battles!

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Visit for a $4-off coupon offer.

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. However, all opinions, text and experiences are my own.

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