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Ten Best Crafts and DIY projects of 2015

As I mentioned yesterday in our Top 10 recipes of 2015 post, Recipes and Crafts are our top visited, pinned and requested articles. Probably because they are so fun, simple and are the perfect opportunities to build lasting memories with your family. Which is our sole goal. To help create memories that last. So let me show you the best crafts of 2015 from Busy Creating Memories!

Ten Best Crafts of 2015

Best Crafts for Creating Memories

These crafts are great because I have a bit of Adult ADHD. Meaning I get bored really easy. That means if the craft/DIY project takes too long then I lose interest and don’t finish. So what makes these the best crafts is that they are all quite simple and take very little time. But the results are definitely worth while!

DIY Pallet Garden. Now some may think it would fall more into the gardening. But you have to be a little crafty to get this done. It’s a simple DIY project, that really leaves a great result! Let’s cut down on those weeds and keep your garden contained!

DIY Pallet Garden; How to make Raised Wood Pallet Garden Bed

Crochet Edging Burp Cloth – this is a favorite of mine. I love to crochet. And if you have a baby shower to attend, or know someone having a baby, or if you are having a baby, this is the best! My favorite baby shower gift is always the handmade gifts. And this will really blow your friends away! A simple edge crochet on a burp cloth and it is instantly the favorite! Trust me, I was given 2 of these as gifts after little Rose was born last September and they are my favorite burp cloth!

Crochet Edging Tutorial; How to Crochet Baby Burp Cloth, Crocheted Lace Edge.

Easy Sew Box Pouch. Who doesn’t love an easy sew product? Deborah really rocked it with this one! Even my inexperienced self is willing to try this easy craft! The results are brilliant.

Easy Sew Box Pouch

LEGO Tray Play Station. If you have kids that love to play with LEGO bricks, you need this tray play station! It is insanely easy to put together. You spend more time waiting for the glue to dry than you actually spend doing the craft. But even over a year later it is still one of the favorite gifts my kids have.

DIY Lego Tray play station; The Best Toys for Creating imagination!

Halloween Wreath – Who doesn’t love a great Wreath for Halloween? It may be a little seasonal, but you can take the same technique and create a wreath for any season.

Tutu Halloween Wreath Tutorial for a great Halloween Crafts afternoon

Patriotic Wreath. This is great because you can fly it many times in the year from Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, Veterans Day and just to be patriotic!

Wreath Tutorial | 4th of July DIY Patriotic Wreath #crafts for Independence Day

Smarties Light Sabers. If you have a Star Wars Fan, then this will be your new best friend. These are great for party hand outs, a simple craft kids can do or even just for fun. You turn a favorite treat into a Star Wars Light Saber!

Smarties Lightsaber Halloween Handout Treat & Kids Craft And Give Away #IAmASmartie

Travel LEGO Table – again just like the LEGO Tray, this LEGO table is perfect for anyone with kids! It makes traveling with LEGO bricks simple. It offers a play table but also a way to keep the LEGO pieces Contained! And again it only takes a little time to make.

DIY Travel Lego Table Treasure Box

Crochet Snowflake – Lace crocheting is always popular. And our unique Snowflake Ornament is no exception! You can make these as Christmas ornaments for your tree or they also make excellent gifts! You can even make a lot and string them up as a garland! They don’t have to be for just Christmas!

Lace Crochet Snowflake Christmas Ornament Pattern

Indoor Snowball fight kit – who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? But maybe it’s too cold to be outside. Or maybe you don’t get snow! But with this fun and simple Snowball fight kit you can have a warm and fun snowball fight in your home any time of the year!

DIY Indoor Snowball Fight and NorthPole Christmas Gift Ideas

For an added bonus, one of our favorite DIY projects we completed this year was our DIY Dresser Makeover. It was so late in the year it really didn’t have much chance to contend for most visited or pinned. But the results were quite fun. And it’s definitely worth an honorable mention. Find all of our awesome Crafts to see lots of great ideas you can do with the kids.

Ten Best Crafts of 2015

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There you have our Best Crafts of 2015 from Busy Creating Memories!

Which of our best crafts will you be trying?

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Lauren @ Mom Home Guide

Tuesday 12th of January 2016

I love the DIY pallet garden! I hope to do a lot of gardening in 2016!

Ducks n a Row

Friday 8th of January 2016

My grandgirl has a huge Lego table that her dad made for her. Keeps her busy for hours on end This Lego tray is such a great idea! Sinea

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