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How to Prevent Summer Learning loss in 15 minutes a day.

This post was sponsored by Carson Dellosa Education as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Capture life’s many learning moments no matter where your summer adventures take you in just 15 minutes a day with Carson Dellosa Activity Workbooks! The very best in educational materials to prevent summer learning loss.

Carson Dellosa Education Helps Bridge the Gap

Summer vacation is something I look forward to every single year! I love the warmer weather, the opportunities for adventure, and being able to create our own schedule each and every day. 

When I was a kid, I would spend all my free time outside or reading a book. Or reading a book outside! 

But my kids on the other hand….as soon as summer arrives, all they want to do is play video games all day every single day. Which – it’s just not happening in this home. 

Instead, I give my kids requirements to meet before they can do any screen time. I am a firm believer in a balance. Yes, video games can be fun. But I don’t want them ignoring their minds and letting everything they just learned this last year in school deteriorate away. 


Miss Jade is the one I’m most worried about. With her special educational needs, if I don’t keep working with her through the summer, she regresses quickly. 

I always require my kids to keep reading for a minimum of 20 minutes a day, throughout the summer. But Miss Jade needs more than just that. 

Every summer, I look for resources to help prevent summer learning loss and to help her prepare for the next school year. 

This year we are using the Carson Dellosa Education workbooks since they are the top resource for continued education outside of school. 

Educational workbooks aren’t just for teachers!

Now before you go thinking “Oh I could never keep up with extra homework over the summer” or “I’m just not the teacher type” – you need to know something…

I am NOT the “homeschooling Mom type”.

And that’s not because I don’t like homeschool. In fact, I LOVE the idea of homeschool. But I know my kids, and I know myself, and it’s just not the right choice for our family at this time. 

But that doesn’t mean I can’t supplement their learning through the summer.

That’s why I love the Carson Dellosa Education workbooks! I don’t have to worry about preparing any lesson plan.

Or making sure I can create activities that are grade level. And I don’t have to worry about creating new lesson plans that are effective. It’s all been done for me! 

All I do is simply open the workbook and help Miss Jade do one simple lesson a day. Usually, 15 minutes is all it takes. That’s it!

No prepping. No grading. No lesson planning! 

And yet, that 15 minutes makes a tremendous difference in how much knowledge Miss Jade can retain to be ready for the next school year. 

On The Go with Carson Dellosa Activity Workbooks

Best of all, it is so easy to keep with you no matter where your adventures lead you this summer! Going camping? No problem – you don’t need any electricity or internet connection with these workbooks. Just a workbook and a pencil. 

Each day’s activities can be done anywhere your summer plans take you. Be it the park, beach, pool, mountains, traveling in the car to visit family, etc. It can go anywhere at any time! And it’s extremely easy to incorporate into our summer routine.

Working each day with Miss Jade on the Carson Dellosa Summer Bridge Activities workbooks gives me peace of mind knowing that she will not only retain the information she learned during the school year but also be prepared to start the next school year without the learning loss. 

And since the lessons are fairly short – I don’t have to deal with any battles to get her to do her activities.

A quick 15 minutes and she’s free to get back to her summer play adventures. Even her little attention span can manage that feat. 

Carson Dellosa Summer Bridge Activities have workbooks available for almost every grade level from Pre-K up to grade 8!

Get the Summer Bridge Activities workbook that is right for your kids! They can easily be found on Amazon.

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