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Bridal Shower Games Ideas Prize ideas Host Ideas and more

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleTarget Enjoy our Bridal Shower games!

Bridal Shower Games Ideas Prize ideas Host Ideas and more #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

It seems that with the holiday season, it also tends to bring out the wedding planners! I don’t know what the correlation is. Maybe it is a great festive time to get engaged. Or because family is already going to be together for the Holidays it just makes it easier to have the wedding when everyone will already be together? Whatever the reason, it is also the time when bridal showers increase. If you find yourself in a situation where you are helping to plan a bridal shower, it can be a bit stressful. So try out these fun bridal shower games to help make the event more entertaining! They aren’t too elaborate, but they will keep the party fun!

Bridal Shower Games

You will want to plan ahead and have a Prize table. This can be a bunch of little prizes packaged together. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive. Put together a few spa packets from the Dollar store including candles, bubble bath and bath salts. Or pedicure/manicure kits with inexpensive nail polish and flip flops. Boxes of chocolate are always good prize table gifts. Or even gift cards to local beauty salons. Have 1-2 prizes for each game you play. Have a few extras in case there is a tie for winners in each game.

I love You in Any Language – This is a really fun game. You will need pencils for each of the guest. Plus a print out that you will make. Go online and find how you say “I love you” in as many languages as you can find. Type them up in a column. In the next column over; list all the languages that you used. Be sure to keep your master copy with the answers. Then each person will have to match up the right language to the correct “I love You”. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Celebrity Couples Match up – this is another fun game you will need to create a printable for. In one column list celebrity females. In the 2nd column and out of order, list the celebrity male spouses. Then each guest must match up the right celebrity female to the right celebrity male. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Movie Couples Match up – this game is just like the Celebrity couple match up game. But instead of real celebrity couples, it is couples from popular movies and tv series. Make this fun and include couples from movies and TV shows that the bride and groom love the most. You will need to ask them their favorite movies and TV shows, so you can find the movie couples from each one. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.

Bridal Bingo – This is another fun game where you create a printable. Start with a basic BINGO layout. Have a list of bridal words on the side. Have each guest write the bridal words into the squares of their choosing to set up their own bingo board. Then as you call out each bridal word (in any order you like); they match up the bridal word with their square. The first person with bingo wins!

Gift Bingo – This is a fun game to play, which takes place as the bride to be opens her gifts! It keeps the guest entertained and actually paying attention instead of everyone visiting and no one can see what fun stuff the bride is getting. Again on a bingo layout ad common bridal gifts such as lingerie, bowls, towels, cookware, handmade gift, etc. Then as the bride is opening each gift, the guests match up the gift to their bingo card. The first person to get BINGO wins a prize.

What’s in the Bag Memory Game – Fill up a small bag or tote with items that a bride may pack for her Honeymoon. (note: to make this even more fun, have this bag be a gift for the bride to be). About 10-15 items is good. Have the guests all sitting in a circle or close to a circle so they can all equally see the bride to be. Have the bride to be take out each item one at a time from the bag to show the guests. Once all items have been shown, quickly hand out a card and pen to each person and give them one minute to write down as many items as they remember. The guest with the most correct answers wins. A great variation to this game is instead of a bag; fill a small laundry basket of items that the bride can use in her new home; such as laundry soap, shampoo, body wash, towels,  cleaners, or baking supplies, etc.

Wedding Advice – As each guest arrives, hand them a note card and an envelop. Have them each write down a bit of wedding advice on the card. On the envelope have them add their address, as if they are the recipient of a letter. Turn them all back in. The envelop makes it easier for the bride to send “thank you cards”, as the envelop is already addressed. Then at some point in the bridal shower read off the tidbits of wedding advice. You can do them all at once. Or stagger the wedding advice cards to be read in between each game and activity.

Purse Raid –  In advance, make a list of items that are commonly in purses ( wallet, lipstick, chapstick, keys, change, old receipts, etc)  Start working your way toward more obscure objects (pet treats, snacks for kids, Kid toys, lotion, nail polish, etc). During the party the host calls out the names of each of the items. The guest with the most items from the list wins a prize!

