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How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

Do you or someone in your home suffer from seasonal allergies or respiratory issues? We have Allergy Induced Asthma, Seasonal Allergies, Hay fever, Reactive Airway Disorder, oh goodness, we have a lot of ways that our lungs react. Especially when the air is contaminated. So that is why we have teamed up with Venta Airwasher to help you combat seasonal allergies effectively! You won’t believe the difference once you put the best air cleaner to work in your home to combat seasonal allergies!

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

Tips to Combat Seasonal Allergies

There are some common practices to use in your home that can drastically cut down on the amount of seasonal allergy attacks.

  • Spring Clean – Make sure you clean out the dust from the winter that has set into the home, windowsills, dust the fans, wipe the baseboards, etc.
  • Vacuum! You would be surprised how much dander and dust can be tracked into your home. Regular vacuuming is crucial to keeping the allergies at bay.
  • Sweep! Same as vacuuming. You should be sweeping your floors at least once a day.
  • Dust! Don’t let the dust and pollen gather on your surfaces. That will only add to the respiratory reactions. Set a schedule for dusting. And then do it.
  • Shower daily to remove dirt and pollen especially before bed
  • Wash your sheets – at least once a week wash your sheets to remove bed buds, dust, pollen and anything else you track to bed with you.
  • Use Essential Oils to help keep your respiratory passageways open and to aid in cleaning the home of odor
  • Use an air cleaner like Venta Airwasher!

Now you may be wondering what exactly is an air cleaner? Isn’t that just an air purifier? Well, yes and no!

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

Venta Airwasher is the best air cleaner out there. It is a humidifier and air purifier in one! It literally cleans the air and humidifies it all in one small and super quiet machine!

So since we have a large open floor plan in our home, we opted for the LW45 in Charcoal Gray. It can handle up to 800 Sq feet. If you have smaller rooms, they have smaller models to fit every home’s need. 

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

Now here is the cool part about the Venta airwasher, it literally washes the air. It sucks in the air in your home and washes it. Then it pumps it back out fresh and clean. What a great way to combat seasonal allergies! Get fresh air in your home!

And it is so easy to use!

Simply set it up by placing the unit on the floor. You should have a 2″ gap between it and the wall.

Remove the motor unit (basically the top) and set aside. There inside you will find the “filters”. Basically they look like two small water mills!

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

Fill up the unit with water until it reaches the max fill line. You can add the water anywhere, as long as the top is out of the way. Add in the water treatment solution.

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

Then replace the top unit/lid, plug in and select the level of air washing capacity you would like. You can choose 1, 2 or 3! Since we have a very large open space, a cat and dog, and deal with lots of dust and smog I opt for level 3 most days.

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

And that is it! You walk away. Just once a day refill with water. You can make it a morning or nightly ritual. Fill it up with water and you are good to go. Run the unit 24/7 for 365 days a year for best results.

Maintenance is even easy! Every 10-14 days you dump the water out (including the water treatment which doesn’t evaporate). Rinse it out. And set it back up with new water treatment and you are set.

And check out how much dirt/dust/dander and all kinds of  yuck our Venta Airwasher cleaned out of our air in 2 weeks!

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

Results for combating Seasonal Allergies with Venta Airwasher

So you are probably wondering just how well the Venta Airwasher works right?

For our home, it took a few days to notice a difference. That could be because we have a large open space. It could also be because we have a dog, a cat, kids, BOYS,  high wind that blows dust like crazy, and an annoying inversion factor that traps smog down in the valley.

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

But after a few days I DID notice a difference. A BIG difference. I came home from the store one bright day. The air was actually clean outside for once. And I walked into my home after enjoying the clean air outside and realized I couldn’t smell the dog or cat when I walked in the home!


The air was nice and fresh inside my home as well.

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

The kids noticed a difference in the cleaning. We used to have to dust our home 3 times a week because it collects on our dark furniture quickly. After running the Venta Airwasher for 2 weeks, we’ve noticed that we don’t see dust as much in our home. So now we are dusting once a week.

The big news though was when we had a red air quality day alert. The smog was thick. It seriously looked like FOG had settled in. We could only see a few houses away. That is how thick it was. And it lasted a few days.

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

I stayed inside as much as possible. I kept the kids inside as much as possible (minus having to go to school). And not one of us had a respiratory reaction like we usually do on red air quality days!

We have loved having our home smell fresh and combat seasonal allergies all in one. Plus since the Venta Airwasher is also a  humidifier we have noticed no more bloody noses from the dry air! It puts off just the right amount of humidity. Not so much that we have to worry about mold though.

Be sure to visit Venta Airwasher to find the perfect air cleaner unit for your home. You can pick between a model for as low as 200 sq feet up to the largest model like ours that covers 800 sq feet!

How to Combat Seasonal Allergies Effectively

Special NOTE: My photos do not demonstrate optimal placement. I just wanted to show you a good view of the unit. The optimal placement for your Airwasher is two feet from the wall, with neither of the vented sides facing the wall.  This will ensure that the Airwasher is able to properly circulate the air.

Which model of the Venta Airwasher would you love to try?

How do you combat seasonal allergies?

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Friday 7th of May 2021

I have never heard of the Venta airwasher before, but now I really want to get one! Fortunately I don't get allergies, but all of my kids get them. Their allergies have been super bad this year, so we got a professional carpet cleaning to help cut down on all the allergens and pet dander in our living room. That really helped us out since we were looking for a quick allergy fix. I'm going to do more research about investing in a Venta airwasher though!

Becca Wilson

Saturday 19th of March 2016

We all have seasonal allergies here, so this would be great to have in our home!

Kelly Hutchinson

Saturday 19th of March 2016

My husband and daughter have bad seasonal allergies. This would be a great product for cleaning our air and helping them breathe easier.

Tammi Roy

Saturday 19th of March 2016

I am going to pick up a Venta Airwasher before the spring allergies hit. I am always trying to get rid of all the dust and pet hair int he house.

Ann Bacciaglia

Saturday 19th of March 2016

I would love to try a Venta Airwasher for my house. We suffer from summer time allergies and this would really help.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.