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Christmas Traditions: The Holiday Treats for Neighbors and Friends

Christmas Traditions: The Holiday Treats for Neighbors and Friends

We have a lot of Christmas traditions and one of the favorite is each year, we make plates full of delicious Holiday Treats to take to our neighbors and Friends. This is the second year that I’ve actually fulfilled this family Christmas tradition since getting married. We always did this when I was a kid growing up, but for some reason that I just don’t know, I never started doing this in my own little family until last Christmas, when we finished with the army and moved back to Idaho. So really, I’m starting my own Christmas traditions and will be doing this every Christmas from now on.

Creating family Christmas traditions with holiday treats.


Christmas Traditions: The Holiday Treats for Neighbors and Friends

I know that each year our holiday treats will be different, but one of our favorites is Chocolate Covered Pretzels! They are so easy to make, and absolutely delicious, they make for a fun filler on the plate and they are a family Christmas tradition we often made.

So Monday night we started our baking and chocolate dipping. Since the Husband is gone this year to his internship, and I’m in single parent mode, this year’s treats are much more simple than last year.

I create the Shortbread Cookies with jam center; and while I’m dipping the pretzels, loading the cookies into the plates and making dinner, I have the boys putting together the little “extras” for each plate. 1 Hershey’s Kiss, 4 Spiced Holiday Gum drops-2 in each color, and the Chocolate Covered Pretzels. I add the cookies and then we wrap them up and label them. It is a great Christmas service that we can do as a family to brighten other’s lives.

Update 2014: this year we enjoyed bringing in more family traditions with creating Caramel Marshmallow pops to go along with the Shortbread cookies in our neighbor plates.

Caramel Marshmallow pops, a favorite holiday tradition.

And we topped it off with Old Fashioned Vinegar Taffy (recipe coming January 9, 2015) that Grandma Della used to make us every Christmas. It’s always fun when we include family traditional treats in our Holiday treat plates for our neighbors.

Old Fashioned Vinegar Taffy Recipe

Fulfilling Family Christmas Traditions 

After dinner is complete we pile into the van and I drive around and let my little boys in their elf hats (complete with bell and all) run to the door of our neighbor’s with a plate full of holiday treats, ring the doorbell and say Merry Christmas!

This year, getting my boys to participate in the delivery of the treats was much easier than last year. And soon we are finished and we come home.

Afterwards I gather us together so we can talk about why we do this. You all know that I’m going to be the perfect mom who can teach her kids to be perfect too, and always think of the right things to say.

So I ask my boys, “Why do we make and deliver Holiday treats to our neighbors and friends at Christmas?”

As the perfect Mother that I am, having raised the perfect children than I have, I’m expecting the perfect answer, “Since the Savior served us, and gave us the greatest gift in this life, then we should serve and give gifts to others.”

But what I actually receive as an answer came from the 7 year old (2 weeks shy of turning 8):

“So we can make people Fat like Santa!”

So much for perfect Mother of the year award. But man we sure had a good laugh.

So now in case you all were wondering the answer to that question you now know! We give treats to each other so we can all be fat like Santa! I guess that’s a fun new family Christmas Tradition to carry on every year.

Christmas Traditions: The Holiday Treats for Neighbors and Friends

Do you make plates of Holiday Treats for your friends and neighbors?

Is your motivation to make them Fat like Santa?

What are your favorite Christmas Traditions?

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Gwen H

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

After taking my 3 little ones to deliver goodies to the neighbors today (just like I did when I was a kid), I asked myself "why DO we do that: who cares anymore?" and then I Googled the question... There appeared your adorable article and NOW I know why: to make them fat like Santa!!! LOVE your 7-year old, but I liked your answer too. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!

Amber Edwards

Tuesday 23rd of December 2014

You just made my day Gwen!

We are still making treat plates for our neighbors, and in fact actually just delivered out last night. This year we had different goodies inside as I recreated more traditional treats from when I was a kid. But the idea is the same. I'm trying to teach our kids about how great it feels to give to others, to serve and to show our neighbors and friends that we are thinking of them, wishing them the best on Christmas and that we care. It's a simple service we can do. But sometimes it means a lot to someone else that someone is just thinking of them.

And this year our daughter Jade (who is now 5) was able to participate and she just LOVED delivering the goodies to people's faces. You could see how much joy that brought her in her little eyes and smile.

Although, I still love the reason my son gave "To make people fat like Santa". That one still cracks me up to this day! :)

May you be blessed for your kindness and service. And may you have an amazing Christmas!

Amber @JadeLouise Designs

Wednesday 21st of December 2011

Thanks Elisa! I think he's pretty cool too. haha.

Elisabeth Hirsch

Wednesday 21st of December 2011

Your seven-year-old is awesome! That's so cute LOL!

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