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Comortable Vintage Style Womens Shoes with #EarthFootwear

Wouldn’t you love to have comfortable vintage womens shoes? It seems an unattainable feet. At least until Earth Footwear graciously sponsored today’s feature by supplying me with my new favorite pair of Vintage style womens shoes. Thank you! All my praising is all my own. 

Comortable Vintage Style Womens Shoes with #EarthFootware

Not many people know, but I had reconstructive surgery on my knee when I was just 20 years old. Everyone in my family was genetically doomed with bad knees. The Doctor said my knee cap didn’t have any tendons connecting my knee cap to the rest of my leg. Thus why it would float around and often end up in the back of my leg. Yeah, a little gruesome. But you weren’t the one that had to see it!

So we had surgery and he reconnected the tendons and cleaned out a lot of bad cartridge. He told me I was destined to have arthritis in my knee and would have to be careful in future activities to ensure I didn’t injure my leg again. I had no idea that also meant limiting my fashion choices.

During each pregnancy I had to put my heals away. I just couldn’t walk in them any longer. And now years later I find I still struggle. If the shoes aren’t comfortable on my feet, then usually my knee begins to protest shortly thereafter and causes a lot of issues. So fashionable shoe selections have been limited and I found it a bit difficult to find adorable womens shoes that were stylish and still comfortable.

Comfortable Womens Shoes

So when I find a great brand that works well for me, I become rather loyal. Earth Footwear is one of those brands I’m very happy with and building a bit of loyalty. I can’t even begin to express how much I love my newest pair of Earth Footwear shoes!

Earth Footwear is a modern collection of smartly styled casual footwear, is made for real women and their real lives. They combine contemporary styling with uncompromised comfort to create a collection that brings a refreshing new twist to footwear–letting women look and feel their best when they’re on the move.

They just recently released their Fall/Winter line and they are so gorgeous! And best of all, most of them are under $100! Each shoe features a cushioned footbed for all day comfort with a padded heal area to displace shock, a reinforced arch support to stabilize the foot, and multi-density latex cushioning layer for extra support. It combines contemporary comfort, style and everyday value.

Comortable Vintage Style Womens Shoes with #EarthFootware

I instantly fell in love with the The Wanderlust! It has a unique vintage look to it that I just adore. I mean I love the Vintage looks from the 20’s and 30’s. And the Wanderlust fit perfectly.

It sports a great heal that is high enough to give your legs a slimmer, longer look. But not too high. I can still walk very easily in these even with my knee conditions that make walking in heels very difficult.

Not to mention a good traction on the sole. With the colder months coming and the impending snow, having SOME traction is a must in my dress shoes. I don’t need to be falling on ice any time soon.

Comortable Vintage Style Womens Shoes with #EarthFootware

The Wanderlust is inspired by the timeless mary-jane but made entirely new with beautiful pleating details and a peekaboo t-strap that add a fresh note to this worldly style.

Comortable Vintage Style Womens Shoes with #EarthFootware Comortable Vintage Style Womens Shoes with #EarthFootware

How could you not love these shoes? They are definitely one of my favorites and will be getting a lot of visual time every time I dress up. I place high value on Comfort and style that blends seamlessly! You will most likely see them debut more in future fashion posts to help complete our newest outfits as well.

Be sure to follow Earth Brands on Twitter, Pinterest and sign up for their newsletter to stay current with their latest products and deals.

How do you find comfort and style in womens shoes?


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