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DISCOVER Europe, one photo at a time.

What One place you would like to Move to or Visit?
 Can you think of it right off the top of your head? 
For Me, this is easy. I’ve been missing it ever since we moved away!

 Well, basically All of Europe! But mostly Germany. We still have friends that live over there, and I miss the food, the culture, the architecture, the people, the language, the scenery (always GREEN) the SHOPPING and the Autobahn! haha.

But let me SHOW you just some of our adventures from Europe during the 3 years we lived there with the US Army, so you can SEE why I miss it. Also included are some nice views of Paris, France. You can’t go to Europe without going to Paris!

My little Bavarian Boys.
Typical Scenery in Germany
Typical Forest.
Little Village along the Mosel River
Electoral Palace in Trier
Typical Architecture in Towns (Rottenburg Germany)
Little Shop in Rottenburg, Germany
Rottenburg still has the old Castle like wall fortress around the city from hundreds of years ago.
Rooftops of Rottenburg, Germany. YES, this is where they filmed part of “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”
Display in the Kriminal Museam in Germany.
Near Garmish Germany, Those are the ALPS
ALPS on the boarder of Germany
Eifel Tower
Eifel Tower At Night from a River Boat.
Notre Dame
My Next question is,

After seeing my pictures, who Else wants to go to Germany and Paris now? haha.

But really, where do YOU want to go, and why? I’d LOVE to know.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.