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Create the Good, Honor Those Who Love

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Create the Good. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was a little girl, my parents worked their tails off to provide for us five kids.

Now I’m a grown up. I’ve got two beautiful children, whom I love very much. But they wear me out and keep me on my toes. How did my mother do it all those years ago?

Well, she’s doing it all over again. When most people my parents’ age are settling down into early adulthood with their kids, or even enjoying their grandkids, my parents are starting all over. A second round of kids showed up (through the miracle of adoption), and now my parents are parents are chasing little ones in diapers. I remember vividly, my dad standing up slowly and saying, “Do this while you’re young.”

Now, my parents aren’t geriatric. In fact, they started their family while they were quite young. But even I – in my early 30s – am starting to feel some serious changes in my body. Like slowing and creaking and aches that didn’t plague me 15 years ago.

So you think about my parents being 20 years older than me, chasing after toddlers, taking boys to Tai Kwon Do and preteens to boy scouts, going to school plays and finding matching shoes in the morning.

They don’t get a day off. They don’t get holidays, nights, weekends, or sick pay. They still parent, even when they’re sick. Often they have to choose which activities they will go to. And picking a soccer game means they’ll miss an art show. Or picking a ballet recital means they’ll miss a band concert.

They’re on duty for nightmares and morning melt downs and after school ear aches. It’s wearing on anyone. But my parents are doing it in the years when life should be calming down.

Oh yes, and I forgot to mention that the four youngest have varying degrees of special needs.

And why on earth would they put themselves through the struggle of raising children when they’re no longer spring chickens? (I love you mommy!!!)

That’s just it. Love. My mom now mothers 10 beautiful children because of love.



It is with love that they’re teaching the rising generation about courtesy, respect and manners. It’s out of love that they sacrifice opportunities to be a grandparent because they’re still parenting. It’s because of love that they can’t take early retirement or week long vacations. Heck, they don’t get a vacation period!

This is the act of caring. Loving. Giving your everything for someone else. Day in, and day out, with no expectation of recognition or reward.

Parents aren’t the only ones who do it! Teachers, special needs aides, coaches, those caring for their elderly relatives, nurses, first responders, and so many more. (My kid’s school crossing guard comes to mind!)

When you think about the number of people who serve those around them just out of the goodness of their hearts, it makes the world feel like a better place. Hope in humanity is restored.

But what if there were a way to pay back those who give so much by caring for others? What if there was a way you could recognize someone you know and love?

Let me tell you about a very special opportunity to do just that through Create the Good. From now until November 25th, you have the chance to thank those that mean so much to so many. With the 25 Days 25 Ways to Care contest, now is your chance!



Simply create a video nominating someone else, and explain how they’ve made an impact on you and/or their community.

Upload it to the 25 Days 25 Ways to Care contest page (after reading the Contest Rules, of course).

Winners are drawn randomly once every day for a gift card to go to the person nominated (not the one who entered the video). The grand prize winner will receive $2,500 toward their favorite charity!

Want your nominee to win? I want your nominee to win, so I’m going to give you a few pointers.

Share your video on Facebook and Twitter to increase your odds. Helpful votes increase the nominee’s chances!

The grand prize winning video will be selected by a panel of judges from Create the Good. They’re looking for 2 main things: a creative video and the nominee’s impact on others.

Your video quality is super important! Watch this short clip to help you out.

So remember, it needs to be over 60 seconds long, have good lighting, and be visually appealing. Speak clearly, and be creative! Have fun with it. This is a labor of love for you because of those who labor in love for others.

Who will you nominate?

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Maura Snyder

Monday 21st of November 2016

I love this so much! I have so many I want to nominate!!!!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.