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Get the best nights sleep possible.

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How has your sleep been lately? Do you find yourself struggling to sleep? Maybe uncomfortable? Ever wonder what you can do to help get a better night’s sleep? 

Did you know that May is Better Sleep Month and is supported by the Better Sleep Council? 

Tips to Get Good Night Sleep

We all like sleep right? And wouldn’t you love some extra sleep?

But being part of our crazy busy lives just doesn’t always allow for extra sleep. Which is why we need to make sure that the sleep we DO get is the best quality sleep possible.

Here are the top 10 tips to get a good night’s sleep:

  1. Eliminate Electronic use 30 minutes before Bed (phone, tv, tablet, etc)
  2. Create a comfortable Climate. Optimally, keep your bedroom between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. Create a consistent sleep schedule – and STICK TO IT!
  4. Avoid caffeine after 2 PM 
  5. Avoid Late Night Snacks. 
  6. Review your Medications – some have side effects that affect sleep. Talk to your doctor about possible sleep hindering effects. 
  7. Create a calming Bedtime routine- try Meditation, deep breathing or other relaxation techniques.
  8. Limit Light Sources – close the blinds. Block out lights from charging cables (black electrical tape works great to tape over the light) hang darkening curtains. 
  9. Limit loud noises. try earplugs or a soft white noise machine to drown out the other loud noises in your environment.
  10. Choose the right Pillow.

10 Proven Tips to Get a Good Nights Sleep & Best pillows for sleeping

Why the right pillow is important for good sleep

Did you know that your pillow plays a big part in a good nights sleep? Pillows are needed to keep the upper body aligned during sleep, minimizing pain, discomfort, and soreness, and to relieve pressure at certain points of your spine and body.

Just think about how many times you wake up tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Or how often do you wake up stiff and sore? Your pillow could be the culprit!

For me, about 90% of the time I struggle sleeping it’s because of my pillow. I’ve had a long search for a GOOD pillow. YEARS. I’ve tried pillow after pillow. Expensive, cheap. Fluffy and dense. Down and hypoallergenic. Memory Foam and synthetic. 

But the result every time was the same. 

Either the pillow was 

  • Too hard
  • Too Thin
  • Didn’t support my neck
  • My head would sink in so deep I felt I was suffocating
  • It would be flat within 10 minutes of laying on it
  • Need to constantly wake up and FLUFF the pillow
  • Caused extreme congestion at night (must have an allergy to filling- I guess)
  • One worked for about a week. And then it deflated and never fluffed again

My struggle with finding a good pillow was severely affecting my quality of sleep.

And let me tell you, laying down on the wrong pillow when you have a migraine only makes the migraine worse! 

Best Pillows for Sleeping

Can you relate? Have you experienced any of those struggles with pillows? 

Recently I came across JUVEA Pillow. What caught my eye was how JUVEA is unique from all the other pillows I have tried thus far. 

JUVEA pillows are made from pure, 100% natural Talalay latex that is harvested from the Hevea tree.

The natural Talalay latex is inherently resistant to mold and mites and certified OEKO-TEX Class 1 baby-safe. 

All JUVEA pillows are manufactured right here in the USA. And they have high-quality standards. Each natural pillow is pressure and weight-tested for consistency and quality throughout the manufacturing process. If it doesn’t meet their standards, it doesn’t leave the factory.

But what really caught my eye was its amazing buoyancy! It immediately bounces right back to normal instantly. 

The open-cell structure construction provides consistent, responsive support and breathability and offers unique pressure relief to free you from neck pain. 

And to make it even more amazing – these pillows won’t flatten over time. 

I’ve already been sleeping on it for a week. And I’m always amazed at how quickly it bounces right back after pressure is removed. I’ve been sleeping better than ever! 

My teenager- well he only laid on it once and already claimed that I’m not getting my pillow back. lol. 

He said it was the best pillow he has ever laid on. And now he wants one as well. 

Everyone sleeps differently. That’s why JUVEA pillows come in three varieties that can be easily chosen depending upon on your sleeping position.

That way you will always get the perfect nights sleep. 

When you sleep on a JUVEA pillow, you rediscover, every day, what sleep was always meant to be…natural, effortless and completely restorative.

To get your own JUVEA pillow, HERE!
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