Group Cooking Class – this is something completely new! As a married couple is moving on to create their own life, we can all use some great homemaking advice right? If you have the resources in the community, sign up to have a cooking class for the bridal shower! If not; find someone you know who is an amazing cook; that would be willing to come teach your group how to cook a certain dish or bake bread or whatever! Make it hands on; so each guest will be participating and mixing up their own dish. The best way to learn is to do. Then afterwards, you all have the food for the brunch/dinner right there in front of you! So the bridal shower planner doesn’t have to worry about planning extra food. Just make sure you have all recipes you create available in a printed handout. Odds are they are all going to ask you for the recipe afterwards. Have it ready for them, so they can take it home and recreate the meal.

Toilet Paper on a broom – this is another fun game to get the guests out of their chairs. Divide the guests into teams of 4-5 players. Give each team a broomstick and have them stand one person against a wall and the hold the broomstick between their legs. Give the other team members rolls of Cottonelle toilet paper! The goal here is for each team member to cross the room with their roll of toilet paper squeezed between their legs and get it on their teammate’s pole without using their hands. If they drop their Toilet Paper in transit, it’s back to the starting line! The first team with all their rolls of Toilet Paper on their broomstick wins!

Design the Gown – This is a super fun game that gets the guests out of their seats and moving a bit. Break the guests up into a few groups. Then have each group pick one person to be the “bride”. Then using Cottonelle Toilet Paper, the rest of the group will design and create a wedding gown on the model! Here is the catch. It’s a timed game, and well; you are using Toilet paper! Ha! I didn’t have a live model, so I did my best with my daughters doll to give a little idea. It’s a bit easier on a larger model.

Bridal Shower Games Ideas Prize ideas Host Ideas and more #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Give each group about 5-10 minutes to wrap up their “bride” in her Toilet Paper wedding gown. Make it even more entertaining and only offer 1-2 rolls of toilet paper each group. Limiting their resources. At the end let the bride to be judge each gown and pick a group to be the winners. (be sure to plan ahead and have enough prizes for each person in the group- or for laughs; have the prize for this game be a roll of unused Cottonelle Toilet paper for each member of the group).  

For some added fun, show off how to make a Cottonelle Toilet Paper rose! These can be made and worn by each of your guest, or used to embellish the Cottonelle Toilet Paper bridal gowns! These Cottonelle toilet paper roses are super easy to make too!

Bridal Shower Games Ideas Prize ideas Host Ideas and more #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Simply start with the toilet paper (still connected to the roll). Fold in half.

Then carefully tie a knot in the end.

Bridal Shower Games Ideas Prize ideas Host Ideas and more #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Then begin rolling and folding the toilet paper around the knot. For each half turn rolling the knot into the toilet paper; fold the toilet paper tail that is still attached to the roll. You can check out this great Rolled Roses tutorial on Youtube to see a visual on how you roll and fold the toilet paper. This tutorial is for ribbon roses, but the technique is the same. And I used tape instead of hot glue on the Cottonelle toilet paper roses.

Bridal Shower Games Ideas Prize ideas Host Ideas and more #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad Bridal Shower Games Ideas Prize ideas Host Ideas and more #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

Now hosting a bridal shower can be pricey, so be sure to use coupons wherever you can find them to get your items at discounted prices.

Bridal Shower Games Ideas Prize ideas Host Ideas and more #CottonelleTarget #PMedia #ad

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What are your favorite Bridal shower games?

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Monday 11th of November 2013

I liked your all game but specially toilet paper on broom and I luv you said in different languages.I will definately arrange these games on best friend lily's bridal shower


Wednesday 6th of November 2013

I love bridal shower games. If I ever get to plan a shower, we are so making those rolled roses. They look like so much fun to make.

Bobbi Renee Hass-Burleson

Wednesday 6th of November 2013

I have never been to a bridal shower before, but those games are super cute!!


Wednesday 6th of November 2013

These are such fun games! Love that there is a bit of the traditional and a bit of fun new takes on games in there.


Wednesday 6th of November 2013

My daughter is getting married in six months. These games are great! Can't wait to play them at her shower! So glad you posted them!

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