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    Can Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter beat out the odor? Skip to Content

    Can Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter beat out the odor?

    This post brought to you by Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Litter. The content and opinions expressed below are that of JadeLouise Designs.

    So a few weeks ago I told you about how excited I was to try a new cat liter. Fresh Step® has a new Lightweight extreme cat litter! I was seriously so excited about the new lighter weight formula. I mean when you have 3 sets of stairs to climb with a bad knee, having cat litter a lighter weight is a big deal.

    But after trying out the new Fresh Step® Lightweight, what I found was even more exciting! Not only is it easier to lift, carry and pour (due to being 30% lighter); it is also makes cleaning the litter box easier!

    Can Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter beat out the odor?

    Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter tackles the big odor challenge

    Often when we scoop out the litter box the litter is a bit heavy for the kid's hands. And sometimes even for my own hands due to carpal tunnel. But the new Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter is even lighter when it comes to scooping out the litter box!

    And don't you just love our little makeshift litter box? We have a cat that loves to "fling" the cat litter when he uses the cat box. It seriously gets some air. I guess that is where a new lightweight formula could be a drawback…as it could go flying even higher and farther. But thankfully our homemade litter box keeps it all contained. So that isn't an issue for us.

    Can Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter beat out the odor?

    And I love that it still provides great odor control! Our litter box is in a small storage room. Where Wally Sleeps at night. Being in such an enclosed space, odor can easily permeate everywhere. But I haven't smelled the litter box at all! It definitely does a great job getting that litter box odor under control!

    But what the husband loves is that it still clumps! Boy does it ever clump! That is a big key factor that he always looks for in cat litter. It has to clump and it has to clump well. We hate when we are cleaning out the litter box and the "yuck" crumbles and scatters back into the litter box in tiny pieces. Yeah, that doesn't happen here. I almost took a picture of the nice big clump it creates. But figured that might be a little too gross! You'll just have to take my word for it. It clumps great!

    Can Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter beat out the odor?

    Overall, I've been very happy with our new Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter! It is lighter, easier to carry, pour and clean. It offers the same amazing odor control. And it clumps amazing! What more could you want from a cat litter?

    And thankfully our sweet Wally is content as well. Although now he wishes I would just let him roam as a wild cat to his heart's content. But alas he remains a house cat. And while that is the case, we have to make sure that our litter box stays well maintained and free of overpowering odor. So Mr Wally will always return each day to use the litter box and not my house for his needs.

    You can find the new lightweight formula available at Target.

    Can Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter beat out the odor?

    What do you love most about the new Fresh Step® Lightweight cat litter?



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