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Day Of Service, can it really make a difference?

This last Saturday our little neighborhood participated in a “Day of Service”. It was a wonderful event! The idea is everyone gathers together with the intent to serve others. Those that had yard tools brought them along to help those who didn’t have any.

It was organized by our church as they knew better what individuals needed vs what say one person could know on their own. They provided a breakfast for everyone at 8am. After which they had a list of different locations in our little Neighborhood that could benefit from some help; people volunteered for the different jobs and we all split up and started working.

The Things that were accomplished:

Some women washed the outside of the Church windows to make it look nicer.

Other women and Young Teenage girls helped watch all the Little children of the other people who were busy serving in other areas. While at the same time cleaning and disinfecting all the toys inside the church.

I helped another women repair the lace on table cloths that our church owns, that had begun to come apart.

Other people from our neighborhood went around to pick up trash along the road

My Husband was a part of Different groups that went to different homes helping to trim lawns, mow lawns and weed gardens, flower beds, tall grass that needed to be trimmed, etc etc.

Others who had trucks drove around picking up lawn trimmings, and old items that needed to be taken to the dump.

Another group went around gathering up items that people no longer wanted and delivered it all to the Thrift store in our Area.

Over all, it only took a few hours out of a Saturday Morning, but with the entire neighborhood participating a LOT was accomplished.

Now you may think, “Oh, that was nice, but was it really worth all the effort?”

The Answer is an astounding YES!

As one who was serving, it provided a wonderful feeling that I just can’t describe. Knowing that you are helping others who could not accomplish the task on their own, or maybe COULD do it by themselves but it would take a lot more time and effort… it is a gift!

Overall, our neighborhood looks cleaner and better kept.

And then as one who was also SERVED. I can’t tell you the feelings of Gratitude I feel in my heart for those that came and helped in our yard! One group edged our Grass, to make it look nicer! We do not have any tools to do this. This was not something I could have done on my own. Now every time I walk in my driveway and see that the grass is no longer growing over the cement and know how much easier this will make snow removal in the winter, I get a wave of gratitude for the help I received.

Another Group of young men came and weeded my garden! I have been kept so busy with work and my daughter, that the only time I can get out to my garden is when she is napping, and that is also the only time I am able to do a LOT of other work, so sadly my garden was neglected while I kept up on the cleaning inside my home. But to have those young men help, saved me probably a week’s worth of work and a lot of lower back pain! And it looks AMAZING! The Weeds and grass used to be so Thick, you could not see ANY of the dirt, and the weeds were nearing waist height. Now look at it! I can actually see the REAL plants!

Our Garden Plots

So yes! it was Definitely Worth the time and effort. I highly encourage you to either participate in or help organize a Day of Service in your area and see the amazing results for yourself!

And as always, I’d LOVE to hear all about it! I love reading your comments below!
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.