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Why you should encourage the Rebel inside your child

This post was sponsored by Rebel Girls as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

Goodnight Rebel Girls bedtime stories

There is a rebel girl in everyone. This rebel girl is what makes it possible for them to not be limited by the status quo. But to have the strength and courage to accomplish anything they desire.

As parents, we try to instill courage in our children. We want them to be strong of character and have the ability to overcome the most challenging circumstances.

We want our children to have the courage to fail fearlessly and keep going.

One way to help encourage this strength in our children is by teaching them about REAL people that have done this very thing. Not anything from a fairy tale, but something that actually happened.

I believe that if they can see what another person truly accomplished, it gives them courage and hope. It inspires them to think that it is possible.

But the struggle is, what kid likes to sit and read a boring history book?

black and white photo of girl reading good night stories for rebel girls

When I stumbled across the Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls VOL 2 I was so excited! Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls are bedtime stories with a purpose – it is the perfect way to share true stories about inspiring real women.

Bedtime Routine for Character Development

The rebel Girls Bedtime stories are TRUE stories about the feats extraordinary Women accomplished throughout history. But it shares these stories in a short bite-sized way that it is easy for kids to understand.

Two girls reading Good night stories for rebel girls

All of our kids required a bedtime routine growing up. It just helped them settle down and be prepared for sleep. But Miss Jade, with her special needs, immensely relies on her bedtime routine.

Her standard routine includes:

  • A short family discussion about family standards and character values
  • Family Prayer
  • Putting on her PJs, going potty, brushing teeth, etc
  • Giving hugs to each family member as she goes to bed.
  • and a bedtime story.

Sometimes she wants Mom and Dad to read her a bedtime story. And other times, she wants to read all on her own. Even with her special needs making it very difficult for her to learn to read, she is quite proud when she can read a book on her own.

Book with stickers and sunflower- good night stories for rebel girls

Miss Jade is faced with limiting beliefs each and every day. There is no magic pill to miraculously remove her learning and social disadvantages. She will have to accept these as part of her and learn to use them or work around them to accomplish her desires in life.

That’s why it is important to me that she has the ability to learn from other amazing women that can overcome their “limits” and achieve extraordinary accomplishments.

Bedtime Stories for empowerment

two  young girls reading good night stories for rebel girls

When Jade reads the rebel girls bedtime stories, it infuses bedtime with positive vibes’ while at the same time being a lesson in empowerment. She can see other women who have had the odds stacked against them and yet they still prevail.

To help grasp the reality of these stories, the book also comes with a Map. This map shows where each person lived and where their story took place.

Map that comes with the Good night stories for rebel girls

Miss Jade was in awe when she discovered the map. She spent a good half an hour just looking at where all of the characters from the book lived.

And each time she starts reading about another person, she finds where they are on the map before she even begins the story.

I think this is a brilliant way that kids can have a more tangible understanding of each rebel in the book.

girl reading good night stories for rebel girls

Are you brave enough to encourage the rebel in your child?

Be sure to check out Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls! You can find them HERE!!

Let your bedtime routine be the building block to encouraging extraordinary triumphs.

Tell me who your favorite Character is from the Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls books!

Why you should encourage the Rebel inside your child

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