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It's all about FOOD- Comfort Foods that is.

My Favorite Comfort Foods and WHY

 I LOVE my Comfort foods. I love the taste and textures. The way things melt or refuse to melt in my mouth. The aroma!…OH my goodness..I just know I”m going to have to go have a snack after I’m done writing today’s blog. And PLEASE forgive me, if you end up with a wicked Craving for something I mention. Food is contagious!
These foods are in No particular order, each and every one of them is a Major Weakness for me!
ONE: Popcorn

I LOVE Popcorn! There is just something about the texture and taste that is so addicting to me. I’m talking about the “old fashion” kind, not the new Microwave popcorn. I love it air popped or cooked over the stove. The kernels are puffy, they have a unique flavor and of course, we use REAL butter! But I’m more of a Salty Person, so of course it has that there too.

I love to sit down after a long day with a big bowl of popcorn and my comfort food #3 (Dr Pepper) and curl up with a good book or watch a good movie with the husband. It is relaxing and enjoyable, and something my husband will actually eat WITH me (he’s kind of a health nut) if we don’t add too much butter.

The ONLY problem with popcorn is that it’s not something I can snack on while I crochet. It just doesn’t work, because it does get your hands greasy and dirty and that’s not something I want on the crafts I create.

Two: Chocolate
I’m a Women….
I love Chocolate…
Do I really need to elaborate here? lol.
I think EVERY women loves chocolate. The one thing I miss though is the European Chocolate! I can find some of it over here in Idaho, but not my favorite kinds. My Absolute Favorite Bar was discontinued back in 2010. I think I shed a tear over it. Have you Tried any of Ritter-Sport’s Chocolate? Seriously one of the Best chocolates I’ve ever had (next to the Belgium, and Finnish Chocolate truffles). My Favorite was the Coconut bar, which sadly didn’t perform well enough in the Worldwide market. What I love most about the European Chocolate which is different than the American chocolate is the texture. It is seriously like putting chocolate SILK into your mouth. It is very smooth, not gritty. The taste is intense but not overpowering. And if you like Dark chocolate, a little goes a long way.

Three: Dr Pepper

Yes, I’m writing about Dr. Pepper again. Remember I told you on Day 2 how I have a Love/Hate relationship with it? I love it….It loves my hips & waist…..and that part I hate. Haha. Dr. Pepper is my Nemesis that I can’t get rid of. I honestly don’t know what it is about Dr. P that is so completely Addicting. It’s not the caffeine, because I’ve tried to substitute other caffeinated sodas, for the sole purpose of seeing if it WAS the caffeine I was struggling with. To no avail, all other sodas crashed and burned. It was the unique taste and carbonation level of the Dr. Pepper.

I Think it has the perfect level of Carbonation, but you have to get it in a plastic Bottle and not the can. The can doesn’t have as much carbonation as a Fresh single serve bottle. The 2 Liter bottles, they mellow out too quickly.

The hardest part, is, I know it’s not healthy for me. I know it’s not going to help me lose any baby weight, but at the same time, I’m not ready  to say “Ciao”  just yet.

Four: Cheesecake

For those of you that have been Following us on Facebook you know I’m VERY picky about my Cheesecake. I think it is a trait I inherited from my Father. He only liked one kind of cheesecake so that is the only kind my mother made my entire life. I was 21 before I found out people actually BAKE Cheesecakes! And boy oh boy was that a SHOCK! I had ordered the cheesecake in a restaurant, and when it came out, it was NOT my mom’s cheesecake. When I tasted it I about fell out of my chair…the texture is COMPLETELY different. Now, I’m not saying it is bad and disgusting, but for someone who’s never had anything but my mom’s no-bake cheesecake her entire life, and to order a cheesecake expecting one thing and getting something completely different, it was very hard to taste the good in it. I was disappointed.

Just so you know, my FAVORITE cheesecake is NOT baked, and is quite simple to make. My husband says it should be called a “cheese PIE”. I’ve posted a recipe on our Facebook page here: Cheesecake Recipe and will probably do a spot on it in the future here on the blog.

Five: Home made FRESH salsa and chips. 

Even though I’ve already covered this in our Fresh Salsa Tutorial  but it is one of my favorite snacks. It rates in the same category as Popcorn and fits the bill for when I want something Salty (the tortilla chips), but not buttery. Our entire family Loves salsa, but my favorite is the Fresh kind that isn’t cooked at all. It is like putting Summer in your mouth, even if it is the dead of winter. Fresh tomatoes Fresh onions, Fresh cilantro! It is DIVINE! Plus again, it is very simple to make! In fact, I will be making another very LARGE batch today!
Now, if you are one that prefers Cooked salsa, (which is my husband) we have found, taking the same recipe, but slowly cooking it in a pot on the stove creates one of the best cooked salsas I’ve ever had. Of course, my husband loves things Spicy. The hotter the better for him. So he always adds a couple sliced Jalapenos when he’s cooking his up.
Have I made you Hungry yet? 

What are YOUR favorite Comfort Foods?

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Nick Ashley Reagan Coen & Ike

Monday 29th of August 2011

I'm in Coeur d' Alene and Target, Walmart and Walgreens have them. I've seen them at Fred Meyer, but it's been awhile. I had to go pick one up after I read your post. :)

Amber Edwards

Friday 26th of August 2011

Oh the Butter Cracker one is another HUGE favorite of mine! I used to be able to find that one in Kansas on the Army Posts, but not in our grocery stores here in Idaho that I've seen yet.

Nick Ashley Reagan Coen & Ike

Friday 26th of August 2011

AMEN to the Ritter Sport!!! I LOVE the butter cracker one!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.